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Loving again – part 32


it was already turning dark when they arrived home and she felt a headache tiring her eyes, she felt sick inside with all the tensions.

she wanted to talk with him, she wanted to remove all the misunderstandings but she felt her body now needed a rest… from the very morning, the call had erupted a volcano in their lives and now this important day of her life was filled with a lot of negativity.

She needed to relax her mind so as soon as the car stopped she expected him to go out and to prove her right he left his seat in no moment.

Though he waited for her to give Kavya to him because her lehenga needed her full attention.

With utter care, he took the sleeping baby in his arms from her and patted her back as she stirred with the source of warmth gone.

“shhh, …we are good… we are good,” he whispered to her.

And here the mother of baby smiled ironically… she wished they were good.

“kunj!! Son, you come inside! I’ll help Twinkle.” he was about to bend to help her when his mother in law called him.

“okay Ma.” he agreed and went to that direction.

“careful Twinkle!!” helping her with the lehenga her mother warned her as her balance trembled for a moment.

“you okay dear?” her mother asked her as Twinkle took a step straightening her back.

“i feel a headache Ma, perhaps the day was tiring.” she bit her lips as the aching started going sharp.

“yeah, it was a big day, Now my daughter!! have some rest… oh! I forgot, Uma wanted you guys to pray before God the first thing after reaching home.” the lady told her and she felt her headache shooting up.

“okay Ma.” it was indeed a big thing she could endure the pain for a few more moments.

“ I am so happy, this day went well… with every big thing, you feel a strange nervousness but it evaporates when everything goes well.” Mrs luthra started talks with her daughter.

“hmmm.” not wanting to say a thing she hummed.

“Thank God, Kavya was so chirpy today. Perhaps she liked all the colors and shine on her dress…she was so engrossed in it.” her mother continued.

“Yeah, she was. Mai, I’ll come in a while after changing my dress and freshening up a bit.” she felt nauseous and she needed to eat something.

She only had that little piece of sweet after the wedding and now it was taking a toll on her since she had not had anything from the morning.


“she had slept in the car only, I thought I would just make her comfortable.” He answered his mother.

“but her dress might be itching her, Son!!” trying to initiate a talk Uma entered the room.

“let her sleep bebe, do the dress and all when she is awake at night… now it is only 6:30. she might wake up in a few hours.” taking out the shirt and pants from the bag kunj stopped his mother.

“i was thinking to visit Amritsar this week… if you are free we can all go together.” fidgeting with his possible response she asked him.

In response, she welcomed the silence as he kept searching for something in the bag.

“Kunj !!! are you hearing me?” she called him in a higher tone.

“I had thought to give this today but… anyways, would you please give her bebe?” extending the green color velvet box to her he asked her without looking in her eyes.

“i think she would love more if you give her…

“bebe, I am done thinking about what she loves and what not… the least she could have done was keep her faith on us.” keeping the box in front of her he took his towel and turned to wash-room.

“i still feel she should get it from you.” whispering lowly she smiled seeing her granddaughter.

“i think you are going to help me, my kid.” with that she kept the box next to the sleeping baby


The saree had tinges of magenta and orange color on the red background. It was a ritual to wear a new dress after the wedding for the bridegroom so her sister helped her with the saree.

“take some pill after offering your prayers and have a short nap, sister.” Kasturi was so energetic despite all the runs, with the excitement it seemed it was not Twinkle’s but her wedding.

“What is this Di?” Twinkle was surprised as something cold touched her wrists.

“your wedding gift from my and Anuj’s side.” sliding the bangles studded with little dazzling stars Kasturi smiled.

“Thank you Di, these are so pretty.” she stared at the bangles.

“i knew you would like it, now wear this and lets go…they might be waiting for us.” extending the holy thread with black beads she reminded her.

As she put it around her neck she took a small look on her in the mirror, Her hairline had the color red and she remembered the last time she had seen her like that.

“it was her wedding anniversary that day and he had told her he would be back in no time…

“Twinkle lets go.” she was about to get lost in that day’s memories when her sister called her.

“yeah Di, coming.”


“Twinkle, I am going to get Kavya… she might be restless in the dress.” trying to put the drama Uma declared.

“arey Auntie, I’ll get her … Kasturi came to Twinkle’s rescue.

And Uma saw her little attempt failing so she needed to stop Kasturi.

