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Ishq Vishq (Chap-2) Kanchi ff by ArpitaKrish


RECAP- Sanchi got 80% in 12th. Kanchi’s 1st meeting. Kabir came to live in Sanchi’s house. Lets move to next.
At evening, Sanchi came home and directly went inside her room. After she came out of washroom she found Sunil in her room.
“Now what dad?”
“Now nothing. I came with this coffee. Can we drink together?” Sunil kept the coffee on the table.
“Okay fine” Sanchi took the coffee.
“You made it?” Sanchi asked after taking a sip.
“No” Sunil denied.
“Don’t lie. I know because you always put less suger” Sanchi said.
Sunil laughed. Sanchi also chuckled.
“Sorry dad” Sanchi held her ears.
“No, I am sorry” Sunil removed her hand.
“will you guys please stop your melodrama?” Jaya came.
Sunil and Sanchi became serious.
“Listen Sanchi. Can you please take 1 cup coffee to guest room?” Jaya asked.
“Why there?” Sanchi asked.
“Actually I forgot to inform you that Mr. Sharma’s nephew has came to live here for 1 week” Jaya said.
“Okay fine” Sanchi went.
JayNil also went out of room.
Sanchi was going towards guest room with coffee.
She knocked. Kabir was showing his back.
“Come in” Kabir said.
Sanchi entered and kept the coffee on table.
He turned back. His leg stuck in mat. They both fell on bed. Kabir was above Sanchi. They both had a eyelock.
Soon they came in sense. They both stood up.
“You? How dare you? Are you stalking me?” Sanchi shouted.
“Seriously like I don’t have any other work except stalking a kid” Kabir laughed.
“Just shut your mouth idiot. Am I looking like kid?” Sanchi stamped her foot and went out of room.
“I don’t know how I am going to bear this girl” Kabir made a puppy face and took the sip of coffee.
Next day, Kabir went out of home early in morning.
In evening after he came Sanchi again went to his room with coffee. She knocked but did not get any answer. She went inside the room and called his name. She did not find him and kept the coffee on the table. Her eyes caught the camera kept on bed. She went and opened. She was seeing pictures. Just then Kabir arrived and snatched his camera.
“How dare you to touch my camera?” Kabir shouted.
Sanchi was scared.
Kabir realised his fault. He asked for sorry.
Sanchi ran away from there being angry.
At dining table,
“Jaya where is food? We are waiting for so long” Sunil asked.
“Actually Sanchi is making food today” Jaya said.
“What?” Sunil spilt the water.
“Yes, she is making dosa” Jaya chukled.
“Oh my god! I think I will have to hungry today. The great Sanchi is making food” Kabir murmured while drinking the water.
“Surprise” Sanchi came out of kitchen with food.
“ I am loving it” Sunil smelled and smiled.
“1st eat then do praise” Sanchi started serving them.
“Amazing” Jaya exclaimed after taking a bite.
Kabir was seeing everyone with shocking expression.
“Why are you not eating?” Sanchi smirked.
Kabir took the 1st bite and starts coughing. He was coughing badly.
JayNil was concerned. They served him more water.
“Sanchi, give him juice” Jaya said to Sanchi.
“I don’t want to eat. I am going to my room” Kabir said after he became normal.
“Okay . take care and inform me if you want anything.” Jaya assured’
Kabir gave the cold look to Sanchi and went.
Sanchi felt bad for him.
She remembers…… when she was making dosa, she put extra chillies in one dosa and she served Kabir to take revenge.
“Why I am feeling bad? He also scolded when I touched his camera” Sanchi thought.
After sometimes,
Kabir was working on his laptop in his room.
“Take this” A voice echoed in his ears.
He turned.
“Actually you did not have your dinner beacause of me” She gave him a bowl of fruit salad.
“I don’t want to eat” Kabir got up and went inside the washroom.
Kabir came out of washroom. Sanchi had gone. He saw the bowl and took to eat.
Next day, Kabir came from work. He was totally tired. After freshening up, he went in lawn.
He saw the Sanchi. “You did made the good salad” He smiled.
Sanchi asked for sorry.
“Its okay. I also scolded you for my camera” Kabir replied.
PRECAP- “How dare you? I should not have trusted you, blo*dy bastard” Sanchi shouted holding Kabir’s collar. Kabir pushed Sanchi.
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Loads of love.

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