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Kunj- So, when can I see you in it? 

Twinkle- Never! She blurted out almost instantly. 

Kunj- Never? What was the point of buying it, if you are not going to wear it for me. Kunj pouted. 

Twinkle stifled a laugh. Kunj was being so childish. She’d only bought as Roshni said that every married woman should own something s*xy. 

Twinkle- Roshni told me to. 

Kunj- Thank God Roshni told. Did she also suggest you to come and meet me for lunch? 

Twinkle feeling guilty- Yes actually. 

Kunj now was a little disappointed as the idea was not of Twinkle but he was happy that Twinkle at least sopped to meet him over lunch. Their food was served almost immediately. Twinkle had ordered herself a wrap and Kunj whereas ordered lemon chicken for him. They both decided to pass on dessert. The service was a little quick to either of their tastes. Twinkle wanted to spend time with Kunj just as badly as Kunj wanted to spend time her. Their lunch date came to an end very quickly. Since the restaurant was very near to Kunj’s office so they decided to take a walk till Kunj’s office. Kunj really wanted to hold Twinkle’s hand but he very well knew that it would not be much appreciated by Twinkle, such public display of affection. Once they reached Kunj’s office Twinkle headed to car to go back home but Kunj held her hand and said quietly in her ear- Come to my office, so that I can kiss you without any audience. 

Kunj kept her hand in his hand and walked inside his office. Twinkle who looked up at him with wide eyes not expecting something like that, blushed and walked behind Kunj. 

Once they were inside the elevator Kunj pulled her close with an intention to kiss her but Twinkle was shy and afraid both, if lift opens up at some random floor and someone saw them in compromising position. Suddenly the doors open and UV was standing there. Twinkle literally pushed Kunj away. UV who had a mischievous grin on his face laid his eyes on Twinkle. 

UV- So, what is going on here? 

Kunj- Nothing. He replied casually. 

UV- Oh! Then why Twinkle is blushing? 

Kunj slightly hit UV on his arm. They reached the top floor where Kunj’s office was. No one was ever up there. They have converted one of the four conference halls as a game room and entertainment room. Kunj thought UV was on his way to his office but when he took a turn, then he realized that UV was heading towards Kunj’s office. UV was following them until Kunj stopped him in front of his office door. 

Kunj- Where the hell are you thinking you are going? Kunj turned and stopped UV. 

UV- In your office to talk to Twinkle. 

Kunj- UV, I need some time alone with my wife. 

UV- What? You are thinking about getting down and dirty in your office when there is a meeting in less than half an hour? UV accused with a grin. It was so out of character for UV to think about office matter. 

Twinkle’s mouth was open in shock. 

Kunj- Shut up. Kunj said. He turned to open his office door and ushered Twinkle inside. UV tried to enter but Kunj blocked hi way. 

Bye Twinkle- Uv said defeatedly and walked away. 

Twinkle was laughing. Kunj walked inside his office and closed and locked the door. 

Kunj- All this trouble just for a kiss, come here. 

Twinkle hadn’t stopped blushing since Kunj brought her inside his office and she wasn’t about to stop now. She slowly walked to Kunj When she reached and was at some distance Kunj reached out and pulled her towards him. He looked at her for a moment before placing a soft kiss on her lips. He pulled away for a moment to see if she wanted more. He found a warm smile that had appeared on her face. She looked up at him expectantly wanting to kiss her again. Kunj was more than happy and kissed her again more passionately this time. His hands were moving on Twinkle’s waist and pulling her closer. 

Twinkle’s hand was wrapped around his neck. Kunj started moving forward, their lips still connected and Twinkle moved back and he moved forward. They moved together until collided with Kunj’s desk. She pulled away, breaking their kiss and looked down at what she had just hit. 

Twinkle- Kunj said, eyeing the desk. 

Twinkle looked at him suspiciously. Kunj didn’t say anything else. He kissed her again roughly, so roughly that she had to take a support to prevent her from falling backwards. She was almost sitting on the top of the desk. Kunj who was leaning forward pushing Twinkle on the desk. Her feet were in midair and her weight was on the desk, while Kunj hovered her. 

Kunj wait- Twinkle broke the kiss. 

Kunj- Twinkle, why? 

Twinkle who was breathless said- I am on your desk. 

Kunj- So? He said not seeing any problem. 

Twinkle- So, I don’t want you to get carried away. Twinkle answered looking down. 

Kunj- Twinkle, if I had any plans to get carried away, I would make sure that it was somewhere much more romantic than this my office table. He smirked. 