“No, No… I’ll get her, meanwhile why don’t you bring me the plates of kunj and Twinkle, they haven’t eaten anything from the morning …they might be hungry.” Uma tried.

“But Auntie, first they will offer the prayers na in the temple.”

Kasturi reasoned.

“arey it won’t take much time Kasturi… I don’t want them to starve themselves anymore.” Uma played well.

“o…k…ay Auntie.” though she was not agreeing to this thought she went to the kitchen for the said.

“you are looking very beautiful my daughter” coming close to Twinkle, Uma smiled.

“Thank you bebe…” with that she bent to touch her feet.

“may God keep you happy with him.” she blessed her.

“Arey! I had to ask your mother about a few things before we leave for the nearby temple… would you please get Kavya, Twinkle!!!” she asked her.

“But bebe, how can I go?” she knew he took her to his room and she was still sleeping there.

“don’t want you to mend everything?” Uma enquired her lovingly.

“he is furious with me…” Twinkle looked down.

“he is your husband now… you two have to fight and then work on the solutions together… Now go and get Kavya.” Uma nearly pushed her.

“here a headache was all ready to give her a blackout any moment and she was not getting a chance to take rest… life was seriously impossible sometimes.” with that thought she took the way to the last room in the corridor.


his room was always set and proper with settings… not a single thing was disoriented.

The faint smell of after-shave gel welcomed her as she entered the room. with Yuvi, she has gotten this fetish of after-shave gels… they smelled so good to her, something magnetic they had in their chemical composition.

She used to wonder whether other girls felt the same or it was just her who has a thing with after-shave gels.

Trying to not make any sound she walked to the bed… when he didn’t answer the knocks she was relieved he was not in there.

she felt bad waking her daughter up, she was sleeping with such a surreal calm…” at least she was at ease.” she sighed.

Trying as smoothly as possible she slid her one arm under her back when the velvet came in her sight.

It was a jewelry box that she figured out as soon as she took it in her hands, sitting properly on the bed she opened the beautiful latch… But

One more latch opened and she felt conscious about the person behind her making his way in the room.

She tried to close the box but the latch seemed to be jammed or perhaps she was trying the wrong way in a hurry.

He didn’t step forward seeing her in the room… he could hear small sounds of something clanking repeatedly.

He bent his right side to see what it was in her hands and he got to know…

Unable to close it she kept it near the pillow and stood up…”Sorry, I came to take BOX…” she clicked her tongue. “came to take Kavya.”

He liked her in green but red was creating its own magic when she chose a red saree, the curls were still prominent on her back.

“hmmm.” with that he cleared his mind from the thoughts which were taking him to her.

Sliding her arms in a hurry she took her baby in her arms… with the force the baby stirred and opened her eyes… “shh, its Mumma…sleep love.” she patted her back and turned to leave the room.

“It was for you only…take that,” he spoke without looking to her side and busy in the process of buttoning the shirt.

She wanted the earth to just open and take her its embrace …it was all so weird.

“I don’t think I…” she started hesitatingly as she felt the headache worsening.

“Alright don’t take…” his blood boiled again on this, she has problems with everything.

“Now would you please leave the room because I have to change.” if his words were venom coated arrows then they were burning her heart with utter harshness.

“i meant I don’t think I can manage the box in my hands with Kavya already in my arms,.” she muttered before taking a seat on the bed otherwise she knew she was going to fall.

He turned when he didn’t find her leaving the room and here she was sitting on the bed with Kavya lying beside her.

He got confused and when he thought to ask something she stood up and taking Kavya in her arms, picked the box and with small steps left the room.

“Di… please bring something for me, some fruit juice or anything…I feel dizzy.” she called her sister because now she had enough and she needed something in her system.


“i am sorry Ma, but i was not feeling okay so i took the juice.” she apologized to her mother in law.

“it is okay Twinkle, health comes before everything.” Uma relaxed her. “kunj is waiting for us, let us just offer our prayers,” she added.

Kasturi was sensing there was something wrong but her sister was acting really good to conceal the problem, she needed to talk with her sister about it because she knew such kind of headache only came when her little sister was stressed about something.



When there is one misunderstanding then it gives birth to others, a chain reaction !!! let’s see what will come next for them.

Hey everyone, the next part is updated.. I hope you all like it. 

with Love MORUSYA ♥




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