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Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep runs from the house

Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Virat says someone attempted to kill me. I know who killed me. Its no one else but Deep. Everyone is dazed. Deep says what are you saying.. Virat says arrest her.
Arohi recalls Virat was trying to kill Abhi. Arohi came there with a weapon and said stay away. Abhi said your game is over virat. Tara came there with two guns pointing on both of them. She says the game isn’t over yet. I will decide who stays and who dies. Don’t dare touching virat. Step back. Arohi said we will get nothing if we kill each other. Tara said she is clever. Arohi said our enemy is deep. We would still live. Virat that company is yours. He can get everything back from you. We should shake hand and destroy him, Tara said so you want us to be together. Arohi said yes tara ji. We have to

be. Tara said you are right manpreet. We will punish deep for what he did. They all shook hands.

Deep says Virat who paid you for sayin all this? Virat says he makes false stories like this. Deep shoved me from the cliff. His watch and ring remain in my hands. Tara says these are Deep’s. Deep says they were stolen from my hand. Inspector says we don’t know how virat got this ring but we have other proofs too. We found two dead bodies in your cabin. Deep says what.. Inspector says you are responsible for all these murders. Deep is arrested. Wasu faints. Arohi says call the doctor. She is in shock. Deep says I will leave once the doctor checks my mom. Inspector says only a few minutes.

Doctor checks wasu and says she is in shock she will be find. Deep puts knife on a constable’s hand and says don’t come after me I will kill him. Deep runs out. Police looks for him everywhere. He hides. Media reports that he ran. Tara says this all happened because of us. We killed those people so deep is trapped. I did all this. Virat says deep deserves this. He cheated on you. You did so much for him. Don’t worry about him. Tara drinks.

Media reports that deep was seen somewhere near market. Arohi recalls her moments with deep. Abhi says don’t be teary. You won. He is punished. ARohi says you are right I won. I took my revenge from him. He has nothing today. My baby wont ever come back. The man who promised to live whole life with me.. See what I did to him. Police will shoot him any time. I won. She is in tears.
Deep is running. Police is after him.

Precap-Virat says to Arohi police has cordoned off the whole city to find deep. We all have to be careful until he is caught.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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