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Hold me again- part 2

Hold me again- part 2


It had been three years since that night and three years since she last contacted him… that phone no. was still memorized to her heart but the little promise she did to them never allowed her to call him.

She missed him when she found people hanging out together or when she found a girl and a boy sipping tea and laughing wholeheartedly on something they joked in each others ears.

She missed him when left her office and with the dusk surrounding the city no one said “go safely”.

She missed wearing palazzos just to tease him cause he found what good they did other than flowing everywhere and giving a chance to make the person fall…she never bought one after him.

“Appi, have this pastry… the pineapple flavoured, I don’t know why abbu always favors you.” her sister extended the little plate to her side with the usual complain.

“cause his daughter never went against his wish..” she sighed cutting the pastry with the spoon.

Her little sister kept talking about her things and she tried giving her sister full attention but the little details of him getting married was tearing her and she wanted to just talk with him for him.



“Adi, you do understand it is important for you to make her feel a little wanted and for god sake stop sulking over the flowers they couldn’t bring.” his mother chided him.

“ma, its not like that… I am not sulking over the flowers, it is just you wanted the hall to be decorated with white roses and they couldn’t do it.” he told finally glancing away from the screen.

“okay, I have kept your clothes, try it so if it need something to be altered,we do it in time.” she said taking out the blue packet from his cupboard.

“hmmm.I’ll tell you.” he said again focusing on that years old chat where someone has jokingly said to “fight with his would-be wife and tell all his secrets to him”.

And suddenly a picture from his brother’s no. popped on his screen where his would be wife was busy applying henna and she seemed annoyed by something someone told her and by the looks it was obvious she was pointing her bottoms, the dark blue palazzos.


everyone wears and this is in fashion these days.” she had acted hurt after his rogue comment.

“but what good they do?” he was again teasing her. “ and tell me how you are going in your yoga classes wearing them.” and she had given him the scoffed look followed by a hearty laugh when she got his point.

“Aditya stop, I will die of your humor…is there any topic you cant get something amusing.” she had asked him in between in her laughs.

“yeah, there is a topic in which I cant look at your fat,black and ugly husband walking hand in hand with you.” he had again teased only to be get beaten by her.

“Though we could never meet after that night, I’ll always love you Zoya…as” he told the moon going by the saying that moon will convey his feelings to her.



“how is mumma and little one doing?” a voice whispered in her ears and she stumbled from her chair only to be balanced by one of the most good looking men she met in her life.

“i didn’t know when you came, I am fine.”she whispered feeling embarrassed that she didn’t feel him entering in their room.

“when you were talking with moon,” he smiled revealing those creases under his left eye.

“sometimes I feel you wait for the moon to tell you about someone else.” he said leaving her hands to stand his full height, the arrogance visible in his voice.



Hello everyone and here comes the second part of this story…hope you like it.

With love Morusya.





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