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Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 15) BY ZAIMAL


“Aaaaa!…”kavita cried and holds her head.

“kavi!..’swara muttered and hides bat behind her.all kids laughed while looking at kavita.

“swara!..”kavita greeted her teeth and walks toward her angrily.

“is it necessary when i come home you hit ball on my head”kaviata said angrily

“sorry…actually i wanted to hit sixer”swara said while hiding her smile.

‘hit ball to other side,anyone can get injured.”kavita said,shwing her eyes.swara nodded her head vigorously.kavita looked at kids they were laughing like mad.

“ask your children to stop laughing.”kavita said with red face.swara looked at them and signs them by keeping finger on her own mouth while her own were pressed firmly.

“you are also laughing?”kavita said angrily.

“you have perfect timing kavi”swara burst out laughing.all kids also laughed loudly.kavita ignored them and looks back at door.

“sir please come inside..”kavita said while looking at sanskar.swara looked toward door quickly with wide eyes.

“what is this black cat doing here?”swara muttered with twitched nose.

“sir was dropping me and our car broke out…therefore i brought him here.swara please tell me house is in good condition?”kavita said,telling her everything.

“wo actually..i cleaned it but they came and…”swara said and bites her tongue.kavita forwards her both hands to grabs her neck but stamps her foot angrily.

‘you and your kids..”kavita muttered angrily and leaves.  sanskar was looking around that small garden,there were more kids than plants.

“this gives a satisfying reason of her immature nature…”sanskar thought while shaking his head and walks toward house.

“partner!..’sunny and pari shouted and ran toward him.sanskar smiles and sits down.both kids hugs him together.

“what are you two doing here?”sanskar asked after breaking hug.

“today is our semi final match..”sunny said quickly.

“and girls are winning..”pari said excitedly and stuck her tongue at sunny.

“match didn’t finish till now?..”sunny said angrily.

“i am telling you, we will win”pari whispered in sanskar’s ear.

“what are you saying to him?”sunny asked in threatening voice.

“nothing…”pati shaked her head vigorously.

“tell me..”sunny glares at her.

“swara di! sunny is teasing me.”pari shouted loudly.

“no…i am not saying anything to her”sunny quickly said.pari laughee seeing his scared face.

“you!…”sunny forward toward her but pari runs and hides behind swara.sunny also runs after her and both start fighting while swara was trying to stop their fight.during all this sanskar was doing his favorite work of staring swara.

Meanwhile a small boy comes in front of him and crossed his arms over chest.

“why are you starring at her?”he asked in anger filled voice.sanskar shifts his gaze from swara to him.

“and why should i tell you this?”sanskar asked in serious tone.

“stop starring at my future girlfriend…”boy glares at him.sanskar looks at him from top to bottom and laughed loudly.

“don’t laugh…i will tell her”boy said angrily.sanskar quickly holds his arm and controls his laugh.

“what is your age?..”sanskar asked while chuckling.

“why should i tell you this?”boy asked with both raised eye brows.

“have you seen her age…..”sanskar said in calm soft tone,amused from that little boy and looked at swara.he was dumbfound there.swara was sitting betwen sunny and pari and was laughing whole that time rain drops started falling down/

“yeah!!!!!”all kids hooted loudly and starts jumping in rain,including out big girl.

‘stop starring at her…sky is also crying with me’boy said through greeted teeth.but sanskar was not even listening what little was shouting near his ear.

“you wait i will tell her…”boy said and run toward swara.

“hey…stop”sanskar comes back in his senses after hearing his warning and runs after him quickly.but reached there in a second.

“shit!..’sanskar rubs his forehead.swara stops jumping,first looks at kid then at him.

“don’t listen to him..’sanskar said quickly,trying hard to compose himself.boy holds pari and takes to side angrily while blabbering in anger continuously.

“oye..where are you taking my sister”sunny said angrily, like over protective brother and quickly goes after them,leaving sanskar and swara alone.

“kids now  a days”sanskar muttered and closed his eyes,understanding that boy was talking about pari.

“what were you saying sir…what shouldn’t i listen?”swara asked confusingly.

