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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer and his friends overhear Sunaina’s evil plan

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bela helps Preeti and Naina get ready for the Dandiya night. She isn’t so happy about Juhi coming over but the girls are excited. We might get free air tickets. She might show us the plane from inside if nothing else. We have only seen it in the sky till now. Bela tells them to stop flying high. Leave quickly or your dandiya will start right away if Bhabhi ji comes. They smile. Naina helps Preeti wear her jewellery and compliments her.

Munna and Pundit are tired waiting for Sameer. Sameer finally steps out of the room wearing the dress chosen by Naina. His friends smile. We have seen / heard people going crazy in love. They ended up become drunkard or even Sanyasi (Sameer stares at them) but we have seen someone turn Gujarati for the first time. Sameer replies that they are Gujarati

as they live in Gujarat. Plus, I am not the only one who will dress up like one. He gives them their dresses as well. They are reluctant but Sameer blackmails them quoting Guru ji’s words. They beg him to not take his name ever again. They take the clothes from him. Mami and Bhabhi come there. They laugh seeing Sameer’s dress but Munna ends up sharing that Naina has told him to wear it. he cannot say no. Mami looks at them in confusion. They cover up taking Sunaina’s number. Mami and Bhabhi compliment Sameer. Munna and Pundit tell them to wait till they get ready too. We will look like SRK, Salman and Aamir then.

(Background – Naina):
To see SRK, Salman and Aamir on one screen was as much surprising back then as much as it is today. Their fans have more competition than the real actors. It’s been years and the hopes are still on!

Mami scolds Munna and Pundit not to deviate Sameer from the studies. They joke that they will do everything together and even fail together. She begins to scold them but they cook up some lines and run away. Mami tells her DIL not to laugh. They don’t understand this way. She turns to scold them more but they are gone. Sameer tells her that they left to get ready. Sameer thanks her for managing to invite Kumar Sanu for the functions. Please thank Avinash Uncle. She nods.

Arjun is leaving for his night shift. He compliments his sisters. Come on time. They nod. Bela remarks that she thought he will also go with the girls. Arjun sadly replies that he has no one to play Dandiya with. I cannot play cricket for now. What’s the point of playing Dandiya? They feel bad for him. He leaves. Bela tells the girls not to be sad. He will be fine in some time. Anand joins them. He too compliments the girls. Preeti goes inside with Bela to find safety pins. Anand tells Naina that freedom comes with lot many responsibilities. Use it wisely. She nods. I will never break your trust. He pats at her head sweetly. What time shall I come to pick you guys? She shares that Kamya’s parents will be picking up all of them. We will come with them. The girls leave for college.

Sameer, Munna and Pundit walk together proudly in their Garba dresses.

Naina and her friends are talking amongst themselves. JBR comes holding Kumar Sanu’s cut out. The girls tease him. We did not know you are such a big fan of Kumar Sanu. He smiles. He is about to put his arm around the cut out when Principal Ma’am stops him. I am a very big fan of Kumar Sanu. She calls out to Kartik and makes him click photos of her with the cut out. Develop it by tomorrow. He looks at Naina and thinks that he has to show her a lot many photos tomorrow. The girls decide to click photos till the time the guys come. They wish they could click their own photos. Naina makes Puneet click their photo.

(Background – Naina):
I was smart yet I couldn’t imagine that it will become a popular thing to click our own photos one day. It will be called selfie. Even huge groups will fit in in the photo. Someone will even invent selfie stick for the same purpose.

Sunaina and her gang come there. Naina makes space for her best friend Swati but Sunaina fills Swati’s ears against Naina. She is thinking of her best friend after ruining your elections and your relationship. I wont let you fall in her trap again. Come with me! They take Swati with them. Swati and Naina keep looking at each other.

Principal Ma’am is unable to contain her excitement. Few students compliment her and she is all the more happy. She does not let JBR play any casette. Kumar Sanu will also sing with us. He is hesitant but she says he wont be able to say no to me. JBR says I can sing well too. She agrees to let him sing if they have to punish the students in future. He goes. Principal Ma’am checks her make up.

Mami tells Mama ji firmly that Munna and Pundit are no longer welcome in their house.

Sunaina asks Kartik where he was. He tells them that he was clicking Principal Ma’am’s photos with Kumar Sanu’s cut out. Vicky asks Kartik how it’s going. Kartik says it’s fine but Vicky says Naina has become a hit amongst students for organizing this Dandiya. Sunaina adds that they have a plan to make her flop. Vicky advised them to make sure their plan works this time.

Naina wonders when he will come. He always comes late. Her friends ask her if she has met Kumar Sanu before too. Naina points out that she was talking about Sameer. Kamya jokes that Naina is worried about her Kumar Janu.

JBR suggests doing aarti atleast but Ma’am wants to wait for Kumar Sanu. She asks Naina about him. She tells Ma’am that Sameer would know. Maybe he went to pick him from the airport.

Sunaina tells her friends to be careful tonight. Sameer has challenged Naina so he will definitely kiss her. This will be our only chance. Open the camera shutter tonight. Kartik says he will do it himself tonight. Priyam is relieved. Swati asks them if it is necessary. What if it backfires on us? Sunaina assures her nothing will go wrong today. We will put an end to Sameer and Naina’s happiness. Our sweet, innocent GS will be caught kissing her boyfriend tonight. They all walk away. Sameer, Munna and Pundit were standing nearby and have overheard everything.

Precap: Sameer and Naina do aarti together.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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