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Half Marriage 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Maya decides to kill Manohar

Half Marriage 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun, Chandani and others come to ICU to see Manohar. Arjun says now you are fine and asks how did this happen, and who have done this. He asks what is the truth which he wants to tell them. Manohar is critical and signs at Maya. Sulochana says Maya. Maya gets tensed and this old man can tell truth to them. Arjun says why Papa is signing at Maya. Manohar recalls seeing Maya with old man, and hearing that she is very dangerous and can kill someone also. He faints. Doctor comes and checks him. Everyone waits outside. Maya is tensed. Doctor comes out and says I am sorry, he went in coma. Maya smiles happily. Sulochana sits shockingly. Doctor says he is in deep trauma and that’s why went in coma. Chandani says he wants to tell us something. Doctor says may be he was pressurized

on his mind and it is difficult to tell when he will come out of coma. Maya thinks I don’t believe on God, but he helps me again and again and smiles.

Doctor says his discharge papers is ready and asks them to take care of him. Arjun says yes. They take Manohar home with medical help. Sulochana recalls Manohar telling Arjun and Maya, she says we were talking about them, he was not agreeing, but may be he agreed. Janki asks for what? Sulochana says for Arjun and Maya’s marriage so that his baby is called legitimate. Arjun says please. Sulochana asks him to ask Chandani. Chandani says he said, but today he told just Maya and that doesn’t mean that he wants to talk about marriage, he might want to tell something about her. Maya says what he will tell about me. Chandani comes to Maya and asks why you are scared. She says Papa took Arjun’s name once, but your name 3 times, and asks why? Sulochana says he wanted to tell about their marriage and says you are taking out wrong meaning. Chandani says I am not accusing her. Sulochana says you don’t want Arjun and Maya’s marriage to happen. Chandani says she is thinking her wrong. Arjun asks Sulochana to hear Chandani, what she is saying. He asks Maya what Papa wants to tell about you. Maya recalls Manohar threatening to expose her.

Janki asks Maya why Manohar is taking her name. Maya says how I will know. Sulochana comes and says it is Chandani’s trick and says she don’t want your marriage to happen with Arjun. Maya says let her play her trick and says once uncle gets consciousness, he will tell about Chandani. Chandani tells Manohar that she will keep his video diary to check improvement in him. Manohar recalls Maya hitting him while being in coma and takes Maya’s name repeatedly. Chandani is shocked and calls everyone. Sulochana asks what did he say? Chandani says he took Maya’s name again. Sulochana asks Chandani to stop cooked up stories. Chandani says I am not lying and tells that she has made his video recording. They all see Manohar taking Maya’s name.

Chandani says there must be a reason if Papa is taking her name again and again. Sulochana asks maya, do you know what might be the reason. Surinder says yes, there is something for sure else he wouldn’t have taken her name. Arjun also questions her and says what is the thing which you know and we all don’t know. Maya asks why they all are questioning her and says this is your house and family and what is that which you all don’t know and I know. Sulochana says he wants them to marry. Maya looks on tensed. Later she thinks this old man is troubling me and will sent me to jail once he gains consciousness. She decides to kill him and thinks how? She asks herself to think fast. Arjun comes there and asks why you are standing alone here. Maya says nothing.

Arjun says you was thinking why he is taking your name repeatedly. He says since this thing happen Maa and Chandani are not talking to each other properly and asks her to talk to Sulochana once. Maya says ok. Arjun asks her to come inside and don’t stand alone. Maya thinks Sulochana and Chandani shall not be friends and thinks she will kill Manohar. Sulochana and Chandani are in kitchen. Sulochana asks Chandani why she is taking revenge on them and wants to keep her kids away from her. Chandani says it is not like that. Maya comes and asks Sulochana to go out. She asks Chandani not to worry and asks if she is upset with Sulochana. Chandani says no. Maya asks her to take the plate and says she will bring more food. She mixes liquid in everyone’s food and thinks they all will sleep, and then she will kill him, smiles.

Maya is about to kill Manohar and keeps pillow on his nose to suffocate him. Manohar gets up, holds her hand and takes her out of room. Everyone is standing there. Sulochana says you got insemination done to get Arjun. Chandani says you are trapped and says it is time to say good bye.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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