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Belan Wali Bahu 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa saves Laddo’s ghost again

Belan Wali Bahu 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Family starts searching for Daddo dog. Roopa looks around and is in tears thinking where Laddo’s ghost is.
Jitendra and Shalini are searching for Daddo too, Jitendra asks one shop keeper where is Daddo, Shalini says he doesnt know, lets search somewhere else. Jitendra says okay.
Lata asks people around if they saw their dog? she stands near tea stall and gets tea.
Dada and Naren are looking for dog too.
Prem asks scrap seller if he saw their dog? Scrap seller says give money and then I will tell you. Prem gives him 50rs. He says just this? Prem says I have this budget only, seller says he must have gone to that road, I dont know if it was your dog but my earning for a day is done. Prem murmurs he fooled me again.

Family comes home, Lata says we didnt

find Daddo. Dada says you people came empty handed without shame. Suzzi sneezes. Dada panics and asks if she is fine? he asks did she get infection from the dog? you sneezed suddenly. Lata says people sneeze suddenly only. Dada says I want Daddo in house at any cost. Roopa thinks he was not near mandir or tree, please comeback. Jitendra says dog sniff around and find humans but how humans can find a dog? Roopa says we can give an ad in newspaper. Naren says we need Daddo’s photo for that. Shalini says when will I come in handy. I took three selfies with Daddo. Roopa says yes I remember, she shows selfies to family. Dada says great, put an ad in paper and put 5000rs reward on it. Prem says isnt it too much? Dada says its not more than Suzzi’s life, what if anything happens to her? I mean then who will take care of me? money is more important than me? Prem says no no, give an ad. Roopa is happy. Jitendra says I will find Daddo and get 5000rs. Naren thinks if I find Daddo then I will get money which I can use to give gift to my girlfriend. Roopa prays that some poor man finds him so he will get benefited too.

In morning, Roopa does aarti. Suzzi asks Dada if he ate medicines? Dada says wait. One woman comes there and says you people gave doggy’s ad in newspaper. Roopa says yes? where is he? is he outside? she runs to check out but comes back and says he is not outside. Woman says I didnt come to give him but to get him back. Dada says did you people put wrong ad in paper? Woman says I really liked your dog, if you have his puppy then give it to me, I will 10000rs for it. Jitendra and Naren smirks. Prem asks her to leave, woman leaves. Roopa is miffed.
Another man comes to house with a dog, he says this is your Daddo. Roopa runs to dog and says Daddo is found. Dada asks Prem to give him money, Roopa says where did you go? we threw you out but you didnt have to go too far, I was so worried for you, family members are confused. Roopa says listen please dont be miffed, family threw you out but we are bringing you back, please say something, swear on me, say something. Prem is about to give man money but Roopa says one minute this is not our Daddo. Naren says how you know? Roopa says he is not talking to me. Man says he cant talk, he is an animal. Roopa says I mean he is not listening to me, trust me this is not Daddo, Dada says how you know? Roopa says there was a mole on Daddo’s back. Shalini says dogs have mole too? Roopa says yes, you wont find black mole on this dog. Jitendra says his back is black, how will you see mole? Roopa says wait, she leaves. Man says this is wrong, I found your dog and you are doubting my character. Dada says its about someone life and death. Roopa shows Laddo’s picture to the dog and says if he was Daddo then he would have barked seeing his photo. Jitendra says good point, Daddo always used to bark at Laddo but this dog looked away. Dada says this is not our Daddo. He asks man to leave with the dog, man leaves. Prem says great work Roopa. This was not our Daddo. Roopa thinks where is he?

Scene 2
All family members are having breakfast. Scrap seller comes there and says I have come to give some news about that black dog. Roopa runs to him and asks where is he? Scrap seller says tea seller told me that day before yesterday.. municipal people came and took all street dogs. Dada says tea seller didnt come to take money? Scrap seller says tea seller didnt read news but I heard him so I came here, news is confirmed, when will I get my reward? Dada says when we get Daddo, lets go.

Dada, Roopa and family comes to municipal office. Dada says to officer that you people took our dog. He says okay recognize which dog is yours. Roopa looks around in cages. Dada says our Daddo was wearing pink shirt. Officer laughs and says gentleman dog didnt come here. Prem says maybe he was feeling hot so he took off shirt. Officer says all dogs are here so recognize him and take him. She calls out to Daddo. Laddo’s ghost says I am here. They see two black dogs in a cage, Roopa says left one is Daddo. Dada says I think right one is Daddo. Roopa says no left one, Dada says no right one, they argue about it. Jitendra says enough. Lets take the dog which Roopa is saying. They take Roopa home.

In house, Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that I want to eat parathas, thank you for saving me. Roopa says to Lata that I have to make ajwain parathas for Daddo. Lata says he eats parathas? Roopa says he is hungry and Laddo used to share it with him so I thought to cook for him, he is hungry. Lata says okay and leaves. Roopa tries to cook but keeps throwing things around. She gets frustrated and says I cant do one work nicely, Laddo’s ghost comes there. Roopa flings balen in air.. it hits dog.. Laddo’s ghost screams from dog and says you hit me again, you always hit me.. suddenly Laddo’s ghost comes out of dog. Laddo’s ghost says I am out.. first you killed me and now you brought me back from dog, how do you do that? Roopa says it just happens.

PRECAP- Roopa calls and says no we didnt make any plan, I will tell you when it happens, she ends call. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that it was my friend’s call, she is going to holidays on Switzerland, we never go anywhere. Laddo’s ghost says let go to Switzerland then.
Dada says to family that we are going to Switzerland. All get excited and pack their bags. Dada gets angry on something and says we are not going to Switzerland, all get sad.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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