Friday , September 18 2020


@morning (next day)
Rag:annoyingly y r u not understanding me ma, I dnt lik him and moreover I never thought him
Shekar :cuts her. Plz understand beta, v r doing for ur good only
Before Ragini speaks
Jan:dont argue with her, angrily tmrw is ur engagement that’s it
By saying she goes ,Ragini looks at them

@sanskar’s home
Suj:i dnt know Wat r they going to do
Ram:dont wry,, my sister will make her(rag) to understand.. U got ready for tmrw
Ram:do Wat I say Sujatha plzz.. Sanskar loves her, v will make her understand
Suj nods

@sanskar’s room
San is sadly sitting in his room
Laksh happily came to his room. .sanskar tmrw ur engagement is fixed
San:shocked wat
Laksh:ha (happily) now only ma papa told to me
San:but ragini
Laksh:without her acceptance how it will happen. ,don’t over think Now b happy (he cheers him)

Swara is crying ..ragini is consoling her
Swa:i will definitely die, if I didn’t get him (sobs)
Rag:worried I promise swara I will stop this engagement.. But plz don’t talk like this once again, her eyes become moist.. Promise me promise me swara u won’t do like that and speak like that nu
Swara:placed her hand on her’s,definetely I will die ragu if I didn’t marry my sanskar by saying she went
Rag cries

@next day morning
As soon as janaki enters into her room, swara stops her and tell to her, that Ragini is angry on her and she will make her ready for engagement ,janaki nods and went
Swara enters into her room and closed it immediately
Swara:(called her) Ragini Wat r u going to do, I’m scared.
Rag:dnt b scared, I will cut within few minutes until that u just tackle it, after I came everything will b sort out
Swara nods not understanding her point

After few minutes
As soon as sanskar’s family members, all welcome them
And all had a family talk
Ram:till how much time u people will take to show my daughter in law
All chuckles
Shekar:swara go and bring her
Swara nods nervously and turns

Door knock
laksh I will go and see, by saying he went
As soon as he opened the door, shocked to see Ragini
Lak:stammers widens ra ra gi ni
By hearing Ragini’s name all came at room door and shocked to see Ragini with another guy in marriage attire

Rag:nervously ma papa he is my college mate, I love him before she complete janaki slapped her hardly
Before sanskar goes to holds her.. That guy holds her
San became teary
Janaki:angrily today u proved u r not my child
Rag shocked and also lakshswara (all others know about it)

Do u like it
Next update is tmrw itself

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