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Game Of Hearts – A Love Story Never Seen Before! CH 19 HIDE AND SEEK?

PRECAP: Riddhima and dev are talking about her past, and suddenly vansh barges in…

Riddhima: Vansh, that, i..i..

Vansh: Relax sweetheart, why are you so tensed i was just messing around with you! But the look on your face was soo priceless! Now tell me which truth was dev talking about??

Dev: Nothing Mr.Vansh..

Vansh: Riddhima, you tell me…

Riddhima: It was nothing vansh, we were talking about kabir, and he was asking me if i had told you the truth that’s it!

Vansh: Oh don’t worry dev she has told me everything about her past, i am sorry to barge in like this, i left some of my files here, so i will take them and leave and you can continue…

Dev: Oh yeah sure!

Vansh leaves..

Dev: You told him about kabir also?

Riddhima: Yeah, kabir was kind of getting closer to telling the truth to him, and if Vansh had heard it from,he would always think of it as a wrong way, so i had to come clean in that matter before!

Dev: Good! *gets a call* I need to attend this call, i will talk to you later?!

Riddhima: Yeah, i also have some work!

SCENE 2: Dadi talk to riddhima..

Riddhima: Dadi, why are you preparing for a puja?

Dadi: Because, i prayed to god that if Vansh gets well soon, i will arrange a puja thats why!

Riddhima: Shall i help you?

Dadi: No, i have called the workers and they will arrange it, you don’t worry! Go and rest, yesterday you didn’t sleep right!

Riddhima: Ok dadi..

Riddhima leaves..

SCENE 3: Kabir is in his office..

Kabir’s pov: This riddhima, is backfiring all my plans! And with her being there i can’t get to Vansh! I have to send her away from Vansh as soon as possible! But how! I know everything about her, and now she has even come even  clean about me and I can’t even use that against her! When i thought to trap her, i never actually did a background check deeply! I have to dig her past, there must be something that i can get my hands onto! *calls his assistant jay*

Kabir: Jay, try to find out everything about riddhima

Jay: But we know everything about her right sir!

Kabir: We know what she told us! There must be something in her past, that can be a ticking time bomb which is waiting to explode!

Jay: Yeah sir, i will find out!

SCENE 4: Riddhima sees dev sad and talks to him…

Riddhima: Dev, is everything alright, you seem sad?

Dev: I am having the worst day of my life!

Riddhima: Why?

Dev : Misha broke up with me! And i lost a patient who was close to me! I feel like who ever gets close to me either ends up dead or decides to leave me! Why riddhima! Why am i never good enough! I feel like there is no reason to get up for in the morning!

Riddhima: Dev! This is not you! You always look on the positive side of each situation!

Dev: I know but it just has become too much to handle! I mean there is no hope left!

Riddhima: Bad things happen, but you have to move past it. Leave it behind. The sooner, the better. Or it’ll eat away at you and stop you from moving forward. It always feels like there is just one person in this world to love. And then you find somebody else, and it just seems crazy that you were ever worried in the first place.  And coming to your patient, think of that as a whole, think where did your treatment go wrong and try changing that in other patient!  Progress looks like a bunch of failures!

Dev: I am sorry, i am worrying you with all this, i came here to solve your problems and now..

Riddhima: It’s ok dev! You were the first person i trusted after that accident, you were the one who gave me meaning to fight for! And even though later Bani came in…you were always my person! You told me that Love is worth fighting for! And i am always grateful to you for that! And now what i did, it was my responsibility!

They both hug..

SCENE 5: Jay talks to kabir

Jay: Sir, i went to find out riddhima’s truth but i found something else!

Kabir: What?

Jay: Your past!

Kabir: What the hell are you talking about ! come to the point!

Jay: Arohi? Does the name ring any bells to you?

Kabir: Yeah what about her?

Jay: If my investigation is correct, she might be alive and still out there!

Kabir: What the hell! i pushed her down from a high cliff, there is no way she can come out alive!

Jay: Sir, you wont believe me what i found out!

