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Hi guys.. Hope u are doing great.. Sorry for not posting for the past week.. We were affected by the cyclone.. No electricity for nearly a week.. Fortunately,everything became normal now.. We suffered only 25% of the loss.. But most of the people have lost their livelihood.. So please do pray for them..
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Episode 79

RECAP : Swadhu,Abhi and Ritu planning to unite Sid and Shruti.. Shruti is still angry at Sid.. Shruti-Arnav’s mehandi function..
Let’s see what happens today..


Abhi is in his house.. He calls Ritu .. He gives the dress which he bought for her..

Ritika : For whom did u buy this?? For Shruti di??

Abhi : (thinks) let’s play with her.. (To Ritu) ya.. To present her for her marriage.. Do u like it??

Ritika : Ya.. I like it.. But it looks like a big size for her..

Abhi : Is it so??

He gets the dress and sees it..

Abhi : Ya.. This is large size.. Shruti is lean,isn’t it?? I don’t know any fat girl..(he pretends thinking and catches her reaction with the corner of his eyes)Hmm.. To whom shall I give this?? (He acts like he has got some idea) Hey Ritu.. Why don’t u keep it?? As u are the only fat girl I know..

Ritu stared angrily at him..

Ritika : I am not fat. I am healthy..

Abhi : Oh.. People call such persons fat only.. I don’t know its called healthy..

He teased her.. She stared at him..

Ritika 🙁 thinks) How he is teasing me?? I don’t know how to answer back.. And see.. He is asking me to have the his dress which he bought for Shruti di.. I am his wife and he should get me specially nah?? I won’t take this..(to Abhi) But,I can’t keep this dress with me.. How can I have the dress which u bought for someone else?? I can’t .. Go and give it to the shopkeeper itself..

She gave the dress to him and turns to move..

Abhi : Hey. Ritu.. Wait.. It’s for u only.. I just teased u..

Ritika : Really??

Abhi : Ya.. If u have a doubt,ask Swadhu.. She only helped me to get this.. Do u like it??

Ritika : Just kind of.. It’s ok.. I will keep it..

Ritika feels happy inside..

Abhi 🙁 thinks) She said that she likes it when I said that it is for Shruti. Now she is saying that it’s ok types.. She is also dangerous.. Don’t think that she is innocent Abhi.. Hmm.. I have to find whether she had written my name in her hand with mehndi.. I have to ask her.. (To Ritu) Ritu.. Swadhu has written Sid’s name in her hands in yesterday’s mehndi function.. They have not even got married yet.. How nice it is,isn’t it??

Ritika: Ya.. But she was teasing Sid bro that she had not written his name..she is annoyed that he is not talking to her properly these days..

Abhi : Ya.. He is busy,what to do?? Show me ur mehndi.. I want to see how it is..

Ritika : (thinks) Why he is asking about the mehndi since yesterday?? And now he said about Swadhu di writing Sid bhai’s name.. That means,he want to check whether I have written his name.. Got it Mr. Abhijeet.. Do u think u only can tease me? I can also do that..

She shows him her mehndi.. Abhi could not see his name as she has written it between the designs..he feels disappointed as he could not see it..

Ritika : U are done seeing it right?? I have to go.. I have work in kitchen.

She goes..

Ritika : (thinks) Hmm.. Abhi U are confused.. I won’t say anything to u.i will let u to be confused.. Enjoy.. (She smiles)


It’s shruti and Arnav’s Sangeet.. Guests have arrived..

Swadhu is dressed up in a grand pink anarkali suit looking gorgeous.. She is waiting for Sid,Ritu and Abhi..

Ritika comes wearing a sky blue anarkali looking pretty..

Swadhu : Hey Ritu.. Where is Abhi??

Ritika : He came with me.. Sid bhai called him and so he went..

After sometime,Abhi comes in a dashing look..

Swadhu : Hey Abhi.. What is our plan??

Abhi : What plan?? It’s Our Shruti’s wedding.. Eating and full enjoyment is our plan..

Ritu laughs..

Swadhu : Stupid.. Don’t u have any other thought than eating? I am asking about uniting Sid and Shruti..

Abhi : Oh.. I don’t have any idea for that.. U think.. I can’t.. As I am very tired..

Swadhu : its my mistake to have u in my team for this mission..

Abhi : Hello.. Don’t get angry.. Ritu will tell some idea,on behalf of me..

Swadhu looked at Ritu giving a questioning look..

Ritika thinks for sometime..

Ritika : Swadhu di.. How about asking Sid bhai to present a heart touching gift to her??

Abhi : Wah!! U are really intelligent.. I wanted someone like u to be with me.. Thank u for being with me..

He said it in a funny way and shook her hand.. Ritika felt happy and later she realized that he said it sarcastically..

Abhi : I don’t think this will work.

Swadhu thinks..

Swadhu : No Abhi.. I think this will work.. Let’s try this.. I will talk to Sid..

Three of them high five..


Shruti and Arnav arrive.. Shruti is dressed up in a pista green anarkali suit.. Arnav is in sherwani..