“are you a kid?…who plays with kids in this age?”sanskar said,making his voice firm.

“yes i am a kid,what is your problem sir?…its my life,i can do whatever i want.”swara said angrily.

“whatever…childish act is only expected from you”sanskar muttered and turned and walked toward house.

“what did you say?..i didn’t hear it”swara said angrily,walks after him and quickly matches his long strides.

“nothing…”he said in firm voice,getting back to his shell.

“no no…you said something i want to…aaa!”

Swara slips because of wet floor,sanskar quickly holds her,saving her from falling.swara looks at him with her big frightened eyes.sanskar slowly makes her stand.rain was pounding on them,making them completely wet.

“are you fine?…”sanskar asked .he was still holding her tightly.swara gulped and nodded slowly.sanskar moves wet hair strand from her face,swara closed her eyes,feeling his touch.

“can’t you be a little careful about yourself”sanskar whispered in her ear softly.swara opens her eyes and looked at her.

“sorry!..”swara said innocetly.sanskar smiles at her innocence,shakes his head,steps back.swara looks at him with fast beating heart.

“swara di..let’s finish the match.”girls come near her and shakes her.both looked down at kids.

“hmm..”swara nodded,she bites her bottom lip and goes with girls,avoiding eye contact with sanskar.he looks at her back for a second then turns and goes inside.



“boys are loser…boys are loser”pari was teasing sunny and he was sitting with red face and arms were folded over chest.kavita was arranging table and was giggling at sister and brother small fight.sanskar there while talking on phone.

“send car immediately when storm stop… it”sanskar said angrily and end the call.

“partner i told you na…we will win,you know we girls are best”pari said excitedly.sanskar goes and sit opposite to them and start enjoying their cute fight.

“You cheated therefore”sunny said angrily.

“No we didn’t…”

“Yes you did”

Both starts fighting like cats and dogs.

“Why are two fighting?”swara asked in normal tone,coming in hall while rubbing her wet hair with towel.

“She is teasing me..”

“He is calling you cheater.”pari said with naughty smile.

“Who cheated?…”swara turned toward them completely.sunny looked at pari with open mouth.swara slapped on sunny’s head and goes to kitchen.pari also runs after her

“She is lying…”sunny said loudly

“Always believes her….never takes my side”sunny muttered to hims and makes bad bad faces.sanskar sits beside sunny.

“What happened to pari?”sanksar asked chuckling.

“Affect of bad company…”sunny said dryly while looking at swara and pari giggling together.



“swara..swara!”kavita removes cover from her face.

“kavi! let me sleep”swara said and again pull cover on face.

“someone is on door…go open it”kavits said in sleepy tone.swara removes cover from face and looks at her.

“you came from your room to kine to tell me,someone is knocking on door.”swara said in disbelief.

“hmm…now go”kavita said and sleeps beside her.

“unbelieveable.”swara muttered,steps down from bed and walks outside.

“coming….hold your horses”swara said while yawning.

“who came at this time?”sanskar’s voice sudden voice,scared the hell out of her.she quickly turns back.

“sir you scared me…”swara said,keeping hand on chest.she again turns back and was going to open door when sanskar pulls her back quickly.

“you are scared from my voice but not scared from opening door at 2am.”sanskar said through greeted teeth.

“its 2 am?..”swara asked with wide eyes.sansar stares a her silently.

“what?…i didn’t see the time.”swara said meekly.

“and you were going to open door at this…are you mad or what?,do you have a single percent idea,it can so dangerous for you.don’t know who is on door at this time’sanskar almost shouted at her face angrily.

“sir i know who is…”swara tried to speak but sanskar’s sharp voice made her shut her mouth.

“shut up…not a word,i will open the door”sanskar said firmly.swara pressed her lips firmly,frees her arms,moves to side and show him way to door with hand.

“i don’t even have gun with me…”sanskar muttered worriedly.

“so irresponsible…my dad alwas keep gun with him for emeergncy.”swara said in little taunting voice.sanskar gives her a glare.swara giggled when he looked at door and opens it carefully.

“swara di!..’pari cried loudly,runs and hugs her,passing sanskar.

