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Molkki 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Haathi goes missing!

Molkki 26th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Purvi gets kidnapped while she is on her way to NGO. She shouts for help but in vain. They take her to their hideout. Purvi keep shouting all along. Sudha is calling Purvi but her phone is unreachable.

Kids refuse to get ready. Manas says haathi gets us ready for school every day. I wont go to school if she isn’t here. Anjali says they are so young yet so stubborn. You know that Mukhiyayin is not at home since morning. What will you do if she will leave the house for forever? Will you stop studying, eating? Manas says haathi wont leave us ever. Juhi seconds her brother. Haathi can never do this. She can never leave us, Baba and this house! Anjali says she is missing since morning already. Manas walks up to Prakashi. Has our haathi left us for real? Manas and Juhi start crying. Prakashi tells Manas not to cry. Chachi is joking. Haathi has gone for some work. She will be back soon. She gets you ready every day. Let Chachi and Bhuri help you today. Juhi and Manas request Prakashi to call haathi. We cannot live without our haathi! We need our haathi! Juhi hugs Manas and comforts him. Haathi will be back soon.

Goons bring Purvi to their hideout and tie her to a chair while she shouts at them to let go of her. One of the guys warns her to be quiet. I will end your chapter for forever otherwise! She requests Kanha ji to save her. Don’t know why or where they have brought me. Who asked them to kidnap me? Please protect me, Kanha ji. Goon calls Prakashi. We have the girl! Should I keep her alive or kill her? Prakashi tells him to wait for her instructions. Take care of her till then. I will call you. Another goon tells Purvi not to struggle. It wont be of any use now.

Anjali asks Prakashi if the work is done. Prakashi smirks. I have never failed! Anjali smiles. It means she is at our mercy now. Why delay it then? Let’s get her killed. Prakashi says you always rush. I don’t work like you. I think things through. I am worst than a devil. That Molkki wouldn’t have imagined the death I have planned for her. I will kill her with my own hands!

Sudha brings food for Sakshi. She gets tensed but Sudha tells her not to worry or be afraid. You are safe here. A lady peeks inside. Sudha tells Sakshi that the girl who saved her will come soon. You are like our elder sister. Don’t get afraid. Have food now. Sakshi nods. Sudha goes to call Purvi again. She should have been here by now! Purvi is not answering her call so Sudha calls Virender. He is in a meeting and his phone is on vibration mode.

Manas and Juhi are crying for Purvi. Mama ji says how can she go anywhere like this. Juhi says you must help us find haathi. She has not been picking our calls since morning. Mama ji assures them that she will be home soon. I will find her if she wont come soon. Juhi says I think haathi and Baba had a big fight and she left the house angrily. Manas says Didi is right. I wont speak to Baba! Mama ji says it isn’t true. Juhi asks him why haathi left the house without informing them. Mama ji begins to wonder if Purvi actually left the house. What could be the reason that she is not even picking her phone? Manas takes pinky promise from Mama ji. You must bring haathi from anywhere. Mama ji promises him. Bhuri brings Purvi’s phone. It was in her room. Mama ji thinks there might be something fishy if she has left her phone behind. Prakashi says Purvi was speaking about meeting her friend Sudha. Let me speak to her.

Prakashi meets the same lady (Pooja) who had been peeking inside Sudha’s room earlier. The lady says we are living comfortably in NGO but we would be grateful if you can help her monetarily. Prakashi gives her money. There is a girl named Sudha in your NGO. Do tell me if you find anything special about her. Pooja tells her about the new girl (Sakshi) who Sudha brought to NGO yesterday. She describes a few details. Prakashi realises it is Sakshi. Pooja leaves. Prakashi wonders if Sudha found Sakshi and later called Purvi to come to NGO. They seem to be inter-related. I must go there myself to find out about Sakshi. She calls her goons and tells them to reach NGO.

Purvi is struggling but in vain. She requests Kanha ji to help her. I wonder if the kids are fine. They don’t even eat without me. Please help me get out of here asap. Kids don’t even go to school without me. I only want you to help me get out of here.

Manas and Juhi get out of the house stealthily. Manas asks his sister how they will find haathi alone. Juhi says we are with each other. We will take the route which haathi would have taken to go to NGO. We will check in NGO if we don’t find any clue on the way. Don’t worry. They are having trouble crossing the road. A lady helps them. They show her Purvi’s photo but she hasn’t seen Purvi.

Sudha tells Sakshi to take rest. I will be back soon. Sakshi thinks of Prakashi’s warning words. She thinks of how she escaped from Prakashi and Bhuri’s clutches last night.

Kids continue asking random people about Purvi but no one has seen her. Manas suggests going to NGO to find something about Purvi. Juhi asks a lady about the route. Manas asks her if they wil find haathi there. Juhi nods. Haathi told us that God helps us achieve everything that we work hard for. We will find haathi soon. They head towards the NGO.

Sakshi comes out of the room. Prakashi reaches there just then. Her goons are already there. They get inside. Juhi and Manas reach NGO as well.

Sudha wonders why Purvi isn’t picking her phone. She notices the room empty and wonders where Sakshi could be.

Manas and Juhi show Purvi’s photo in the NGO but no one has seen her there either. They see a lady from behind who looks quite similar to Purvi from behind but they are disappointed to find another lady instead. She asks them if they are looking for someone. Juhi says we are looking for our haathi. She is missing.

Prakashi, Sakshi are in different corridors. Sakshi walks around carefully.

Sudha continues looking for Sakshi. The same lady asks Sudha who she is looking for. Sudha says I am looking for my elder sister. The lady says everyone is looking for someone today. 2 kids were earlier looking for their haathi. It rings a bell. Sudha asks her about the kids. The lady says they left. Sudha is sure it must be Manas and Juhi.

Prakashi is just a few feet away from Sakshi but misses her. Epi ends on Prakashi’s worried face.

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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