Twinkle didn’t know what had gotten into Kunj. He had been acting a lot more flirtatious with her than usual and always doing nice things for her. She also felt really special. Her heart ached for her. She didn’t know whether she was in love with him or not, but she knew she had become really close to him. That was her feeling for him. 

Twinkle- I should go, you have a meeting in sometime. 

Kunj- Not so soon, please. As Twinkle remembered UV mentioning about the meeting where as Kunj wanted her stay a little longer. 

Twinkle- But Kunj, your meeting? 

Kunj- Ok fine, will see you at home. He said with a pout. He leaned in and kissed her a good bye, by giving her a sucking peck on her lips. 

As soon as Twinkle left, UV barged in his office- It’s time for meeting. 

Kunj said irritated- Great. 

UV turned to leave and Kunj followed him to the elevators. 

Kunj- Where are you going? 

UV- The guy wants to meet with you alone. I don’t know why but he wants to.  

Kunj- Why, alone? 

UV- How the hell I will know?  I am going to call Chinki. 

Kunj just thought to let it go and left for one of the conference room. There he found one man waiting for him. 

Kunj- Good Afternoon. 

Man- Hello Sir, my boss will be here any moment. 

Kunj- Is he the one I will be dealing with? 

Man- Yes Sir. 

Kunj- Why so much of secrecy? 

Man- My boss is a secretive man. 

The door opened with a thud. 

Hello Kunj. It was Shaurya who was standing at the door with a smirk on his face. 

Kunj- What the hell? 

The man who was there standing with Kunj immediately left the room as soon as Shaurya came inside. He closed the door for Kunj and Shaurya to talk. 

Kunj- what the hell are you doing here Shaurya? Kunj asked angrily. 

Shaurya calmly replied him- C’mon Kunj, you can be a little humble and civil. 

Kunj- Just tell me why are you here? 

Shaurya- There is a conference in Coffs Harbor and you have to attend it. 

Kunj- And who do you think you are that you will order me? 

Shaurya- This. Shaurya held up his phone up and there was a picture of Alisha and Kunj kissing on the terrace of the hotel, where they had that business dinner. Kunj remembered how Alisha has forced herself on him. He pushed her away, but the picture showed a whole different story. 

Shaurya- It would be so unfortunate if Twinkle see this pic, no? 

Kunj- Fine I will go but don’t show this photo to her. 

Shaurya- Good boy. (after a brief pause) Oh Kunj! Bring Twinkle also. I am dying to see her. I have to finish the work that I couldn’t last time. He had a grin on his face. 

Kunj- Shauryaaa. Kunj shouted at him angrily and held his collar. 

Shaurya who had no effect of Kunj’s anger said- C’mon Kunj, if you can kiss some other girl, so I can too love Twinkle. Right? He giggled on his face. 

Shaurya’s word made Kunj angrier and he pushed Shaurya so hard that he felt on one of the chair- Dare you Shaurya, dare you touch her and I will kill you. 

Shaurya- And dare you Kunj Sarna, one more time you raise your hands on me, the photograph will be shown to Twinkle. 

Kunj controlled his anger as he knows that he can do that- I am not coming, get that. 

Shaurya- You have to, otherwise you know what I can do. 

Kunj- What is the reason that you want me there? 

Shaurya- I am dying to see Twinkle and….. 

Kunj- And… 

Shaurya- It is a surprise for you there. He said and exited the room.  

Kunj just punched his hand on the wall. What the hell was happening? First, he cheated Twinkle and he was already dying of guilt. Now comes Shaurya who is trying to blackmail him and also because of Kunj’s foolishness he will try to harm Twinkle as well which he can never let to happen. 

He what? –  UV said when Kunj told him that Shaurya was trying to blackmail him. 

Kunj- He has pictures too. 

UV- I knew it! I knew it will come back. I told you. 

Kunj- I know, now stop reminding me of it. I don’t know what I am going to tell Twinkle? 

UV- Tell her that you are going to take her on a romantic business trip. 

Kunj- Like that is going to work. 

UV- Maybe she won’t question it. 

Kunj- I will tell her tonight, because the conference is this weekend. 

UV- What I am not understanding is why he wants you there so badly. 

Kunj- He said it’s a surprise. 

UV- A surprise! I just hope it’s going to be a crappy surprise. 

Kunj- Yeah, I figured. 

Twinkle- Kunj called as he entered his mansion later that night. He went to Twinkle’s room and without even thinking he opened the door and walked inside without even knocking the door and that was the biggest mistake he made.  

