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Kasam 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi makes Tanuja wear anklet

Kasam 23rd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ahana tearing Manpreet’s pic angrily. Manpreet comes there and gets disheartened seeing her anger. Ahana says I can’t stay with you under the same roof. Manpreet is shocked and says ok, if you want this. Ahana says I know you want this and says I was wrong before. She asks if you will tell the family or shall I. Manpreet says I will tell. Ahana cries. Rishi sees Manpreet upset and asks what happened? Manpreet says Ahana thinks I am having an affair. Rishi says it is girl’s problem to think that their husbands are having an affair. He says I love Tanuja a lot, but she always doubts me etc. Tanuja gets upset hearing this. Rishi goes behind her and tells that Manpreet is a flirt, but has Ahana in his heart. He says there is only one name in heart. Tanuja says you are defending yourself as you are characterless girl. Rishi says it is not like that. Tanuja says she will stare some guy and says she is not illiterate woman. She scolds him and says if she sees him talking like that again then she will not see his face.

AK looks at the photo frame and thinks about Natasha and Tanuja. He recalls Netra’s instigating words and calls her, but soon he disconnects the call. He thinks I thought Netra has gone mad, but I was the one to get mad. Netra sees his call and thinks now he understood what I was telling. She thinks he needs her help and thinks to make more possessive.

Rishi checks in the drawer for the medicine. Tanuja comes there and says she wants to tell him something, says sorry. She says you says that you understand my silence. Rishi says yes and tells that whoever fights with me, falls in love with me. Tanuja says I know. Rishi says I am very sweet. Rishi makes her sit and says he has her stuff. He takes anklet in the drawer and tells that when you had thrown it, I had caught it at right time. Tanuja is surprised. Rishi says this is destiny. He makes her wear anklet. He rests his head on her lap. Tere bina plays.

Rishi gifts earrings to Tanuja. Tanuja gets happy and asks when did he buy it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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