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Maha Epi – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira’s unique idea of reunion

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira looking for some gifts. She comes across some love letters for Kartik. She says who is this K be, Kush is too young, it means K for Kartik, who is this Soni, when did she meet Kartik, what did I get, I didn’t wish for this gift for Diwali. Devyaani says its better that we become bad in Rukmani’s eyes. Rukmani asks Naksh why is he checking her purse, does he think that she has stolen something. He says no, I just wanted to check. She says I was checking my phone. Rukmani says I have two phones, give my purse. He says let me see. The firecracker falls away. They see it. Inspector comes for other purpose. Rukmani gets stressed. Naira thinks to ask Kartik or kids. She sees Kartik.

Manish gets some foam and says you want to play

with me. He throws foam on them. Dadi stops them. Akhilesh asks her to scold Manish. Samarth says they both were fighting and trapped me. She says I will beat you three, clean this. She falls down. Everyone rushes. She says my back got broken, don’t call any doctor, I will also help when I got dirty clothes. Surekha says I m clean, I won’t work. Dadi throws foam on her and asks her to do work now. They all laugh. Everyone cleans the house. Naira asks Kartik did anything personal happen in these two years. He says no, I told you everything. She says don’t think I m blaming you, I m just asking, when I wasn’t here, did you have anyone in your life. He asks how did you get this thought. She says it just got in, answer me. He says I won’t answer. She says you will tell some time, I m waiting.

Everyone enjoys working together and cleaning the house. Kartik asks Naira does she have to ask something. Naira says no, you tell me what you want to. She asks about the girl in his life. He says there is no girl, how did you think of this. She says I m just asking.

She shows the letters and ask will any girl write letters just like that, I m just asking, tell me when you get time. She goes. He says how did Naira get these letters. Naksh and everyone ask Rukmani why did she get the firecrackers. Rukmani says I had to show Meena that I will get the louder cracker. Devyaani asks her not to do anything such. Rukmani goes. She says they won’t understand, I will go from here, I will show Meena. Devyaani stops Rukmani. Rukmani says see I m throwing it. She throws the crackers. One cracker catches fire. Naksh shouts to her. Dadi comes to Kartik. He shows the letters. She asks what are these doing here. He says Naira got these letters, I had hidden it well. She says its a big problem, what will I tell everyone, did you tell her. He says no, but I have to say, she got upset with me.

Rukmani hides and asks where am I, in heaven or earth. Devyaani says still on earth. Naksh says maybe the cracker was fake. Rukmani says its good. Naksh asks her to understand how serious it is. Devyaani says crackers are harmful. Naksh says I will get light crackers for you. Rukmani says we will go to Goenka house, my brothers are waiting for me, I will take gifts from them. Kartik goes to tell truth to Naira. She says I m hurt that you have hidden this from me. She gets upset and goes. He goes after her. He says listen to me, the entire truth us… Samarth comes and shows the list. Kartik signs Dadi. Naira looks on.

Suwarna says we will ask Naira to have food. Manish says we will go and rest. Kartik goes to Naira. He says yes, there was a girl, her name was Soni, she was very beautiful and loved me too. Naira asks and you? He says we were not together that time, I fell lonely in these two years, don’t misunderstand me. She cries and says I don’t want to listen, you loved someone else, even Dadi knows this. He says calm down, I just love you, those letters were not for me, I couldn’t tell you without Dadi’s permission, Soni was Dadi’s name, and K means Kamal, my Dada ji. She says I thought… He says I knew this when I got the letters, I didn’t say as I had to ask Dadi. Naira says I was scared. They hug.

Kartik and Naira think of the gifts. They tell each other that they are going market. Dadi stops them from going. They worry. Everyone likes the Rangoli made by men. Kartik asks Naira what special thing are they going to do today. She says everyone has to write names in this Rangoli today, so that we always stay together. Aisi rasmo…plays…. Everyone writes their names in the Rangoli design happily. Dadi says lets prepare for puja now. Kartik sees Naira and asks what happened. Naira says you didn’t know about Samarth uncle before, maybe we don’t know about more relatives, we don’t met many relatives personally, I have an idea to make this Diwali happier. He says Dadi won’t agree, this doesn’t like crowd. Naksh shows Akhilesh’s card and bouquet. Akhilesh apologizes and invites Singhanias for Diwali. They get glad. Naksh says Kirti isn’t here, should we go there. Devyaani says yes, sure. Everyone sees Dadi.

Kartik says Dadi won’t agree. They think the same. Naira goes to ask Dadi. She loses courage to ask. Everyone hides and looks on. Dadi asks is there anything else. Suwarna says Dadi won’t agree. Naira says we will have a celebration of reunions and invite all relatives, please say yes, I will manage all arrangements. Dadi asks what did you think of me. Naira says sorry. Dadi asks am I mad to refuse for such a good thing. They smile. Naira thanks Dadi and hugs her. They all dance. Kartik and Naira see the gifts. Naira invites relatives. Kartik asks did you talk to Gayu. She says I couldn’t reach to her. He thinks Dadi went to temple, if I had gone, I would have got the gift. Surekha asks him to fix toran. Kartik thinks to get toran fixed and get a gift too. Naira gets ready and clicks pics. Kartik smiles seeing her. Rahaatein…plays….

Kartik and Naira tell each other that they got the gift already. He thinks I m lying, she will beat me. She thinks sorry, there isn’t any unique thing. Dadi asks them to call everyone for puja. Surekha says we will do puja and then meet everyone tomorrow. Kids come to Surekha. Surekha goes. Dadi says I can’t stay between crowd. Naira says its fun to be with everyone. Dadi says it gets tough to manage many people, I would have refused for this. Naira says almost everyone’s confirmation has come, Naksh asked if you could help, everyone is coming except Gayu. Kartik makes an excuse and goes. Naira thinks how to get the gift. They all do aarti. Naksh, Bhabhimaa and Devyaani also pray at home. Goenkas perform rituals. Dadi gives gifts to everyone. She blesses them. Samarth also brings gifts for them. Lav and Kush ask Kartik and Naira’s gifts. Naira says its personal. Kids ask them to say. Naira says we can’t say in front of everyone. They smile.

Kartik and Naira say we have called old relations closer. They meet their relatives.

Update Credit to: Amena

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