As soon as he entered he was shocked to see the scene in front of him. 

When Kunj entered the room, Twinkle was coming out of the shower in a bathrobe which reached till her knee. When he entered without knocking Twinkle was about to open the knot of her bathrobe and almost removed it and her bare shoulders were seen, when she heard the door opening sound and turned se found Kunj standing on the door with full shocked face.  

You…. you…. what are you…. – ? She quickly wore her robe back and tied her knot while asking but words were not coming from her mouth. She was embarrassed at her stupidity for not closing the door. 

She started to run towards washroom when Kunj closed the door and came inside.  

He held her wrist and said– Twinkle, I am sorry I came inside without knocking but I really want to talk to you something. He left her. She ran inside the washroom and as embarrassed coming like that in front of Kunj. 

Inside the washroom Twinkle was totally embarrassed that how can she be so stupid that she forgot to lock the room also. Outside Kunj was also embarrassed that he came inside without knocking also he knew that Twinkle would have not appreciated his way of barging in her room like this though he didn’t find any issues finding her in bathrobe because anyhow she was dressed, but he found her really gorgeous. He thought to leave and come back after sometime but he knows he has to talk to Twinkle in any case so decided otherwise and stayed. 

Twinkle after about 10 minutes came out thinking that Kunj might have left from her room. She was now dressed fully in her salwar suit. 

She came out and found Kunj sitting on her bed. Kunj noticed the beads of water on her cheek. his hand automatically reached to wipe that but Twinkle stepped back. He took a step further and kept a hand on her shoulder and one on her cheek to wipe the water from her cheek and caress her cheek as well.  

Kunj- Twinkle, look at me. Twinkle who was looking down as she was highly embarrassed with scene that took place few minutes before in the room. 

Kunj- I said look at me please. 

She slowly raised her head and looked at him. 

Kunj said still being at the same position- It was an accident, sorry I came in without knocking. 

Twinkle didn’t know what to answer him just said- It’s ok.  

Kunj- Twinkle, I came to tell you that we are going to Coffs harbor this weekend. 

Twinkle still looking down- Why? 

Kunj- Business trip.  

Twinkle didn’t react but simply nodded her head. Kunj understood she needs sometime to overcome the embarrassment so he left the room but before leaving he said- please take the help of maids in packing. 

He left and was just thinking about Shaurya’s words. He wanted to keep Twinkle safe from him as because of his mistake he doesn’t want that Shaurya should trouble her in any way, so he was just planning how to keep Twinkle really far from him in Coffs harbor. He was thinking when he heard the knock on the door. He went to see who was at the door. He opened the door to find Twinkle there. 

Kunj- Come in. 

Twinkle came in and stood there. 

Kunj- Is something bothering you? 

Twinkle- Actually… it’s just that… what if Mahi wanted to visit us this weekend? 

Kunj- Did she said she will be coming? 

Twinkle- She is the one who never makes plans. She would probably just come over without informing anyone. 

Kunj- Ok, then call her and tell her that we would be out for a week, I would have invited mahi also but she will miss her classes then. 

Kunj had a point. It’s not like that she could ask mahi to come along. Classes were more important. It saddened her that she no longer saw mahi often. 

Twinkle- I will call her. 

Kunj- Is there anything else that is bothering you. Kunj asked thinking her still thinking about what happened in her room, but don’t want to embarrass her by asking directly. 

Twinkle- No. 

Kunj- But you would tell me if there is anything, right? Kunj asked hoping that she would be able to tell him anything. 

Twinkle- Of course. 

Something about her attitude was not matching. She was acting all different when she came at his office. Kunj wondered whether she was just sad because of the room incident. He worried when he realized that she might have grown suspicious of his infidelity, but he knew he couldn’t just come and ask her. Then a thought came that might be Shaurya had told her something or may be Kunj had something wrong this afternoon.  Maybe he had taken things a little too far with his flirting and passionate make up session they had on his office table. He thought better to leave it rather than asking her. 

The trip to Coffs harbor had come all too quickly. Twinkle and Kunj waited for their chartered plane to be ready. Being at the airport reminded Twinkle when she first arrived in Australia with Kunj as a newly wedded bride. When they landed in Coffs harbor, Twinkle felt uneasy, not because of the plane ride but because something was not right to her. She didn’t feel to tell this to Kunj otherwise he won’t be able to concentrate on his work. 

Kunj, I am so happy to see you came- Shaurya stood waiting for them as he specially came to receive them. 

Twinkle was shocked as she saw Shaurya and a cold wave of fear consumed her. 


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