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Naagin Season 3 24th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 24th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vyom hearing Vikrant talking to Rinki and gets angry. He thinks to kill him first and pushes him from the balcony. Vikrant comes in Yuvi’s avatar. Vyom beats him and asks how dare you to misbehave with my sister. Everyone come there and try to stop the fight. Sumitra asks if he is mad to fight. Vyom tells that Yuvi was in Rinki’s room in the night and asks them to ask him. Mahir asks did you go to Rinki’s room in the night. Yuvi says I…Sumitra says just now you got married. Mahir says that is not the matter. He apologizes to Vyom and Rinki and says we don’t disrespect woman in our house. Vyom asks them to think how he must be feeling as he saw Yuvi and Rinki together with his eyes. Bela asks did you see with your eyes. Vyom says yes and then says I said that mistakenly.

He says I heard Yuvi flirting with Rinki. Amita tells that Vyom regarded Rinki as her father. Mahir asks Yuvi to apologize to Rinki. Yuvi apologizes. Sumitra asks him to say sorry to Vish also. Yuvi says I will. Mahir asks him to pack his bags and leave. He says whatever Vyom did was right and says if I was on his place then would have done the same thing. Andy says it is not right to throw him out. Mahir says you had to make this rule long before and says he will not understand until he comes on road. He says if Vish wants to stay here, then she can, but not Yuvi. Vyom asks Mahir to let Yuvi stay in the house and says I will blame myself if he goes, as you have taken this decision because of me. Mahir warns Yuvi not to do this again and leaves. Yuvi smiles looking at Bela and goes to his room. Bela thinks if he did this intentionally.

Vish asks Vikrant why did he spend all night with a woman. Vikrant says it was a small matter. Vish says I can’t show my face to anyone, you have spend night with Rinki although you have a wife. Vikrant says I talked to bela last night. Vish asks if Bela asked you. Vikrant says no. He says I did all this intentionally. Vish gets upset and goes. Amita asks Vyom, why did he lie? She says they will catch your lie. His brother says they tried to make us go yesterday. Amita asks them not to do any childish act else they will be caught. Vyom says if I get caught then will die with all the naag and will expose Bela first. Amita says Mahir don’t listen anything against bela and will not listen to you. Vyom says Mahir will throw Bela out of the house when he comes to know about her truth. Then I will torture the naagin and make her fall on my feet, then I will take my revenge and kill her. Bela comes to Vikrant and asks what did you do? Vikrant says I didn’t do anything and says I just went to her room and spoke to her all night, so that Vyom doubts on us. Bela doesn’t believe him. Vikrant swears that he did it intentionally to make Vyom angry. Bela says we have to divide them and rule. Vikrant says it was my trick. Bela asks him to inform her and his wife first else his marriage will be in trouble.

Andy tells guest list of Sumitra and says alcohol shall flow. Sumitra says everyone know that alcohol just flow in your party. Andy speaks to Mahir and leaves. Vikrant sees Mahir and Andy and goes to his room. He gets ready and thinks today he has to kill the vultures. His mum comes and bites him. Vikrant says you are here? Vyom peeps inside Bela’s room and stares her. Bela asks what are you doing? Vyom says I am staring you and asks if she will call her husband. He says atleast someone will help you. Bela says I am enough to handle you. Vyom says I am not that bad and says today is the last night of yours, do whatever you want. Bela says when someone’s death comes, then their senses goes. Vyom says same thing had happened with your sister and asks if she remembers the date, and says today was the date when Juhi had eloped with Kesha. He says even you can elope with me and says Juhi was innocent, my brother trapped her and had planned to get your empire, but you killed him before that. Bela gets angry and takes out her venom tongue. Vyom asks her not to try and asks her to see the vultures outside the window. He says they will kill you. He says lets meet in the party. Bela thinks this is the same night which I can’t forget.

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