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RadhaKrishn 24th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Raises An Objection

RadhaKrishn 24th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha confronts Krishna that he has to get rid of her off his way first if he wants to get what he wants. She then walks down reminiscing Krishna’s words thinks she should inform baba/Vrishban, but then stops seeing Vrishbhan and Nand’s friendship. Nand emotionally thanks Vrishbhan for giving 50% Barsana grocery to Vrindavan, how will he repay his debt. Vrishbhan says he is his friend, if he was not Barsana’s head, he would have given whole grocery. Krishna also watches from a distance smiling. Radha thinks she will not spoil Vrishbhan and Nand’s friendship for Krishna’s mistakes.

Kans provokes Ayan that he will kill Ayan, then he will get even Radha. Ayan angrily pulls his sword and walks towards Kans to kill him. Kans laughs and says he wanted to see this

anger fire in Ayan’s eyes, he wanted a daring warrior like him who can kill Krishna, how will Ayan kill Krishna. Ayan says after a few days, there is devotthan ekadashi festival when gods will rest and Krishna will rest in peace forever.

Festival starts. Vrishbhan addresses and invites 104 village participants for devotthan ekadashi festival competition. He says Narayan runs world and today whoever will win will sit on swinger made with 104 sticks and enacts as narayan. He invites 104 village participant to start competition and keep 1 stick from their village. Ayan comes in front and says when festival is from Barsana, he will participate first from Barsana’s side. Other participants also keep sticks from their villages and make a stack. Vrishbhan orders to start preparing swinger.

Krishna interferes and says there are 105 village, he did not take Vrindavan which Radha christened, looking at Radha. He then keeps stick in stack looking at Radha. Ayan smirks that Krishna came on the path on which he and Kanms wanted to get Krishna on. Radha with others colors swinger. Swinger is prepared. Vrishbhan unveils it and says one who enacts as Narayan will sit on it. Everyone smile looking at swinger. Krishna reminisces swinging with Radha on a similar swinger in golok. Vrishbhan continues. Krishna says this competition is incomplete. Vrishbhan angrily asks if he means he is wrong. Krishna says when Mahadev is incomplete without devi Parvati and Narayan is incomplete without Narayani, this devotthan is incomplete without lady’s participation. People say Krishna is right. Vrishban asks what he means. Krishna says where there is Narayan, there should be Narayani, so a woman should also participate and whoever wins will sit on swinger.

Krishna gives moral gyan with shlok and says it means where woman are respected, god stays there. A woman sacrifices a lot for her family, her father, brothers, her husband, her sons; in return, she needs a praise that she important and equal.

Precap: Krishna asks Radha if she is ready to sit on swinger with him.
Radha says he won’t be able to participate in competition and ties him to a pole. Wild bull is brought for competition. Ayan says looks like this bull will kill someone.

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