‘hey! what happened?’swara said caressing her head as she was crying with hiccups.but instead of giving her answer,pari hugged her more tightly.swara looks at sunny angrily who was standing at door.

“sunny?..”swara said angrilly

“i didn’t do anything..”sunny said quickly,seeing her throwing daggers at him.

“liar!..”pari cried,turned back,hit her doll at sunny’s head,turns back and again hugs swara.

“sunny what did you do?..”sanskar asked in serious tone.

‘girls are made…i didn’t do such a big thing on which she is crying this much.”sunny said,making bad bad faces.

“pari what happened to your doll?”swara breaks hug and takes her doll in her hand.sunny bites his tongue.

“just because i teased him about match he cut my doll’s hair”pari said and starts crying again.swara covers her mouth.sanskar looked at sunny dryly

“i cut your doll hair not your hair…why are you crying so much?”sunny said while shaking his head.

“my doll’s hair are more important than mine…you know what i should cut your hair then you will come to know how am i feeling right now?”pari said in anger then stopped for a second.

“why not?..”pari said firmly,runs toward a table,opens its drawer and takes out scissor.she comes back while running.

“ my beautiful hair”sunny shouted and hides behind sanskar as he was standing near him.pari and sunny revolves around sunny while fighting continuously.

“pari! don’t be mad at your brother”sanskar was trying hard to solve the kids problem.swara was laughing like mad at that.

“he cut my doll’s hair i will cut his”pari said with cute stubborn face.

“yes you should’swara said after controlling her laugh.

“are you mad?’sanskar and sunny shouted together.swara looks at them and blinks twice.

“i hate you bhai and you too…i thought you are my friend but you are on his side.i will never talk with you two’pari said sadly,goes and sits on couch and hides her face in legs.sanskar and sunny looked at each other then goes sits in front of her.

“Pari!!!…”sunny and sanskar calls her several times but pari keeps on crying.swara was looking at them with face on palm.

“Pari you are my good sister…”sunny said sweetly.

” please don’t cry…”sanskar completes his sentence.

“This is not going to work..”swara said loudly.

“Shut up…you are not helping a little”sunny and sanskar said in union.

“If you two want then can ask for my help.”swara said pressing her lips.

“No thank you…”they again said in union and starts their unsuccessful attempt to pacify pari.Swara shakes her head,gets up goes sits beside pari and keeps arm around her.

“Pari! Shona stop crying,they are very sorry but promising they will never hurt you again…stop crying.”swara said softly.pari raises her head and wipes her tears with back of hands and first looked at swara then at sanskar and sunny.

“Are you two really sorry…”pari asked innocently.both nodded at once.

“Will buy another doll for me…”pari asked with raised eye brows.

“Why only doll…we will go for shopping then buy whatever you want.”sanskar said with smile.pari nodded viogously and hugs them together.swara smiles.

“If everything is fine then I think we all should go and sleep”swara said at which sanskar looks at her dryly.

“We are hungry…”pari and sunny said quickly.

“I told you two,do dinner then go home but left without dinner….”swara said angrily.sunny and pari lowers their eyes.

“now wait I will bring something.”swara said,gets up and leaves.


swara was washing dishes and yawning continuously when sanskar comes there and stands at some distance.

“You knew it sunny and pari are on door?….”sanskar asked in calm tone.swaea looks at him,nodded and again continues her work.

“Their parents don’t say anything?…it’s too late”sanskar said in worried voice.

“I never met them but I don’t think they are doing good job as parents….”

“What do you mean?…”

“They don’t even come to know their kids are spending night outside because of their fight…you remember when we returned from business trip that day sunny and pari were sitting outside.”swara said shaking her head.

“Therefore you took them with you”sanskar said in deep voice

“You noticed….”swara looked at him in surprise.sanakar keeps silence at that.

“Sir tomorrow is dewali …please don’t give work to Kavita.”swara said in requesting tone.

“I am going for sleep”sanskar said in meaningful tone and turns to leave.swara holds his hand.

“Sir please…”

“Okay…tomorrow come office instead of her “sanskar said with smile,frees his hand and leaves.swara was standing there with open mouth.


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