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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 24th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 24th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari telling Kunti that kids are apologizing to each other and now apologizing. Pratibha reads the letter and says it is the letter which you have to give to Balvanti aunty. Balvanti reads the challenging letter by kids and gets angry. Bahus get afraid and say aunty is reading the letter angrily. Balvanti shouts Kunti and says your request is accepted. She says I will see you in the arena and leaves. Kunti says I will expire tomorrow, or will reach hospital. Prarthana asks God to protect Kunti. Pratap asks Kunti to come for jogging and says you have to fight now and asks her to practice and win. Kunti asks Prarthana to continue praying. She says Bhole will save me as he trapped me. Pratap says why? Kunti says Bhole gave me grand daughter who had challenged Balvanti’s

grand sons. Pratap says truth is that your wrestling is with Bhole and that’s why he is making you fight with Balvanti.

Prema calls Kunti and tells that the key to the wrestling ground is missing. Kunti thanks the God. Pratap says I am coming from there and tells that Balvanti have called the lock breaking man and says wrestling match will not be cancelled. Kunti says Balvanti is after me. kunti asks Prarthana to pray.

Pari calls Kunti and says Dhairya fought with Shakti and others and won. Shakti says she learnt a new technique, and says she bends when the competitor runs towards her, and then when the competitor falls over her, she defeats her. Prarthana asks Kunti to use the same technique. Pratap tells that Balvanti is a good wrestler and had twisted a man’s neck. Dhairya asks Kunti if she will give her prize. Kunti says I will give the prize. She asks Dhairya to call her sisters and asks the bahus to come too. She tells everyone that she wants to tell them truth today, and says your Dadi is not a wrestling Champion or brave. Buddhi asks what are you saying? Kunti says I will say the truth. She says I didn’t do indradhanush prachaad and says actually Montu’s Dadi Balvanti defeated me 40 years ago. She says I lied to make you brave, but actually I am not brave. She shows the wrestling medal and tells that she has not won it, but found it in the arena and kept it with herself. Prarthana says kids will get demotivated now and it is wrong. Kunti tells that you all have taken up the challenge, but your Dadi is not a coward to back off, and says she will fight with balvanti and face her challenge. She says if I win then will make something and if I lose then will give a teaching that she had tried atleast. Everyone claps for her. She says she will face Balvanti.

In the wrestling competition ground, Kunti comes followed by her bahus. Pratap tells that Balwanti is practicing with two pahelwans and putting them down. Balwanti practices with two women wrestlers and defeats them. The girls think that Balvanti will do indradhanush prachaad many times. Prarthana gives Prasad to Kunti. Kunti says she will step inside taking Bhole’s name. She walks inside. Song plays….Pratap and the bahus cheer for Kunti. Kunti and Balvanti make each other wear garland. Pratap gives commentary and cheers for Kunti. He tells about the rules of the dangal and says there will be 2 mins of each rounds, and whoever wins will be the winner. He says round starts now. The girls cheer for Kunti. Montu and his brother cheer for Balvanti. Pratap asks Kunti to have courage.

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