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Episode 8,Theme:Uncovering of secrets, mending of broken relationships.

Scene 1:Airport .

Neil is talking with DD .

Neil:DD, We have got different flights so we will meet each other at the hotel ok ,and remember that you have to ask the office adress of that detective we have to meet in Hyderabad .

They to go in different ways Neil sits in the flight after some time a couple come there Neil get happy on seeing them and says,

Neil:Ali and Reha you both.

Reha:(says in an r tone to Ali ) Ali , can’t we change our seats.

Neil:(gets sad)Don’t worry I will sit somewhere else.

Ali:No Neil you will sit with us.we have to tell you something very important,please.


After the flight takes off .

Ali:Neil it’s about Avni but please don’t get angry first listen.

Neil listens carefully for Reha’s sake.

Ali:When Avni went away she was pregnant with your son Avin ,she calls him Mowgli and he knows that you are his father but Avni has not told him that why you don’t live with them and she is in Hyderabad,so please meet her please.

The flight lands Ali calls DD And tells him everything DD says that he has also got to that the detective Neil came to meet is none other than Avni.

Ali and Reba take Neil with them to Avni’s house.

Neil rings the doorbell Avni opens the door Neil hugs her.

Avni gets shocked and pushes him away.
Avni:How did you dare to come In
front of me ,my Neil died 8 years ago .
Suddenly Mowgli comes and hugs Neil .
Mowgli:Dad why did you leave mom don’t you love her.
Neil:I love her more than my life,but my biggest mistake was that I didn’t trust her but from now I will never leave her again.
Reha and Ali take mowgli inside .
Neil:Avni ,please try to understand ,I am very sorry for what I did ,I can’t live without you anymore.
Avni:Then go and die because for me you are already dead.
Nei: Avni, if I go I will never come back never .
Mowgli hears them and runs out from the house and gets hit by a car ,Avni and Neil follow him and Avni faints when the car hits Mowgli.

Precap:Avni hugs Neil ,Mowgli’s condition gets critical.

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