Kabir: Tell me everything clearly, when you went to investigate about Riddhima, how did you find out about Arohi!?

Jay: Sir, riddhima had an accident a few years ago! So i thought maybe i can find anything so i went to the hospital to investigate! And i had a photo of arohi in my phone, and when i by mistakely showed a nurse her photo she said that arohi came in with so many wounds and she had to stay for nearly 4 months for recovery and her friend came and took her!

Kabir: That means Arohi is alive! I can’t believe it, if she is alive then why didn’t she come back?! Why didn’t she come back into Vansh’s life!

Jay: Sir, maybe she got scared! *laughs*

Kabir: No, you idiot she loves Vansh deeply! She can do anything to get back to him! We are missing something! I need to find her if she is alive!

Jay: Sir, if she has not come out in these many years, why will she come out now?!

Kabir: She is a big loophole, to my whole mission right now!!

Jay: Sir, don’t you find it weird that both Riddhima and Arohi were together at the hospital and almost for the same time?

Kabir: I will find out what we are missing!

SCENE 6: Riddhima is getting ready for puja…

Dadi: Riddhima you are ready?

Riddhima: Dadi, just give me few minutes i will be there, and vansh also has to get ready right?!

Dadi: You don’t worry about him, he doesn’t believe in god! You come down soon..

Riddhima talks to Vansh and he is working on his laptop..

Riddhima: Not fair, Mr. Vansh, i have come clean with you and told all my secrets and you are still hiding secrets from me!

Vansh: Secrets and from you? Is it a trick question? i didn’t keep any secrets!

Riddhima : Then why didn’t you tell me that you were an atheist?

Vansh: You are asking me this because there is a puja in the house right?! I don’t believe in this all riddhima!

Riddhima: You love me right? Atleast sit in the puja for me?! Please..

Vansh: You are a doctor and you believe all this? Fine you believe in him, i dont mind but why are you forcing me?

Riddhima: I am not changing your beliefs…i am just asking you..

Vansh: I don’t believe him because, if a person decides to achieve anything he can do it by his own hard work and till now i didn’t believe in god and still i am one of the most successful business man in India…

Riddhima: Yeah fine! But one day, you will have to bow your head in front of the god!

SCENE 7: Kabir is talking with doctors…

Kabir: I need all details about this girl’s *shows arohi’s photo* treatment and her doctors and the  people who visited her!

Doctor: Sorry, we can’t give away all this information without any permission!

Kabir: I am a cop, and i need this details for a case!

Doctor: Sir, can you give me one hour, since the case is old it may take time to find the files..

Kabir: Sure!

Doctor goes aside and calls dev..

Doctor: Sir, you told me to call you when someone comes searching for the details of that Arohi’s mam’s case right?!

Dev: Yes, Mr. Mishra, is everything alright!?

Doctor: No sir, a guy named kabir has shown up for the case details!

Dev: Damn this kabir! How could he know about it? Anyway if i start right away also i will not be able to make it in time, tell him that there was a fire accident and all the files got burnt!

Doctor: I would have said that sir! But someone told him, that we keep aside the police cases and that room was not burnt! And how we are so particular and we don’t do mistakes in such things and all the case files will be there for sure!

Dev: Ok tell him to come tomorrow, since it may take a lot of time, and i will be there as soon as possible..

Doctor cuts the call..

Dev’s pov: I need to leave right away, i can’t tell riddhima about this otherwise she will be worried the whole time!

Riddhima: What are you thinking Dev?

Dev: Riddhima i have to leave! I mean i will be back by tomorrow, its an unavoidable case, dont worry i will be back…

Dev leaves to the hospital…

SCENE 8: Doctor informs kabir ….

Kabir: Just now you told, that it will be done in 1 hr now you are saying it will take time?!

Doctor: I am sorry sir!

Kabir: Doctor, you are not understanding the situation i need it fast! Do something!

Doctor: You will have to cooperate with us sir!

Kabir’s pov: Damn it! I can’t wait for that long…i will break in tonight and check it myself!

Kabir: Fine i will come back tomorrow…


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