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Dil Se Dil Tak 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Indu urges Parth to find Teni

Dil Se Dil Tak 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Iqbal watches a news on television about a terrorism kidnapped from outside the mall. He calls Teni to confirm if this was the man who stalked her. Teni says this is a terrorist, she tells him to forget what happened in the mall. Iqbal was irked that she didn’t let him defend her, he is worth protecting her and it’s his duty. Ammi comes to ask who is important. Iqbal lies she is. Teni winks at Ammi, then gets mischievous and teases this was for Teni. Ammi was annoyed with Iqbal as he didn’t value her care at all. Iqbal hugs Ammi, assuring she is the most important person in his life. Teni and Ammi laugh together, mocking Iqbal. Iqbal says no one can win over women. Teni holds hands if Iqbal and Ammi, she promises to always keep them happy and together. A servant comes to call Teni downstairs

to select lehnga. Ammi was thankful to God for having sent Teni into their lives.

Dada ji tells Baa that Indu called him, Parth has cancelled the plan to go to Disney land. Baa was worried that Ipshita’s mood must be worst. Ipshita walks ahead of Parth and Indu, she was upset and goes to complain about Parth to her mother. Indu and Baa were worried for Ipshita. Parth was sure he would handle Ipshita and goes behind her.

In the room, Ipshita comes to deceased Shorvari’s photo and complained that her father cancelled the plan of Disney land, she miss her a lot now. God needs good people like her, but she also needed her here. Parth comes to speak to Ipshita but she turns her back towards her, not ready to listen. Ipshita says Parth will be surely punished. Ipshita melts over Parth’s tears. Parth says God not only snatched her mother, but his love of life as well. He has no one else in his life but Ipshita. Ipshita hugs Parth. Indu watches this. Ipshita assures she would never leave Parth, he must stop crying and she won’t also cry. Parth says it’s really important to stay back, he promises her a world tour soon. He also promises to get her all the happiness of her life. Ipshita leaves the room. Indu looks towards Shorvari’s photo.

Later, Parth sat in the room upset, thinking about Shorvari and then Teni. Indu comes inside with the wedding invitation in hand. He was shocked to see her at once and asks when she came here. Indu replies, she came in when he was hiding his love for Shorvari behind his smile. Parth was upset that he can’t live with fate, he is only left with memories of Shorvari. Shorvari has taken away all the happiness of the house with her. Indu says if Parth brings Teni into the house, it would light up this house. Parth says Teni is getting married, she has a right over happiness over her life. Indu says he must go to Iqbal’s house once at least, to confirm if this is her Teni or not. She insists that for a girl, the biggest happiness is in her mother’s company. Parth wasn’t still ready to go and dig out the truth, his heart witnessed it was Teni and it was her life.

Indu comes downstairs. Dada ji and Baa inquires about the matter. Indu shows them the wedding card. Dada ji was shocked to read the name Teni. Both say it must be some other Teni. Indu says this is what she believes, but Parth feels it’s their Teni. Indu reads a contact number on the card and calls at Iqbal’s house.

Ammi and Teni were sitting in the garden. They discuss if Teni’s name ‘Teni Khan’ would suit her? Teni says this would sound heavy, then promises she would become a delicate and soft speaking girl. She receives the phone call. Indu smiles hearing Teni’s voice over the call. Teni was happy that the call was cut, hearing her heavy sounding call. Indu tells Baa and Dada ji that it’s some other girl and not their Teni. Her voice and name were both changed. She hurries upstairs.

In the room, Parth was thinking about his conversation with Teni. He wonders if he must go to Iqbal’s house. Indu comes to the room and packs a bag for Parth. She says she called at Iqbal’s place, he must now go and confirm its not their Teni. She says Dada ji has fixed his meeting with the Minister already as well, he can go a day earlier and find Teni. They found a hope after years today, he must make an attempt atleast for his daughter.

PRECAP: Teni comes out of the door where Parth arrives. Both stood back to back with each other and didn’t confront.

Update Credit to: Sona

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