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Chandrashekhar 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra escapes from police

Chandrashekhar 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with two guys talking about Britishers’ prince visiting, that’s why the police is guarding the place so much. Manmath asks the guy to get reliable boys at night for their work. The guy goes to Chandra and tells about Manmath. Chandra asks what did he say, tell me, I won’t say anything. The guy says we have to paste slogans against the Britishers. Chandra says I will surely come. All the boys gather to paste the slogans. They hide from everyone. Chandra asks them to get the rice paste. The guy says I forgot to get it, how shall we paste the papers now, think of something. Chandra thinks. He says come with me. He goes to some group of men chanting. He says I will just come. He joins the group and plays music with them. He chants with them and asks them for some food. He says

I have no money or food with me, what shall I do. The man asks him not to worry, he will solve the problem. He gives the flour to Chandra. Chandra thanks him and goes. He adds water and applies the flour paste on the papers.

The boys paste the slogans on the walls. Police comes there and asks the boys to stop. They all start running. Chandra hides and runs with the boys. He reaches ghat and says Ganga maiyya will protect us now. They jump inside the waters. Police searches at the ghat and doesn’t see them. They check the water and find it still. Police goes. Chandra and his friend come out. Its morning, Chandra and his friend reach the temple and pray. Chandra says the work wasn’t complete. The guy says you think from heart, don’t worry, no work can be incomplete when I m here. They dry clothes and wear back. He says we have to think about problems first. Chandra says its imp to end the work, where did you hide the papers. They get the posters and check.

Police sees them. Chandra starts going. Police asks them to stop. Chandra and his friend run. Shastri ji asks from where are you coming. Chandra gives the posters to Shastri ji. Police asks what’s in your hand. They see Shastri ji. Shastri ji asks Chandra what’s the matter. He tells police that he knows Chandra. He scolds Chandra to act. He says my ashram kids are naughty, but from good families. He sends them. Police goes. Chandra goes to Shastri ji. He says that posters were of Gandhi ji’s protest, what was my mistake in this. Shastri ji laughs. Chandra says Britishers beat anyone without any reason, Gandhi ji says we should stop this, but how shall we get beaten up. Shastri ji says come with me, you will get your answers. Britishers have a meet. John comes there and tells about the options.

He says its time to target the revolutionary, young and aggressive men are fearless, we have to ensure peace if prince has to visit us. Senior asks him to do what’s necessary. He permits the shoot at sight order. Chandra tells Shastri ji that they may get ill when they visit the ill. Shastri ji says don’t worry, this illness is not such. He goes to hospital and helps the injured. He explains what Gandhi ji teaches them, he wants humans to love humans. He looks after many ill people while giving knowledge to Chandra. He says violence can’t be taught by Gandhi ji. Chandra thinks I didn’t understand right and wrong, my thinking changed after I came to Banaras, Gandhi ji’s thinking was attracting me, the happenings were bad around.

Shastri ji says we will oppose the Prince. Police catches Manmath and arrests him. Chandra learns about the arrest.

Update Credit to: Amena

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