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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti accepts Dangal thaali

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Pratibha asking Montu and Chunkey about their grand mother. Khatru says ok and asks them if someone else came with them. Montu asks him to move and asks Chunkey to come. An old lady comes behind the kids and says I am also coming, please wait. She asks Khatru if she saw the kids going from there. Khatru says they went to Ojha’s class. He sees the lady fallen down and looking weak. He asks Pratap to ask Kunti to take up the challenge as the lady is very weak. Kunti says she will not agree until she sees. Khatru calls Pratap on video call and shows her old lady. Kunti, bahus and Pratap get happy. Pratibha says you have won Sasumaa. Pratap asks Khatru to go and handle the shop. Kunti says Bholi’s Didi was right. She asks her bahus to tell the girls that she will

fight the wrestling match. She shouts aloud that she accepts the fight. Just then two ladies bring dangal thaal. Kunti refuses to back off and says I am really happy to fight wrestling and says I.. Kunti Devi…accepts the competition. She accepts the Coconut and tries to break it, but she can’t break it. All neighbors look on. Pratap asks Kunti to try again, but she fails again. She tries again and again, but can’t break it. She asks Pratap if it is coconut or stone. Pratap asks her to keep her energy safe and breaks the coconut. She keeps the coconut in the thaali and asks the ladies to tell their malkin that she will break her like this coconut. She asks Pratap to make the dangal thaal ready and says if she is scared then she shall send 4 laddoo and back off, else she will get indradhanush prachaar. Girls get happy and say our Dadi will win.

Balvanti is shocked to know that Kunti accepted the Dangal fight. Old lady says Kunti sent dangal thaal and asked you to back off. Balvanti says I accept her challenge, and will break the coconut infront of Kunti. She asks to call the band guys and says she will go to her mohalla. Kunti practices to fight with Pratibha. Pratibha asks her to have pity. Kunti makes Pratibha fall. Girls ask her to do Indraprachar. Prarthana asks her to practice with lady wrestler. Kunti says that woman is very weak, so she will win from her. Chanchal and Dhairya tell Buddhi that they missed to see Dadi’s practice. Buddhi says they went to temple to pray for her and says our Dadi is our pride. They ask her to show wrestling. Pratibha asks them to go and study. Kunti tells that she will defeat the lady in first round itself. Girls boosts about Kunti. Kunti tells that she was worried and thanks to Khatru for showing the lady on call. She hears the band playing and thinks neighbors are celebrating her win already.

Montu and Chunkey come with the old lady and the band baja. Old lady falls down. Pratap asks why did you come here? Old lady asks for water. Pratap tells Kunti that her competitor came. Kunti asks why did she come? Old lady says she came to break the competitor. Kunti asks if he is Montu? Montu says I am Montu. Old lady says he is not my grand son and says I am their kaki, and says the one who will do wrestling with you is someone else. Balvanti comes in the decorated moving cart. Kunti gets scared and is shocked. Pratibha says this is Balvanti aunty who lost from us in Navratri competition. Balvanti asks Kunti if she has so much strength to break the coconut even after whatever happened 40 years ago, and says that’s why I have decided to break coconut infront of you. She breaks coconut with her hand and says you will be in my captivity and I will break your bones like I am breaking this coconut. She breaks the coconut. Kunti gets scared and faints.

Prarthana and Pratibha take inside. Pratap asks what happened to Pari. Prarthana says she is throwing water outside. Pratap jokes. Kunti wakes up and shouts no. She tells Prarthana, Pratibha and Pratap that she saw a bad dream and saw that she is about to fight with Balvanti. Pratap says this is real and asks her to see Balvanti in the house, and asks her to fight. Balvanti calls Mama and asks him to come and see the wrestling match. She tells that they have given open challenge to each other and invites them to come.

Pratibha asks Kunti to write a letter to Balvanti, that she can’t fight with her. Pari brings the letter which girls have written for Balvanti. The letters get exchanged.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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