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Pandya Store 25th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara hides the truth

Pandya Store 25th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suman asking everyone to answer her. She asks why is Dev upset. Raavi comes home. Suman asks what happened, tell me. Krish says Dev and Raavi… Dhara stops him. Gautam says he wants to dance with Raavi. She asks what. Shiva says we thought you will get angry, but you agreed. They lie to Suman. Bua asks Janardhan to trust Rishita. She asks Rishita to say yes for time being, then she will handle everything. Rishita agrees. Bua signs Janardhan. Suman and Raavi have a talk. Suman goes. Gautam says Suman shouldn’t know about Dev’s matter. Bua praises Rishita. She introduces her to groom’s family. The groom’s family fixes the alliance. Rishita thinks what does Bua want to do. Raavi takes care of Dhara. Dhara gets sad and thinks how would Raavi accept this. Rishita asks Bua what is she doing. Bua says I can’t let Janardhan kill Dev and go to jail. Kalyani says groom’s family is asking us to come for shopping. Bua says Rishita will come long, she will meet the guy and spend time. Rishita thinks I will tell the truth to the guy, he will break the alliance. Raavi asks Dhara not to worry, she will handle all the work when she comes in. Dev says I have some work. He goes. Raavi says he is so shy.

Gautam signs no to Dhara. Shiva says Raavi is just acting. She goes to cook in the kitchen. Shiva comes and collides with her. They fall down. Dhara tries to go and see. Gautam holds her. He asks is Shiva troubling Raavi. Suman asks what happened now. Dhara says nothing, Krish dropped a plate. Shiva and Raavi fall down again. Gautam and Dhara come. Dhara asks are you fine Raavi. Shiva says she will do worse when she gets married. He pushes Raavi away. Dhara says stop it, you always create an issue, go and wash your face, you don’t know about any work.

Raavi jokes on Shiva’s face. Dev comes. Shiva scolds her. Dev asks him to stop it. Raavi asks shall we go now. Dhara says no, you both got haldi. Krish says that haldi is useless. Dhara asks him to go and study. Raavi asks did glow not come on my face. Dhara says you don’t need any glow, don’t go out together. Dev and Raavi insist. Dhara ties mauli thread to their hands and ask them to go.

Rishita tries to get a chance to talk to the guy. She says Bua, until you decide the card design, I will go and have the icecream. Bua says fine. Janardhan says we will also go along. Bua says no need, let them go. She asks Janardhan not to worry. Gautam asks Shiva not to behave badly with Raavi. He says I trust Dev, he will not do anything that hurts Raavi, he will love her with time. He goes.

Raavi talks innocently. Dev worries and thinks if I tell the truth to Raavi, then mum will also know it and get hurt, I can’t tell her anything. Rishita says I have to tell something. The guy says I guarantee you, you won’t face any problem there. She says actually, I love someone else. She sees Bua coming. Raavi says I feel shy, we will go home now. Dev and Raavi leave. The guy says I knew it, your Bua told me everything, you are telling it, I like you even more, I have no problem with your past, I like you, its enough for me. Bua says I told you, the guy is nice. Rishita sees Dev and Raavi going on a bike.

Gautam says Dev is my brother, I want his happiness. Dhara says let me tell truth to Raavi. Gautam says no, you can’t do this, else Janardhan will kill Dev. She gets shocked. Chunri falls over Shiva and Raavi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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