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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajneeti tries singing

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Khoji telling Chaitu is taking a step in the music industry. He asks Chaitu what will he do for music. Chaitu says I will bring music out, I will give chance to youth. Khoji asks did you make a plan. Chaitu says yes, music academy will open new opportunities. Rajneeti sings in a bad tone. Chaitu asks why is this cat crying. Ghotali says its Rajneeti singing. The music academy people come to talk. Chaitu asks them to explain. The man tells about the big event. Chaitu asks what will I sing in this age. The man says you just have to inaugurate. Chaitu tells his rates. The man says its fine, we will make someone else inaugurate. Chaitu insists and sends them to fix everything.

Rajneeti comes and says I want to say something, shall I participate in singing

event. Chaitu says if you take part, people will run away, you don’t know singing well. Rajneeti says I can sing aarti. He says you don’t sing. Imli asks what, will you sing. Rajneeti says yes, I sing with mom everyday in aarti. She sings. Everyone’s ears ache. Imli and Chaitu say you will get all prized. Chaitu says just stop singing. Rajneeti asks why. Monica says we can get music tuitions for her. He agrees. He asks Jha to arrange a big singer for teaching Rajneeti. The teacher Joshi greets Chaitu and sings. Jha introduces him and says he is a big artist. Chaitu asks is there any bigger artist than CM.

Rajneeti comes. Imli says she wants to sing and win the competition. Joshi says she is Saraswati’s daughter, she will win. Chaitu says just teach Rajneeti and make her win first prize. Rajneeti says I just want to take part. Chaitu says you are CM’s daughter, you have to win. Joshi says I will teach her soon, she will learn. Rajneeti says then teach me. Joshi sings. He asks Rajneeti to sing after him. Rajneeti sings bad. He says sing slow. Imli praises Rajneeti. She says her voice is very sweet. He asks Rajneeti to practice Sargam. He goes. Chaitu says my daughter should come first, tell the judge, else change him. The man asks what do you mean. Chaitu says judge has to decide as I said. Monica says decision will happen by voting system. Chaitu says make Rajneeti popular. Monica says yes, we can make public hear her songs. Chaitu likes the idea. Jha asks him to use time in imp things. Chaitu says my daughter has to get first prize, else what will people think.

Joshi teaches Rajneeti and praises her. Everyone hears Rajneeti’s song on radio and dislike it. Police warns the people. People praise the song. The people get troubled. Imli asks Joshi to do something and make Rajneeti sing well. Rajneeti practices. Everyone runs away. Police forces people to hear the song. Janta says I m getting late, I have to leave. Inspector insists and makes Janta sit. Chaitu says make this song play many times a day. Jha says noise pollution complaint has come because of this song. Chaitu gets angry. He says just Rajneeti’s voice will echo in the city. Joshi hits his head hearing Rajneeti. Jha says many people turned deaf, hospital has sent a report to complain. Chaitu defends. Monica tells Chaitu about the comments on Rajneeti’s singing. Chaitu says I want Rajneeti to become a singer.

Chaitu asks where is Joshi. Jha says he is in hospital, he went under depression. Chaitu says get him home. Joshi comes and says I can’t teach Rajneeti. Chaitu warns him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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