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Sorry for the delay guys. Anybody guessed who was that boy and who was that man? If yes please comment below
Who was that. If not also please do comment how was the episode. Enough of my blabbering Let’s start our episode.
I am posting it after many days so thought to give you a long episode. Let’s start

Precap:Boy left to Mumbai and swara was feeling bad.
Swara:He left me. Right Ragini?
Ragini:No swara don’t think like that.
Swara:Am i that bad? Okay mom and dad shouldn’t know this. Come let’s go.
Ragini:but swara tell them don’t hide anything from them. They are your parents. They will understand your pain.
Swara our parents are our first friends swara. Intimate them about these happenings.
Swara:I will tell them ragini but, let the time come.
Ragini:okay. I am always there with you in every thick and thin. Don’t forget that okay.
Swara smiled faintly and said
Swara:I have one and only person whom i can share each and everything that is you my best buddy.
Ragini:stop buttering me now come. Let’s go.

At Swara’s home
Swara came from college and went directly to her room and cried her heart out. She then wiped her tears and took
a stern decision.
Swara’s P.O.V
Why should I feel bad? the person who left me should feel bad. Not me I will show to the world what i am
and who am I. I will start working on it from today. I will make my parents feel proud of me. I will shut everyone’s
mouth by raising my status in every aspect. I will.
She came down and had her supper and went to her room and started studying.

After 1 and half month…….
Ragini:swara cool. I am sure you will get this job.
Swara:I have to ragini.
After sometime peon said that Head of the department called the list of the people in the paper which was there in
his hand where those people names are written who have qualified in the interview.
Saying that he called them one by one
They all went into H.O.D’s cabin and then He congratulated them that they got job in the company ‘AMAZON’.
Swara and ragini’s happiness have no bounds. They informed their parents respectively about the good news.
After 6 months they have to join in Mumbai branch. Listening this Swara’s face become pale. Ragini took her

Ragini:Swara don’t think about that too much okay. In that big city how will he find you so don’t worry.
Swara:I hope so ragini.
After some time they got to know that three people were shifting to Mumbai and remaining three to Banglore.
The people who were going to Banglore was Swara, Ragini and Samyuktha.
After 6 months Swara became normal and they all went to banglore to join in the company. The accomodation was
provided by company itself. The three were enjoying each others company and Samyuktha became close to both of
then. Those three are best friends.

One fine day……
Ragini was going to departmental stores to buy the groceries then she dashed with the person
she became shocked by looking at that person.
The episode ends on Ragini’s shocking face and smiling face of that person. Who is that person? any guesses.

Don’t worry guys i will reveal it in the next episode itself. For now enjoy the suspense. Bye take care everyone.Keep

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