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Qayamat Ki Raat 24th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri finds out Uma’s reality

Qayamat Ki Raat 24th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Uma says I have to stop Prithvi.
Menakshi says I should ask Gauri to get ready. Gauri is in tears. Raj says you have done so much but I have to do this to protect you. Gauri recalls what said. She swipes tears. Prithvi and Uma come. Uma says Raj where is gauri? Please ask her to come out. Prithvi says we have to talk to Raj too. Uma says no we have to let him be alone. He has suffered a lot.
Gauri slips in the washroom. Uma asks Prithvi to go downstairs. She says I will talk to him.
Menakshi says are you okay Gauri? She fell in bath tub with Raj. He says are you okay? She says what do you care? He checks her hand. He says you have a bruise. She says this pain doesn’t feel anymore. Menakshi says are you okay? Raj says she fell. Raj says take care of yourself.

He opens the door. He says I am fine Gauri slipped. Uma says he is saying she is fine. Uma says come downstairs.

Dharam comes with that girl to the haveli. Vikram says she needs a job. She has no place to live either. Prithvi says Dharam you are part of this house. You can assign her the work. Dharam says okay I will explain her.
Menakshi says to Raj let me see Gauri. Is she okay? Raj says she is fine. Don’t worry. Uma sees the photo on the dresser. She tries to take it but the photo flies. Menakshi takes her downstairs. Uma picks the photo. She says let me see the photo. Menakshi sees the photo and says this is savitri. I know her. This burned photo of her? I will show this to pritvhi. Is she the woman who is roaming around our house?

Raj says to Gauri go down ma is waiting for you. SHe says I thought I wont ask why are you so rude. What is your problem? He says this relationship is a problem. She says why do I feel like you are not my Raj. Who are you? Why are you acting like this. He shoves her.
Menakshi goes downstairs. Uma comes after her. She shoves her. Uma says she slipped. Menakshi faints. The photo falls on stairs. Uma picks it. Dharam says we have to take her to hospital. They rush to the hospital. Everyone is worried.

Prithvi says to Gauri I got to know what is happening. I want to know what is happening. Who was that woman? Gauri says I will show you the photo. Uma hid the photo in pot. She says gauri will look for it everywhere.
Savitri is in the house. She says I have to tell Gauri everything. Savitri goes upstairs. The girl stops. SH syas you.. She floats and hides her. Gauri looks for the photo. She says I kept it on the dresser.
The girl takes savitri to store and says I will stop you every time. Savitri faints. THe girl goes out.

Gauri says were did that photo go? She looks for it everywhere. She sees the girl coming out of store room. Gauri says who are you?
Doctor says she has an internal injury due to which she is in coma. Everyone is shocked. Vikrma says please save her. Doctor says we can’t say anything. We are trying out best. Uma pretends to cry adn says what happened to menakshi. Uma says in heart she better die. Uma says I am going to temple. Mana’s daughter says take me too. Uma says your mom needs you here.

The girl says to Gauri I am Avni. Dharam hired me here. You can ask him. Gauri calls dharam. He says yes I hired her. He says please come to hospital. Menakshi is in coma. Gauri says what.. She rushes to the hospital. Gauri drives to the hospital. Uma comes back home. She looks around for the photo. It is not in the plant. She says where did that photo go? Gauri comes and says here is the photo. You lied in hospital and came here for the photo right? Uma is shocked. Gauri says you wanted to hide this photo right? Uma says no. Gauri says I connected the dots. I know everything now. Menakshi was showing this photo to prithvi but you shoved her. You hid it but I got to know your truth. Uma says no this isn’t truth. Why would I do this? I came here for you. Gauri says lets show this photo to papa ji. Uma hits her with a vase. She says Kalasur could never kill you because he wanted shaligram. So he killed himself. He is my brother. Uma and Kalasur planned on giving kalasur’s blood to Raj. She said but how will I do it without you. Kalasur said i have planned everything. You have to get to that shaligram. I will be alive again. We will become a power that wont be less than God.
Uma says Kalasur could never die. He came here himself. Your Raj is now my ace. He is kalasur inside. I asked him to kill Savitri. Wonder why would I try to kill Savitri? She is Raj’s real mother. I killed Savitri on Raj’s birthday. I kidnapped your nani for shaligram. We knew Savitri was pregnant. So I came to her.

Savitri said I can’t wait to hold my son. I will call him Raj. Uma gave her juice. She massaed her hands. Savitri said I have good. Uma says I won her heart in a month. Then Raj was born then I played my game.
Precap-Gauri says to Savitri ma this woman is your culprit. Slap her. Savitri slaps Uma. Raj comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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