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Half Marriage 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Manohar is critical after Maya attacks him ruthlessly

Half Marriage 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manohar seeing Maya in car with old man who has helped Maya in changing DNA report. Chandani buys vegetables and turns, but Manohar is already left following Maya. Old man and Maya reaches factory. Old man asks her to help him as his son is applying in higher court to get DNA test done. Maya says how can I help you, my work is done. Old man says you are seen in the CCTV footage, and if you don’t help me then I will expose your truth. He blackmails Maya and asks her to do whatever with his step son and gives his pic. He leaves. Manohar comes infront of her shocking Maya. He says a big betrayal, you have been fooling us and this baby is not of Arjun. He says I have convinced Chandani for your and Arjun’s marriage, and says today I will expose your truth. He gets Chandani’s

call and asks her to come there with Arjun. He wants to show her big truth. She asks where are you? Just then Maya attacks on his head with rod and he shouts, phone falls down from his hand. Maya looks madly. Chandani gets shocked hearing his scream and runs dropping vegetable basket there itself. Maya hits him again and again. Manohar feels pain. Chandani hears his shouts on the call.

Maya hears Chandani’s voice and smashes phone with her feet. Manohar tries to walk out. Chandani calls Arjun and tells him that Papa is in trouble. Arjun runs out. Maya walks behind Manohar like a man woman and hits on his head again. Maya is about to hit Manohar on his head hard, when Chandani comes there.

Manohar sees Chandani and is about to call her aloud, when Maya sees her and hides. Chandani calls him. Arjun also comes there. Maya sees truck coming there and pushes Manohar colliding him with truck badly. Manohar gets severely injured. She then escapes in the car. Kusum knocks on Maya’s door. Janki comes and says Maya must be sleeping. Kusum says she asked me to make soup. Janki thinks she went to meet old man in the morning. Sulochana comes and knocks on the door. Shakti says I will check and is about to break the door, when Maya opens the door and pretends to wake up just then. Janki is surprised. Maya says she slept after having sleeping pills. Sulochana asks her not to take tablets in pregnancy state. Surinder gets a call and is shocked. Arjun and Chandani take Manohar to hospital. Sulochana and others reach there. Maya thinks old man shall die.

Doctor comes out and says I am sorry. Maya is happy. Doctor says he got severely injured, but breathing still. Maya says how did this happen and says uncle ji went with Chandani for a walk. How did she know when she was sleeping till late? Inspector comes and says we want to know. He greets Chandani and asks her to tell. Chandani says it is not an accident, but an attack. Somebody had attacked my Papa. She says he called and said that I shall know a big truth. Inspector asks if he has any enmity with anyone. Arjun says he is a simple guy and just goes to shop. Chandani asks Inspector to go to site and search for proofs. Inspector says criminal will not be spared. Janki looks at Maya.

Later Janki comes to Maya and asks what happened? Maya says I have to come after waking up. Janki asks what happened with her meeting with old man. Maya says it was all fine. Janki says don’t know what happened to Manohar. Maya acts as if she don’t know anything. Sulochana blames Chandani and says you should have taken care of him. Chandani says I didn’t know when he left. She says something wrong had happened, he was speaking about someone whom we all know. Doctor comes out and tells that Manohar has gained consciousness, we are shifting him to ward. Maya gets shocked and thinks what to do.

Manohar is critical and signs at Arjun and Maya. Maya smirks as he couldn’t tell anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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