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Bepannaah 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya furious over Zoya for celebrating his birthday

Bepannaah 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahi brings Zoya to the orphanage, this is a special family for Hooda family and they attend each of the charity or function here. Zoya likes the place and was about to call Arjun, but Mahi forbids her. What if Arjun speaks in front of family even by mistake? Zoya was worried about the arrangements but Mahi had brought a team. Zoya calls Aditya but his phone signals weren’t clear. He guess it was Zoya, then rejects the idea thinking his ears might be ringing with her voice. Mahi calls the landline number of Hooda family, Anjana answers. She invites Anjana to a charity event organized at the orphanage tonight. Anjana promises to come and asks Aditya to join them too. Aditya. Aditya clarifies he isn’t interested in celebrating the day. He leaves the table. Arjun comes to the room and convinces Aditya

that this anger might burn him to ashes one day, what Anjana proposed was for the orphanage and not for their personal celebrations.
Sakshi was at the orphanage distributing the cake like Pooja did. There was preparations of a private function there. She turns around to meet Zoya who was going with the organizer, the cake ruins her dress. Mahi asks Zoya what she would wear now, Sakshi brings her favorite saree to her to change. Sakshi’s phone bell rings then, it was a stranger who warns her about the revelation of a truth in case she doesn’t bring one lac to him. Sakshi tries to inquire who he is but the call was cut. Sakshi returns home and decides to share the truth with Aditya. She gets the call, the stranger increased the demand to 2 lacs and calls her a hen with golden eggs.
There, Noor was watching a serial on television and cursed the mother in laws of Indian society. Yash’s mummy comes there to scold her for creating all the mess at the house. She thinks mummy is worse mother in law than the ones in serials. A post man brings a letter for Zoya, but water spills over it.
Mahi watched Aditya arrive at the orphanage. Zoya was happy that all the arrangements were done in time. After Zoya has gone to change, Mahi was excited that Zoya will have to cry as much as she is happy. Harsh and Anjana also arrive at the orphanage. The children in orphanage sing birthday song for Aditya. The lights go off, a presentation of Aditya’s photos with Pooja play. There was a narration in Zoya’s voice, she read a poetry and requested him to bear some romantic poetry for her this day. There was a blessing, and a prayer for Aditya. Zoya narrated that this party was planned by Pooja, and wanted to wish his birthday in the best of manners. She only intended to prove to Aditya how much Pooja loved him, she could never betray him. He must see how real Pooja’s love for him was. Zoya now comes with the cake, draped in Pooja’s saree and stands in front of her photo. Everyone was shocked to see this. Aditya walks towards Zoya, she wishes him with a smile but he spills the cake down on floor. Zoya was shocked to see Pooja’s photo behind her and realizes she wore the same saree. Aditya questions why she created a drama of his life, she considers his personal life as a entertainment to the world. He asks Anjana if they knew about it, everyone deny. Aditya charge towards Zoya, Mahi comes to save her. Aditya stops her from saying another word, then warns Zoya for beginning this personal war. She will now bear the consequences. What she wanted to prove by displaying Pooja’s photo like this. He thought he gets unjust with her sometimes, but Zoya is a bigger planner. May be her husband cheated on her because a cunning player hide behind her innocent face. He forbids her to stop crying, her tears irritated him. Zoya says he is being personal. They look at each other for a while.

PRECAP: Aditya tells Zoya his love doesn’t let him live, and hatred doesn’t let him die. Aditya brought Zoya into a room filled with photos of Pooja and Yash. He says his revenge is now complete.

Update Credit to: Sona

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