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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 24th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Inspector gets punished

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with constable saying its about Kaal Bhairav, I took his name and this trishul came out. Inspector says its not any miracle, send this trishul to forensic labs, and send body for post mortem. Vandana cries. Inspector says keep this trishul safe and take finger prints, come with me. Constable says temple is shut on Kaal Bhairav’s orders.

Inspector says its not just the temple, we will get murder clues there. Kashinath informs Rajguru that inspector is going to temple. Rajguru asks how dare he do this, he won’t be able to do anything there. The policemen see the fog on the way. They see some light and go to see. They cough by the smoke. Constables sees Kaal Bhairav passing by.

Kaal Bhairav takes the trishul and goes. Rajguru says temple door will be

shut for three days, if you forcibly enter, then you will face villagers’ wrath. Inspector says a murder has happened here, I m doing my duty, move off my way. Maharani comes and says I promised to cooperate you. Rajguru says he is questioning our Lord’s identity. Maharani says Lord is supreme, Kaal Bhairav will answer their questions. She gives the keys and asks inspector to open the door. Police gets inside the temple by unlocking the door. They get shocked seeing the trishul. Rajguru says Trishul and the snake are in their places.

They chant Kaal Bhairav name. Inspector calls constable to ask about trishul. Constable says sorry, Kaal Bhairav had come to take trishul, we have seen him, we were able to see everything, but couldn’t do anything. Inspector asks what, Kaal Bhairav came to take trishul, and this trishul reached inside this locked temple in some time. Archie hears this. He thinks how did trishul reach here so soon. It starts raining. They see the rain inside the temple as well, when the roof exists. Inspector says how can this happen. Archie thinks roof is sealed. Constable says idol and trishul got washed off, how will we get finger prints now.

Rajguru says accept this miracle, Kaal Bhairav is supreme, the rain has stopped now. Maharani asks inspector to believe this and leave with his team, don’t interfere in their family matter, the family is cursed, they already lost Yash. Maharani cries and goes. Inspector says I don’t believe in curse thing, you are living in this generation, open your eyes and see where did science reach, if Lord is there, then punish me and show, I challenge Kaal Bhairav, I want to see how much power he has. He asks Kaal Bhairav to curse him. People get angry. Rajguru says don’t punish him, Kaal Bhairav will punish him, you will see the result of this. Kedar asks Archie to come. They go. Constable says you should have not challenged Lord, you don’t know his wrath, apologize to him. Inspector jokes on the dog. He leaves in the car. The car stops. Inspector says strange, it rained heavily there, and everything is dry here, my doubt was right, someone arranged that rain. Inspector asks how can this happen. Inspector says you also have blind belief, find out about the heavy rain areas, I find it fishy.

Constable apologizes to Lord. Inspector asks him to come if he is done. Archie says since I have come here, I don’t understand what happened. Kedar says yes, we all believe this curse, Lali had cursed this family, she was believed to be Kaal Bhairav’s daughter. She asks who is Lali. He tells her about Raja Vikram Singh getting cursed by Lali. He says Lali’s spirit roams in the palace. She says there would be one way to get rid of this curse.

He says if Lali’s spirit forgives the royal family and calms her anger, this curse will end, but when someone tries to apologize to her, he dies. She says it means its death both ways, that’s why Veer confessed love and then turned away. They see the road blocked by trees. He says I will just go and see. Archie sees Lali’s spirit with the dog. She shouts to Kedar. She turns away. Kedar asks what happened, all okay? She says I have seen a woman, there was a dog with her, he was coming towards me. He rushes inside the car and drives off. She asks what happened. He says I told you about the spirit, that dog was of Kaal Bhairav. She says stop then, we will apologize. He asks are you mad, you will die.

Inspector Sumer scolds constable. He asks why are dogs crying out, go and see, beat them if they don’t get quiet. Constable says I told you these dogs are Shuvaan. The prisoner says ask your inspector to apologize to Kaal Bhairav, he did a big mistake. Dogs get quiet. Inspector says maybe Inspector Sumer is sleeping, we will also sleep for a while. They hear more dogs barking. Inspector worries and goes to see. Constable prays. Dogs stop barking. They get shocked hearing dog barking inside Sumer’s cabin. They get shocked seeing a dog in Sumer’s place. Constable says Sumer got curse, Kaal Bhairav has made Sumer a dog.

Rajguru scolds the dog Sumer. Archie says Kaal bhairav has made inspector a dog, how can this happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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