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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Goenkas celebrate together

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish saying you mean more than Kartik to me, my elder son, I have already made mistake of letting Kartik go, I won’t let you go. Akhilesh looks on. Naitik says when it comes to family, you are imp to us more than Manish, you came to us to ask for Naira’s hand for Kartik, you can give us respect or kick us out. Devyaani says no, who does so with relatives. Kirti says I m uncle’s eldest daughter, none can make me out. Naksh says I m elder son in law, no one can say no to me. They all get in. Someone looks on.

Naira says we have spoke to Akhilesh rudely. Kartik says our intentions are good, don’t worry. Dadi thanks Naira. Manish says we are glad seeing your efforts, we thought we will lose. Kartik says we won’t lose. Dadi says you both will handle

this. Suwarna says lets not tell anyone about these issues. Lav and Kush say family also got divorced here. Naira says no divorce is happening here. Kartik says I won’t let anything wrong happen, trust me. Lav asks why does Akhilesh trust Manish then. Naksh asks them to go and play. Kirti gives them Dandiya sticks. Naitik says don’t lose this courage. Kirti says we will behave like nothing happened. Naksh says come, lets celebrate. Naira sees someone going. She sees a lady. She says no, I saw a man’s shadow, not a woman’s, but who can it be, and why. She goes. The man looks on.

Kartik sees Manish and asks are you hiding someone. Manish says its best for Akhilesh if I m standing here. Kartik asks him not to hide. Manish says go and enjoy, make sure Akhilesh also enjoys. Kartik sees an arrow and goes. Naira asks him to follow arrows. He sees a pic and recalls the old moment. Naira says sorry, it won’t be enough to apologize, I broke my heart. He asks why are you talking of that day suddenly. She says I always feel guilty. He says forget it. She says I couldn’t forget. He says I have really forgotten that incident, I have many memories, I got many yes and tons of love instead one no. She says I wish I could also erase that memory. He asks her again, does she love him. She says yes, I love you a lot, you are my everything, my friend, love and life, its my yes for all the births. They hug and say I love you to each other. Garlands fall on them. He says so you planned this. She says no, it happened on its own. They smile. Yeh rishta kya….plays…..

Akhilesh says Naira isn’t well, so I m not saying anything, Kartik is taking advantage of this. Surekha says Kartik can’t do this. Akhilesh says maybe Manish asked Kartik to do this, I wanted the credit and they got it. She says you got the credit already, this will ruin your name too. He says I spoke to Bhai, he also said the same thing, people will get to know this some day, its better to say it ourselves. Kartik and Naira look on. Kartik says we promised Dadi, we won’t let society laugh on our family. Naira asks what will we do. Akhilesh says yes Bhai, I will do as you said. He thanks everyone for coming on his and Surekha’s invitation. He says I have a news for you all to make this function more special, its a surprise. Everyone worries. Light goes. Kartik and Naira come. Kartik says Goenkas present the glowing Dandiya. Everyone claps.

Kartik and Naira fold hands and sign no to Akhilesh. Lav and Kush also request him. Akhilesh says yes, I was talking about the same surprise, the glowing Dandiya, please enjoy, this beautiful surprise is brought to you by the host, that’s the Goenkas. Everyone smiles and claps. Someone looks on. Kartik says thanks for support. Naira says sorry, we didn’t want to ruin this party. Akhilesh goes. Kartik says don’t feel bad. Naira says no, he did what we wanted. He says yes, he loves us. She says we love him too. They all dance on Chogada tara….

Akhilesh sees Manish and goes. Naksh cares for Kirti. Kartik cares for Naira. They romance. Manish gets hit on his hand and drops the dandiya sticks. Kartik and Naira see Akhilesh rushing. Someone calls Akhilesh and switches off the lights. Kartik looks on.

Naira runs after someone. The man goes. Akhilesh asks what are you doing with fuse. She says I didn’t do this, someone else pulled the plug, I just came to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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