Everyone was there except Sid..
Swadhu comes to Shruti..

Swadhu : Shruti.. Did u see Sid??

Shruti : No.. I did not see him..

Swadhu tries calling him.. But he did not answer.. By then every light goes off… Everyone is shocked.. Suddenly a light gets on on the dance floor.. Sid comes holding a mic..

Sid : Hello everyone.. I welcome all of u for the Sangeet of my bestie.. Without much bak bak,we will start this function.. My sweetheart Swadheenta is angry at me as I am not even looking at her these days.. I was a little busy and could not spend time with her.. So,I am gonna use this stage to convince her.. Shall I use this stage Miss,Shruti??

He winked at her.. Shruti did not know what to do.. She looked confused.. Swadhu comes to her..

Swadhu : Shruti.. Say no to him.. He has to be given punishment.. Say no to him..

Sid : Answer me Shruti..

Abhi : Shruti.. Say yes..

Shruti nods..

Sid : Ok.. Now I will start my performance..

Ho baby chal aaj
Bol dating dating khelein
Mujhko tu jaanu
Haaye rating rating de de
Badi badi gaadiyon mein
Tour pe le jaaun
Ghadi wadi dekh tujhe
Kaun si dilaun
Karne de doosron ko
Waitng waitng ab tu
Arre kaahe ki do naiya
Ik main hi tera saiyan
Europe dikha ke laun tujhe
Kya tehri chamba
When you getting gold
Why go for tamba?
When you getting gold
Why go for tamba? Plays..

Engeyum pogindra megam irukudhu
Un perai en perai solli azhaikidhu
Love pannu,love pannu..
Oru punnagai poove,siru pookalin theeve
Nee ennai mattum kaadhal pannu.. Plays..

Sid tries convincing Swadhu.. Finally she gets convinced..

Sid takes the mic..

Sid : So..mission accomplished.. Now the rockstar Abhi is gonna perform with Ritu.. Abhika.. The stage is yours.. Keep rocking..

Ho aavi gayi raat
Mann bhulo bhadi baat
Prem niya mausam chhe
Ab aao mere paas
Reh jaao mere saath
Prem niya mausam chhe
Mill jaaye mujhko agar saath tera
Toh bhoolun main saara jahaan
Chogada tara
Chabeela tara
Rangeela tara
Rangbheru jue tari vaat re, Haa!! Plays

Sarattu vandiyila seeratoliyila oram therinjadhula un mugam
Ullam killum andha kalla chirupula mella chivandhadhu en mugam plays..

Abhi and Ritu dance gorgeously.. Everyone claps..

Sid : Finally u have done something great Abhi.. And Ritu.. Well done..

Abhi and Ritu bow their heads and thank everyone..
Sid comes to Shruti..

Sid : Oye Shruti.. See.. Now u are going to dance with me..

Shruti : Me?? No way.. U have won the challenge between us.. So u are celebrating.. I am the loser..I am helpless.. Why should I celebrate??

sid feels bad for her..

Sid : U are not helpless Shruti.. I am with u.. And one more thing,u can celebrate ur best friend’s victory nah?? Please come..

Shruti : I am not in such a mood..

Arnav was listening to their conversation..

Sid : If u don’t come,I will go and tell Swadhu about our fight.. She will come and advise u.. Do u want that to happen??

Shruti thinks for a while and then gets up to dance..

Banno tashan tera ati fantastic
Social media pe hukam chalaaye
Phone pe baatein kare apne left hand se
Right hand pe mehndi lagaaye

Boyfriend ki tujhe koi fikar nahi

Pehli date pe kahe, okay, bye!
Devdas ki tarah afsos woh kare
Te tu hans ke innocent si shakal banaye
Aaye haaye…
Cutie Cutiepie… plays..

Thodakkam maangalyam thandhunaane na.. Pinne jeevidham nundhanaane na..plays..

Sid and Shruti dance.. Shruti forgets everything and dances joyfully with Sid.. Everybody cheered them.. She seemed so happy.. Arnav admires her..

Abhi,Swadhu and Ritu take Arnav too to the stage..

Yeh jodi.. jannaton ki lage meharbani
Yeh jodi.. haan mujhe bhi aisi jodi hai banani
Yeh jodi, apni hatheli or laqeerein sath sath hai
Jinpe mubaarak barsatein qaaynaat karti hai
Baant mithaaiyan, lakh vadhaiyan
May you live long!
Kaho Rab ko hazaron shukrana
Ghar mere bhi nazar nazraana
Kar tere varga hi, tere jaisa hi changa mahiya
Senti main hoti aur mental dholna
I, toh go crazy te jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
I, toh go crazy te jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
Buggi te vuggi main gidda plays..

Kummi adi kummi adi

kummi adi oh..(jillunu oru kadhal)plays..

They surround Shruti and Arnav and dance.. Shruti dances with them that she thought, if she did not dance then her family and friends would find that she is unhappy with this marriage..

They play so many songs and dance.. Arnav is irritated and he comes down ,while others dance..

PRECAP : Arnav Shruti marriage..

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