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Bigg Boss 12 24th November 2018 Written Episode Update: KV, Dipika and Deepak are safe

Bigg Boss 12 24th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to show, he says Sree finally talked about slapgate incident in house and Surbhi became captain. Then Megha lost her calm on Deepak. Salman says KV, Deepak, Sristy, Rohit, Jasleen and Dipika are nominated.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says you people were energetic but some people were sleeping in task. He shows Romil lying down, all laugh. Salman says you people should remember this is not a resort, you all are working here. Salman asks if he felt bad that Dipika didnt consider him when it was time to give people place in safe zone. KV says my name didnt come up so I know my position now, we have a cold vibe going on. Salman asks Dipika why Sree only? Dipika says I wanted to exchange with someone who would give seat back to me, I dont

trust KV, KV didnt take my name earlier to save me, he could give preference to Sristy. KV says why she cant talk to me? Surbhi says Dipika keeps changing her preferences, she gave everything to KV captain earlier and now she is with Sree. Dipika says people were talking KV was not good captain, I tried to talk to KV but he was rude, he seemed confusing, I have kept my distance after that. KV says she was not talking like a good friend, she was like we think you are not a good captain. Surbhi says Dipika talks when she knows is about her gain. Salman asks so on which number is KV on Dipika’s priority list, Salman asks Surbhi. He is not on the list at all, she replies. All laugh. Salman says Somi didnt change her seat after she went in safe zone. Deepak says we didnt know how many times buzzer will play. Salman asks Romil why he thinks Somi is weak? Romil says no, Salman says why she didnt give her seat to anyone then? Somi says I talked to Deepak. All inmates say no. Salman says Somi got saved in charity. Somi says it was friendship. Salman says then why you were saying you are not weak? I have told you what I should, change the game.

Salman says to Deepak that you cant get physical in this house, think the way you talk in house, if you talk like this in village then.. you will get beaten, you are not like that in village, you know you will be beaten badly but you feel like you have license to say anything in house? He then asks him for the meaning of chaal-chalan and the usage of the word in his fight with Megha. Deepak says that the word he chose was wrong, but he didn’t realise it at the time because the context he had used it in was clear in his mind. He realised that the meaning had been unclear only later. Salman says what if someone says your sister has bad chaal chalan? Deepak says I didnt mean it. Salman says then you should have said sorry to her. Megha says I tried to stop you. Salman says to Megha that I am coming to you soon. Salman tells him that he is too irritating, be sensible, make your parents proud. Salman tells Megha that it seemed he was a sorted person when she entered the house. However, it now seems that she is not able to make her place in the house and is frustrated about it. Did you behave in the same way in Marathi Bigg Boss? No, right? Then why here? Salman says it is his mistake as a host that when he told her she was not visible on TV, he didn’t intend she will choose to be seen spitting at people and throwing shoes at others.
Salman says that despite knowing that Deepak used the word incorrectly, his intention was not wrong but you raised that issue deliberately but you went too far, do you really want to be known in society as someone who spits and throws shoes? Why do you lose your self-respect and for whom? Megha says Deepak keeps talking about my character, it was irritating. Salman says if you dont like his face then dont look but why talk about his looks and standard? Deepak jokes and then you get too upset. Salman says that Megha doesn’t understand Deepak’s humour and gets offended, and he tells Deepak that when he knows Megha doesn’t understand his humour, why do it again and again? Salman says to Megha that you are nominated directly for next week as a punishment.

Salman says Rohit played for other team and Jasleen didnt like it. Salman says that Jasleen and her team don’t think much of Rohit anyway, then why do you expect him to not betray them? He specifically brings up her “let’s use him as he doesn’t have mind” comment to Dipika. Jasleen says she doesn’t remember it but Dipika confirms she did say it and I said to not do it with him like this. Salman says to Jasleen that you remember Anup or forgot him too? All laugh. Jasleen says it was not my intention. Salman says to Rohit that your idea was fantastic. Rohit says that the others in the team are usually not involved in the task anyway. It was KV who talked to him in the restroom and asked him to play for the red team instead of the blue team that Rohit was a part of. Salman says that the credit for Red team’s victory goes to KV but Surbhi became captain, Rohit is a child and KV is brain child. All clap for KV. Sreesanth says that such cheap idea can only come from KV, he says Rohit insulted females. KV says that we have love and respect for Sreesanth but he never supports or encourages others. Salman says that it looked as if Blue team neither had strategy nor a wish to win, other team had strategy so they won, well played Megha and Jasleen.
Salman asks Surbhi why she sent Jasleen to jail. Surbhi says that Jasleen interferes in other people’s affairs and creates unnecessary drama. Salman says by that measure, Somi also deserves to go to jail because she involves in others fights too. Somi says its not like that. Jasleen says she is irritating. Salman says Somi doesnt have her fights. Surbhi admits that yes, she did, but since Somi is her friend, she escaped. Salman asks Dipika whether Surbhi was right in sending Jasleen to jail. Dipika says that no Surbhi was wrong, she always told me to do the right things but now she did the same thing as captain. Salma says that’s why you should never say never.

Salman connects call to caller of the week. Caller says to Megha that you used to say Surbhi uses bad language but what you are doing is a lot more than Surbhi, you said to Jasleen that happy club needs a servant who is Rohit now. Megha says my personality is strong. Caller says your personality is looking bad. Megha says she gets too irritated by Deepak and she loses her composure. Salman says that that is the game. Megha says he uses too much bad words, Megha agrees that it is the mind game and she has lost. Salman says you should be happy there is no Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om in house. He ends call.

In house, Deepak and Somi are crying. Somi breaks down after receiving the criticism she did from Salman. Surbhi says you should take it positively. Megha asks Somi to learn from it.
Deepak apologises to Megha for his use of chaal-chalan, and Megha apologises for her reaction.

On stage, Salman connects call to house again. Salman says the contestants have to choose someone as the biggest ‘gunehgaar’ and the majority vote goes to Megha. Surbhi, Megha, Dipika and Sree takes Deepak’s name. Time for Megha to go to torture room. Megha says I am already inside one. She goes in room, foam is thrown on her face.
Salman says Deepak, Dipika and KV are safe from nominations.

Sree asks Jasleen why you took Megha’s name to send to torture room? Jasleen says she was wrong. Megha says she is dumb, you wanted to look good infront of Deepak. Megha insults Jasleen. She calls her a dumb, brainless beauty.

Megha comes to Jasleen. They both say sorry to each other. Jasleen cries and says sorry. Megha hugs her and says I love you. Jasleen says we love you.

In house, Colors actors will enact housemates in house. Jai will play Deepak, Preeto will play Megha, Bela will play Dipika, Mahir will Sreesanth, Aditya will play Karanvir, Vishaka will play Somi. They all dance in house.
Bela as Dipika is working in kitchen and says bhai will eat dhosa. She brings it for Sree, Mahir as Sree says that its not round, I dont need it anymore, he says in camera that I want to leave now.

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Colors Stars go in house, they makes inmates perform on challenges. Rohit and KV dances without shirt. Sree gives a dance performance. Anita aka Vishaka asks if Deepak gets stuck with Megha in a lift then what will you do? Deepak says first I will ask her to take off her shoes, all laugh.
Two nagins Vishaka and Bela wants to marry Salman. Salman says years old nagins want to become my girlfriends.

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