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RadhaKrishn 25th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Important Advice For Radha

RadhaKrishn 25th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna feels sad seeing 5 elements burning and reminisces Devi Gauri suggesting her to mix her 5 elements with Krishna’s 5 elements to prepare her color to color Krishna, Krishna denying to play holi with her, etc. She picks ash with tears in her eyes and tells Krishna that her wish is unfulfilled. Krishna says her wish will be fulfilled for sure. Radha asks how is it possible when everything turned into ashes. Mata Gauri feels sad for Radha and asks Mahadev if Radha and Krishna will not play holi. Mahadev says already a disaster happened. Gauri asks if Radha and Krishna will not play color holi and will the universe not witness their last holi. Mahadev says Narayan has to decide it. Gauri says then brother Krishna has to do it for her. Krishna tells Radha that she can prepare her desired holi color with the ashes as intended, but she has to be careful regarding the color she choses. Radha thinks how will she prepare color with ash.

Nishant, Ulmukh, and Revati see nobody playing holi and ask Balram what is happening. Balram says holi starts with Radha and Krishna’s love. Citizens walk in and says their holi celebration starts with apply color to Krishna’s feet and they will not play holi without Radha and Krishna. Krishna walks to Radha and says everyone are waiting for her to play holi. She says she doesn’t want to and asks not to do any magic. He reminds her promise to make holi a lavish event, so she has to return. Balram requests citizens to play holi, but they walk away. Someone throws color on Balram. Balram shouts who threw color on him when he already warned that they will not play holi without Radha and Krishna. Colors fall on even Nishat, Ulmukh, Revati, and citizens are thrown. They stand surprised. Radha and Krishna enter. They all happily chant Krishna’s name. Balram says Krishna was coloring them, now its their turn to color him. They all pick colors and rush towards Krishna. Balram stops them and tells Revati that until Radha applies color to Krishna, they can’t, but when they haven’t played holi yet, they should color each other first. He throws color on Revati, and everyone follows.

Krishna asks Radha if she will not apply color on him. Radha asks how will she prepare color with ash. Krishna says even ash is a color. She says she wanted to color him with her color. He says if she applies even ash with true feeling, even that will be colorful. She applies ash on his cheek. He says he told her wish will definitely be fulfilled, today Krishna is colored in Radha’s color. Climate changes. Radha ask what is happening. Krishna says she should also experience the color she applied to him and applies ash on her cheek. They get transformed into a jungle where Radha asks him what is all tis.

Devi Gauri sees ash rain in Kailash and asks what is happening. Mahadev says he and Krishna didn’t want this to happen, now all colors will vanish from the universe. Radha asks Krishna what is happening. Krishna says he is just fulfilling her wish, he is Krishna and she is Shukla and their togetherness maintains stability in the world, but he is colored into her color, this whole universe’s colors will turn into ashes. Balram and everyone are shocked to see colors turning into ashes. Sam thinks whole Dwarka is colored into ash and his oath is fulfilled now. Radha tells Krishna that whole universe turned into ashes, she just wanted to color him. Krishna says their together maintains stability in the universe, their differences keeps the universe going, and when someone tries to color their loved one in his/her colors, then instability starts. He explains the meaning of love and how its created, etc. Radha says now she realized that love can happen with 2 different colors, she wants to bring back stability in the world. He asks her to apply ash to his othe cheek. She does and colors return to the universe. Mahadev, Gauri, gods, and all Dwarka citizens get happy seeing that and play holi again. Sam gets angry seeing that.

Precap: Radha and Krishna play holi and dance with citizens.

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