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A call changed our life (Chapter 2)

Let’s start today’s part it is little long


All had reached Munnar and were busy with their own work

Next day they reached the place where the event is  going to take place

Both the teams started their respective work

Kabir called veer

Veer- what bro what’s your problem

Kabir- I gave u one work na

Veer- what work bro

Kabir- number…….

Veer- I will get u when the right time comes

Kabir- pls bro get within this evening

Veer- okkk bro

Veer saw swara she is busy with some work

Veer-(in mind) This is right time to talk to her

Veer went near her with little nervousness

Swara turned and saw veer

That time their manager came

Veer acted like searching something then he went few distance and acted to search

Manager- swara nice floral decoration

Swara-thank you sir

Manager – actually swara I want your number I want to enter in the employee s register

Swara- sure sir

Veer heard their conversation he thought this was the right time

Swara- stared to tell her number

Veer- begin to note the number

Before writing last  number something fell on veer’s leg he just jerked and fell down

Swara told her number to manager

Manager- how many seats are u arranging in the stage

Swara- sir 4

Manager- ok carry on your work

Veer heard 4 instead of the actual number he thought the last number was 4

Veer went to Kabir

Veer- mission accomplished

Kabir- give her number

Veer gave her number

That time swara was  just passing and saw Kabir and veer together she went near them

Kabir- ok bro thank u now wait and watch. Oh my god I  totally forget I have to submit these designs to that idiot manager otherwise he will yell at me byeeeee

Veer turned to see swara at his back he was shocked

Swara -what

Veer- what

Swara- I saw you were searching something tell me I can help you afterall we Are in same team

(Veer felt relaxed)

Veer- (maintaining his attitude)oh I found it

Swara- ok then why are u talking to opposition team members

Veer- he is my friend

Swara- this is a competition our team has to win don’t try to help your friend

Veer- no nothing like that I came to taste these foods they have prepared if u want you too can taste it they will not say anything

Swara- I will never taste their food items

Veer- but I will he took one large bowl of badam kheer, onion pakoda,chilli parathas,half bowl fried rice, little noodles,2 cups of ice cream and seated in table

Veer- ok u don’t want to eat any thing afterall give me company


She also seated in the table

Seeing the mouthwatering dishes she also wanted to eat but she didn’t show in her face

Veer noticed this

Veer- when he about to eat he just stopped. And said actually I have to make a important call he told and excused himself

When veer went swara couldn’t control herself she started to eat all the items

Swara- he is right all items are really tasty😳

But some one is watching from behind and smiling he is none other than veer😂😂😂😂

Veer(in mind) she is cute while smiling

( Mera Mann song plays in back ground)

Veer came to swara smiling

Swara saw him

Veer- oh my god some one stole my food

Swara- I ate it don’t create a scene ok

Veer- but you told me you don’t eat this food

Swara- actually this is our event management company so if anything goes wrong we are the one responsible  so I tasted it.

Both started to laugh

Later all completed half of their works and went to their respective rooms

In sanchi’s house pragati and Sanchi are discussing about random things

Suddenly sanchi’s door opened

Her father came with two chocolate milshakes

Seeing that both of them were very happy

(Pragati was staying with Sanchi because she doesn’t like to stay college hostel)

Saurabh- enjoyed kiddos

Both- thank you

Pragati-  sanchu can we see horoscope

sanchi- i don’t believe in these things

Pragati-let’s give it a try

Sanchi- ok then let’s try

Pragati- ok Then, i have seen one site if we type our name ,date of birth we will get to know about our life partner let’s try first we can see your horoscope Sanchi

They typed all the details and waiting for the results

Now result for sanchi- you are really lucky ,your life going to become beautiful when he comes to your life,he will fill your life with happiness, soon you will get a call from him

Pragati- wow Sanchi you are really lucky

Sanchi- I told you na I don’t believe in these thinks

Pragati- why are you so dumb may be your future partner can call today

Other side Kabir thought to call swara

He took his phone and started to dail (it is Sanchi’s number)

Suddenly Sanchi phone began to ring

Sanchi- unknown number

Pragati- I told u na may be he is your future husband

Sanchi- stop it yar how you know it is he

Pragati- attend the call and put in loudspeaker

Sanchi- hello

Kabir- hi bittu

Sanchi- which bittu

Kabir- you forgot  me I think so I am working in dazzling event management company Kabir

Hearing that pragati took her laptop and started  to search dazzling event management Kabir( Kabir’s pic appeared in the laptop)

Seeing that Sanchi felt mesmerized

Kabir- can you hear me hello

Sanchi- yes yes I remember but who is Bittu

Kabir- it is a pet name for u nice na Bittu

Ok Bittu every relationship starts with friendship let’s be friends from know

Sanchi thinks for a while and says yes

Kabir- ok bye see you soon bitu

(He cuts the call)

Sanchi is in shock

Pragti-began to tease her I told na may be he is your future partner

Sanchi lay down in bed thinking Kabir

(Isq bulava BGM plays in background)

Kabir thought he spoke to swara and lays down in bed thinking swara but instead he spoke to Sanchi

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