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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 54- Dev revealed Rajput’s past to Shivaay

Here i’m back with the next update hope you guys will like it.

Ignore all spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes.

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“Shivaay crying holding sindoor in hand”

“Dev puts hand on his shoulder” Shivaay!

“Shivaay wipes his tears stood up gaze Dev with guilt” Yes! Uncle kuch kam tha

Dev with moist eyes holds Shivaay hand” You have to Immerse my Anu’s bones in the Ganges

“Shivaay takes his hand back”No! Uncle not now

Dev” why Shivaay why not now? Look we both have lost are life. But i’ve to think about Aarohi and Gayu too. Aarohi is all broken and seeing Anu’s immerse infront of her eyes it’s killing her more.

Shivaay ” i’m sorry but still i don’t punish Anika’s and Maa enemies i won’t immerse Anika’s bones in Ganges”

Dev ” Shivaay i told you before he’s dead then why you?

Shivaay” if he’s die then why those attacks held on Anika ha?

If your enemy is not in this world then why? Anika is not with us tell me….. Shivaay holds Dev shoulders…… Tell me uncle is non of your enemy is there then why Maa was in someone clutches.

“Dev put Shivaay hands down turn his face” it’s not your business i’m looking after this matter.

Makhu is arrested and police is trying to open his mouth.

“Shivaay step infront of Dev” He will be killed too like Anika.

“Dev gazes him with wide eyes fulled with shock”

“Shivaay cries” yes uncle…. Anika was given dangerous toxics and wrong medicines.

Dev cries” kneely down”

“Shivaay too keely down” I promise it will be just between you and me. But please tell me what made you helpless that you have to keep Anika away from you… Gayu too lived with fake identity?

Uncle please tell me for your Anu’s sake

“Dev takes a deep breath stood up” Shivaay! Thirty five years back. Rajput’s and Suryavanshi’s were friends. More then friends we were conisder arms of eachother. Both families decide to knot this relation more strong.

Kyra Singh Rajput was spark of Rajput’s family. She was not only my little sister but my brother.. We both use to share all the secerts with eachother.

Before i could talk to Kyra about her marriage she herself came to me…


“Dev buzy with his books”

“Kyra encircle her arms around his neck” bhaiya

Dev” Yes! Kyru

Kyra” bhaiya i know there’s no secert between us but i’ll kept one secert, secert from you”

“Dev gently removes her arms from his neck makes Kyra sit” And my kyru wants to share it right.

Kyra” nods”

“Dev smiles” then hurry i also want to share something.

Kyra” Aahaa!! Bhabhi kesi hai

Dev” how you know?

Kyra” i’m your sister and brother but i’m chota jagoou too. Now tell me who’s she?

Dev” No! First you tell”

Kyra” No ! First my bhaiya

Dev” who’s the eldest me na so it’s my order tell me what you kept in this stomach”

“Kyra sigh” Bhaiya!! I know you today’s hot topic in Udaipur’s streets is marriage of Suraj Singh Rajput daughter….

“Dev brushing Kyra face” Don’t you want this?

Kyra” nods negatively”

Dev” then what? Look if you are thinking that your dream of becoming Architecture will be left dream then it’s not that first you will complete your studies and then Dad will get you married.

Kyra” bhaiya it’s not just about my dream but about the person with whom i’m soon getting married.

“Dev cup Kyra face” Are you interested in some else?

“Kyra side hug Dev” Yes! Bhaiya

Dev” What? Then why you didn’t told me before… i would have talk to Dad… Wait it’s not to late let me talk to everyone now… Dev breaks the hug about to leave when Kyra hold his hand”

“Kyra close her eyes” bhaiya he’s Indra Suryavanshi…

“Dev turns his face” what?

“Kyra eyes got watery” bhaiya i’m sorry but this marriage happening like coin flip and i,i……

Dev pull her in hug” Oh!! Chupke chupke pyaar aur bhaiya ko baatey bhi nahe….. Dev pulls her ear”

“Kyra hug him tightly” bhaiya

“Dev pulls Kyra ear”

Kyra” Ahh! Leave my ear bhaiya otherwise i’ll tell my bhabhi that you are becoming Devil Singh Rajput again

“Dev stood up with shock” what you know Aa…. words got stuck in his mouth

“Kyra complete it” Aa… Aarohi bhabhi g…..

