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Swara was going somewhere hidingly making sure no one is seeing her.


Laksh- has just came after having bath, when he hears some voice, he remove his revolve and goes towards the door.

When the door opens he sees someone getting in so he keep the gun on the person head.

The person suddenly get frees seeing the opportunity he slides his arm around her waist back hugging her…..

Laksh- Jaan what are you doing here. Tum sudhrogi nai na. Kitna baar Kaha hai no to come like this hidding in the room what if I had shooted you.

Swara- I know you will never do so because you always comes to know it’s me.

Laksh- remove the gun and keep it in the draw safely and locks the door and comes towards swara.

Swara hugs him tightly……

Swara- Laksh you remember you told me something you will do at night.

Laksh- (understanding but thought to play with her) what I don’t remember anything.

Swara- offo Laksh please

Laksh- yes now I remember we were going to…… saying so start moving towards her.

Swara understand his intention and says…..

Swara- Laksh I am not talking about this I am talking about my gift which you promised to give me at night.

Laksh- I so I was also talking about it only……oh what you understood Jaan.

Swara hits him playfully

Swara- please na

So he removes a bag from the cupboard and gives her…….

Swara excitingly sees towards the gift……that contains a Terry bear, chocolate’s and a box……

Swara then opens the box and was shocked to see a beautiful diamond ring.

Laksh- comes towards her and bends down and make her wear the ring….swara hugs him saying a thank you to him..

Laksh- happy anniversary Jaan, I love you

Swara- I love you too Laksh.

Then they spend some quality time together….. swara goes to her room…..


It has been a week Sanskar was trying to propose swara but was not able to gain that courage to say it to her and in this one week Sanskar and Laksh has become very good friends, they share a brotherly bond……

Laksh- comes down to hall for the breakfast when he Sanskar having his breakfast.

Sanskar- hii buddy come have breakfast.

Laksh- ya coming.

Sanskar thinks to ask help of Laksh to propose swara.

Sanskar- buddy actually I need your help.

Laksh- yes Bhai bolna

Sanskar- Woh I was think to propose swara so will you help me with it.

Laksh who was having the breakfast choked listening Sanskars words.

He was looking in shock towards sanskar.

Sanskar- what happened buddy say what should I do, where should…..he was disturbed by a call…….buddy I will come in a minute.

Laksh gets up in shock and says to himself.

Laksh- if I would have an option na I would have kill you Sanskar, saale MERI biwi ko propose karegi, he imagine the scene and was horrified. No no I can’t let this happen I have to do something now.


This whole scene is of real swara….

Swara (real one) and Sahil were having tuff time to make raj break.

Swara- common Raj now speak the truth, enough now I can’t waste my more time on you.

Seeing no reply from Raj she says…..

Swara- fine you will not tell me na, but now you will speak you didn’t left any other option for me I never wanted to this, but now I will…….

Listening this Raj gets scared listening her words. …

Raj- what do you mean…….

Swara- you will come to know soon……

She calls Sahil and ask him to bring them.

Sahil comes with two kids……

Raj was shocked seeing them and gets teary eyes…..

Kids were shocked and scared seeing their father badly beaten and tied to the chair.

Raj- (shoutingly) why you brought them here and how you find them, please leave them what have they done to you they are innocent.

Swara- innocent even Sanskar is innocent then why you want to kill him. Tell me tell me fast who gave you the contract to kill him…..who is the person.

Raj didn’t said anything….

Swara- fine now I will kill yours kids in front of your eyes.

Saying so she grabed his daughter and keeps the gun on her head…….

Raj daughter- daddy please save me (says cryingly)

Raj was looking helplessly towards her daughter who was crying very badly.

Swara- fine now I will shoot her…… saying so she was about to shoot when Raj shouted stop……

Raj- ok I will tell you please leave my daughter please.

Swara- ok but will be in my custody till i don’t find the real culprit.

She gestures Sahil to take them.

After they go swara says…..

Swara- now tell me who are behind all this

Raj- I don’t know the person as I never saw him.

Swara- you will not even tell now, don’t dare to lie, I think I should kill your kids and she was about to go….

Raj- I am telling the truth I don’t know, trust me I am not lying. He used to order me on phone Only.

Swara- so do he knows you are in our custody.

Raj- no he doesn’t know.

