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Ikyawann 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Leela tries to confirm Susheel’s death

Ikyawann 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone thinking where did Susheel go. Satya says my friend’s dad is in police, he will inform us if there is any news. Mehul talks to Nitish and asks him to inform if he knows anything. Fighter Didi says she didn’t go on her own, something happened with her. Leela comes there. Sejal says did Soumya do anything, but she is sleeping at home. Leela looks on. Fighter Didi says someone wants to hurt Susheel. Satya asks Kali did Leela do this, if this is true, I will end relations with us, I will go with Vishu and check. He sees Leela hiding. Sejal asks why are you hiding. Leela says I got worried seeing you all worried, I went to see the match, ask Satya. Sejal says you don’t like Susheel, why did you go.

Kali asks did you see Susheel. Leela says I don’t know, I was

there with you all, then I had to meet someone for an order, Susheel was part of our family at some point of life, Susheel made our name shine, so I m glad. Satya gets a call and gets shocked. He says this can’t happen. He tells everyone that inspector called him, he is calling them to identify a dead body, he is saying the person is 6 feet tall. Mehul says this can’t happen and cries. Kali says he is mistaken, call him again. Sejal says it could be someone else’s dead body. Satya says I have to go and check. Mehul says you won’t go, it can’t be Susheel. They all cry. Leela says if its Susheel, how did she reach there, I will go there and see. Fighter Didi says we will go there and identity the body, so that the girl’s real family can know, do you think Susheel’s story will end like this, she can’t give up her life easily. Satya says no. She says that’s it, we all will go there, media shouldn’t know this.

Soumya lights the havan kund and recalls Satya’s words. She calls Satya and Leela. She gets angry when they don’t answer. Leela hides from everyone and comes to morgue. She thinks this should be her, she troubled me a lot. She gets Soumya’s call. Soumya says you promised me Satya and I will marry today, where is everyone, when will my marriage happen. Leela says stop it, I will call you back, I will put you in havan kund if you call me again. Leela sees everyone coming and hides. Satya says it won’t be her, we just need to confirm. Leela drops her phone. Soumya says I will call Leela again. Her phone drops in water pot. They all check the body. They see someone else. Sejal says Susheel is imp part of our lives, she managed to bring all of us together. Leela thinks if its not Susheel, where did her dead body go.

They all leave. Leela checks the body. She finds the door locked. She tries to get out. Fighter didi says we all were there, how did the sheet get displaced, it means someone came there before us to see if the dead body is of Susheel. Leela runs out of morgue. She comes to her locality. She gets hurt and sees the blood in her hand by guilt. She then sees clean hands. She says Susheel is dead, nobody should know she died because of me. Satya asks Soumya to open the door, its his house. Soumya refuses and scolds him. She says promise me you will marry me. Satya says she is testing my patience. Sejal says wait Satya. She asks Soumya to open the door, Satya will marry her, its a promise. Soumya says you all are liars. Fighter Didi says I have to ask you something. Satya asks Soumya to stop the drama. Kali stops her. Fighter Didi asks is just Soumya at home, where did Leela go. Leela comes and says I m right here. Fighter Didi asks where were you. Satya says you were nowhere, where had you been.

Leela says you are accusing me. Fighter Didi asks her to have the pickles, what did she think she will get Susheel killed during the game.

Update Credit to: Amena

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