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Nimki Mukhiya 24th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi apologizes to Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 24th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sweety says to Ritu that I am Sweety Singh, we are husband and wife infront of world but we dont have a relation behind doors. Ritu says I dont want that too, I just need haveli, we did a compromise so all are happy, I wont tell truth to anyone, Sweety says remember your limits, dont try to come near me. Ritu says you have my word, take rest. Ritu says what you did with Nimki and Abhi made me so happy, you did learn something from me, he leaves. Sweety says you are right, what I did today was like a cheap man like you but I didnt have a choice.

Nimki and Tunee are sadly sitting in house. Tunee says why Sweety did that? we did everything to save her from Ritu and she did that? Nimki says she broke Abhi and Elena’s heart, Tunee says she didnt do good.

In morning,

pooja starts in palace. Priest asks them to pray. Dublo prays for his business. Rekha prays for his business too. Sweety gets call but cuts it. Tettar prays to end all troubles for him. Ritu asks Babbu to pray for anything he wants. Priest asks Mai to pray too. Mai says first cleanse that room, I feel her dirty presence there, priest goes there. Mai asks Babbu to keep an eye on Nimki. Babbu says she cant do anything, Sweety married Ritu and Abhi is not talking to them. Ritu says Sweety answered them well. Dublo asks to set food table, all laugh. Sweety prays for happiness of Nimki and Abhi and says they get together soon. Babbu asks what she is praying for? Ritu says must be our happiness.

Mauha says to Dumri that Abhi and Nimki are not talking. Dumri says Sweety broke their friendship too. Nimki says dont talk about me, you are always in our house, make tea for me, I am in bad mood.. she says Abhi have ego but I have more than him. Abhi comes there and gives papers for Ram’s car. Nimki ignores him. Mauha and Dumri leave so they can talk. Abhi asks Nimki till when she will remain miffed? you didnt call. Nimki says come with appointment to talk to me, I deliberately didnt call you, I am angry. Abhi says I shouldnt have shouted at you. Nimki says I give you discount as a friend. Abhi says we dont have anyone else, we are important for each other, forgive me. Nimki says forgiven, SRK says to forgive to be a better person. Abhi laughs. Nimki says I used to talk to Elena everyday, she is missing Sweety. Abhi says I dont want to talk about Sweety. Nimki says okay, you have to move ahead too, promise? Abhi holds her hand and says yes. Nimki smiles.

Scene 2
Sweety looks at Abhi and Elena’s photos. She plays Nimki’s voicemails and cries.

Nimki is sadly looking at her phone too. Mauha says she wont answer. Nimki says she is listening to my voicemails. Mauha says she married Ritu. Nimki says she was in pain in palace. Mauha says she went to her parents house back. Nimki says she is deliberately pushing us away, there must be something wrong.

Sweety hears Nimki’s voice message that Abhi will look handsome in wedding, if you didnt take him then I would have gotten him. Sweety says Nimki was giving her luck to me, Abhi is for Nimki only, once she gets free from Babbu then they will join for life, how to find out if they have come closer after I left? I will help them come closer from here too.
Mauha says to Nimki that leave Sweety, you are straining your friendship with Abhi too, Dumri says either go back to palace or move ahead in life. Mauha says what you will do now? Nimki says I will punish them, starting from sending my divorce papers to Babbu.

PRECAP- Manager says to Abhi that Jhariya is out of jail as Sweety gave statement that she doesnt remember who shot her. Abhi and Nimki are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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