Swara- ok now you will help us to reach that person. Call him and ask about the next attack which they have planned for Sanskar do it now……says while throughing his cell phone towards him.

Raj takes the phone and calls the person keeping it on speaker so that swara was able to hear.

Raj- sir what is the next plan for us to attack.

Caller- where have you been since 7 days.

Raj- sir I was in the custody of police but I didn’t told anything and ran off…..

Caller- how should I trust you.

Swara tell him to tell him to meet him.

Raj- sir you can come to meet me.

Caller- ok meet me at xyz place……

Raj then ends the call……


This scene is of swara (burkha girl)

Sanskar blindfolds swara and bring her to a place.Then swara removes the blindfolds and was shocked to see the arrangement done……

Swara- what is this Sanskar, is today something special that you did this arrangement.

Sanskar- actually swara I am in love with a girl. Today I am going to tell about my feelings.

Swara started jumping in excitement…..

Swara wow really who is the girl I want to meet her tell me na

Sanskar- I will introduce her to you don’t worry.

Swara- ok then let’s go.

Sanskar takes swara to a tent……


Swara and whole police officer comes to that place with Raj.

They see a person back and they all surrounds him pointing guns on that person…….all were shocked seeing the person.

It was a statue kept and a chit was there oh his shirt saying…..”play me”. Swara then sees a tape recorder over there plays it……

Voice from tape recorders- surprise swara what you thought I will not be able to know about you that you have Raj in your custody. I didn’t knew you all are these bugs fools.
You wanted to know na about the next attack on Sanskar then go and save him let’s see you will be able to or not because mine men must have reached there by now.

Go fast swara don’t waste your time……

Swara angrily throughout the tape away…….how is this possible, how does he is always one step ahead of us, how….

Sahil- swara stop these thing we will see towards it later now we have to save Sanskar fast.

Swara- Ha your right we have to save him. You call Laksh and tell him to be with them till we reach there.

Sahil trust Laksh number…..but it was not reachable…….while they were in their was…..

Sahil- swara Laksh phone is out of reach.

Swara- ok stop the car, I will from the shortcut till you guys reach there.

Sahil- what are you mad or what you know na that way is so risky.

Swara- I don’t care Sahil, I have promised Durga uncle to save Sanskar. So I don’t care if I live or die.

Sahil- no ways I am not going to let you do this stupidity…

Swara- Mr. Sahil Sen Gupta it’s an order, stop the car.

Sahil of fine.

He stops the car……swara goes….


Here swara is the burkha girl…..

Here Sanskar bring swara in a tent there was mirror all sides.

Swara- what is this Sanskar where is the girl.

Sanskar- she is here only swara, look you are the only girl.

Swara- what are you saying…..

Sanskar- I want to tell that I love you swara

He then sits on his one leg and remove a ring……

Sanskar- swara I don’t know how did this happened but I love you a lot. Will you be mine forever….

Swara then noticed someone aiming the gun at sanskar……

Sanskar- say na swara do you love me as I do ?

Suddenly swara pushes Sanskar screaming his name…..

The bullet hit swaras hand above the elbow and she winced in pain. When she pushed Sanskar she also falls with him to save him but the bullet hit her hand……

Sanskar- oh my god swara are you ok.

Swara- (while wincing in pain) yeah I am ok we need to move from here.

Swara was not able to stand up so Sanskar picks her in a bridal style…..

They were going when suddenly Laksh comes there…..

Laksh- oh my god how did this happened, we need to take her to hospital fast, your ok na swara.

Sanskar- yeah I am going but what are you doing here.

Laksh- we will talk about this later. He then forcefully takes swara from Sanskar arms. He starts to go.

Sanskar was shocked with sudden change of his behaviour.

After taking swara from Sanskar Laksh goes ahead while Sanskar was standing there only

Then he heard gun firing and turned back and then saw a man pointing gun towards him. He was about to shoot Sanskar when someone shoot that person from behind….

She catches Sanskar hand and runs with him all the while he was again amazed to see that burkha girl again who came to save her life…..

( Guys now in burkha the swara is real one and Laksh has taken swara who in actual was the burkha girl, so now this scene will be between real swara and Sanskar)

Suddenly someone shoots Sanskar hand above the elbow…..he winced in pain.

Swara (real one who is now in burkha)- relax don’t worry I will not let anything happened to you trust me.

Saying so they keep running into the deep forest.

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