Dev” smiles Kyra i love her but….

Kyra” but my bhaiya not telling bhabhi g”

Dev” No! I’ve planned something the day when is your sangeet”

Kyra running but i’ll tell everyone now… That Dev Singh Rajput loves Princess of Jodhpur

Flashback ends

“Dev cries throw himself on sofa short sit ”

“Shivaay comes sit next to him pacify him”

“Dev gazes Shivaay with tears”

Shivaay” then what happened?

Dev” i still remember that day it was Kyru sangeet in the evening all where happy and more then that my kyru was so excited about it that she’s getting married to Indar…… Dev fist his palm”

“Shivaay notice this he gently press Dev hand sign him”

Dev” Maa… called me

Flashbacks continous…….

Devi g” Dev what are you doing? All the time busy work and books. It’s your Kyru sangeet and you…..

Dev” maa what you want? Sangeet is in evening not early in morning then what’s so hurry?

Devi g” yes i need you to go Suryavanshi Mansion and handover these bags to bhabhi g”

Dev” Maa i’m DSR not Driver and it’s servants and maids task not mine”

Devi g” it’s shagun and brothers goes to give not any staff. Now leave these files and come…..”

“Dev jawdrop” i’m coming…… Maa

Flashback pause

Shivaay ” then what?

Then i went to Suryavanshi Mansion what i saw there i just want to kill them they just frame my Kyru for their good….


Sanjay” sign these papers”

Indra” bhaisa i’m not going to sign them…. whatever did i did was to get half of the udaipur from Rajput’s.. What you did? And now you want to have the whole fruit without any hardwork… No bhaisa No

“Sanjay clutches Indra collar” i told you to frame Kyra in your fake love now sign these papers otherwise i will kill you

“Indar shouts” Maasa

“Dev peeking them from behind pillar” i’ll kill you both but before i’ve to protect my Kyru from … Dev runs from there

Then i ran back and told everything to Dad and Maa…..

Kyru too heard this was all broken but she was so strong then took it challenge of life and requested us to send her abroad to picture her dream as reality……

After Kyru left for abraod..

Inbetween we got to know that indra was involved in many crimes and also he had lust of sleeping with girls…..

One night indra called me to meet him near Jag Mandir… my blood boiled when he took Kyru name…. i just want to take revenage from him and without infroming anyone i went to Jag Mandir…..

He was not Indra but Sanjay called me and told me that indra had kidnapped Kyra and only he knows were he’s but he did deal that i should tranfer my property on his name…. i was helpless and agree but Sanjay cheated me.

When i rush to Sanjay mentioned place…

Indra was wet in blood…. Sanjay lied to me and killed his own brother for property and blamed me but my good luck saved me. That one of the victim of Indra’s took blame on her..

Kyra was molest by Sanjay but Indra saved her. She pleaded me that i should never told anyone about it…. Tough she was pure but it hurt her dignity so badly that she lost her faith.

But Sanjay was still alive.After years he got released from jail…. Sanjay threaten me that he will never let them live in peace.

I became helpless start following his footprints…. his eyes were always on Rajput Mansion and our peace.

Shivaay” where it linked with Anika?”

“Dev with watery eyes gazes him come with me” Dev look around and bring Shivaay to dark room.

He switched on the lights , sign Shivaay to lock the door.

Shivaay” nods lock the door suspiciously glancing Dev”

“Dev opening the lock” After Aarohi… Anu got alone and broken. On one side pain of losing Aarohi and on the other side pain of seeing Anu becoming Anika.

Sanjay came to factory give open threat that if i’ve to throw Anu out my life.

I took it light and ask him to whatever he wants but i won’t do this.

But after that attacks were held on Anu…. still then i didn’t comes under Sanjay talks…..

Dev with watery eyes gazing pictures. Place them back and takes some letter out off box……Forward it to Shivaay

Shivaay eyeing Dev with pain holds letters from him

Screen freezes on letters


Precape what’s in those letters that made DSR helpless.
Thanks for your likes and comments. Keep giving me more and more.

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