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Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 12

Hi frnds. M very glad that u liked my ff this much. Ur likes and comments r making me to write more. Currently m updating regularly. And I’ll try to update regular only. Now lets move to story,

Sanskar was shocked.
San: ragini….
Rag: stop sanskar.
She stood up. Luk towards him. Talks in serious tone.
Rag: still how much u will keep me in dark?
San: no ragini. U misunderstood me. I was…
Rag: no sanskar , oh sry. Mr.sanskar maheshwari. I have not misunderstood. Infact nw I understood correctly. I was rite. Rich people always play with feelings of people like us. Aftrall for u we r middle class. (little emotional) how much I had trusted u sanskar. Even I told u to live with me. Not to others but atleast u cud have told me? U were not having that much trust on me? I have shared everything with u. I dint hide any single thing from u. and u hide this much big thing from me? Dint u think atleast once about my feelings? For me trust is a big thing. I trusted u from my whole heart sanskar? I cant even imagine that u did this? U hide from me abt ur love for swara also? After knowing that she is my best frnd, u cud have told truth to me. But u dint. For u m nothing. U hurt me sanskar. U hurt our frndship.

San: ragini pls listen atleast once. Don’t go for conclusion. I know that I have hided my identity. I thought to tell u many times. But I wanted to give u surprise. And u r talking abt hurt. In my dreams also I cant think of hurting u, then how u thought that I’ll hurt u? at one situation I was helpless. But later I know I cud have told. But as I want to see u happy after telling truth. Not to break ur trust . pls just try to see from my place. It was not so easy for me. But then also I ask u sorry. Pls forgive me ragini. Pls.
Rag: how sanskar? I cant take this.
San: pls ragini. M not sanskar maheshwari for u. m only sanskar for u. and one more thing ragini. Don’t think m telling lie but its truth that I don’t love swara. I love u. m in love with u ragini, only u. I wanted to tell u this in very special way. But I never thought that I had to tell like this.
Rag: now again one more lie?
San: wat lie ragini?
Rag: from starting only u love swara. Now u r changing ur words.
San: I know ragini I kept proposal to swara. But that was not love, it was just an attraction. I came to know this after meeting u. after starting feeling for u. if I wud hav loved her then I wud hav not felt for u. but I feel for u. from my heart.
Rag: first swara, now me then after me…
San: little loudly: stop ragini.
Rag: y stop sanskar. Its truth only. U loved swara , after meeting me u told u love me, who knows after meeting other girl u’ll love her.
San: ragini pls. try to understand me. That time I was a spoiled rich boy. I thought it was love. But in this month I came to know wat is real love. I came to know difference between attraction and love. If I wud have loved swara truly then I wud hav nt told I love you to u. she’s my attraction and u r my love. My true love.
Rag: but I don’t love u.
San: bend on knees infront of her and folds both hand. Ragini I know I made mistake by hiding my identity from u. but dint do that intentionally. I know u too love me. U r angry on me now, that’s y u r telling that u don’t love me. But I know the truth, I can see love in ur eyes for me. Pls ragini I fold hands infront of u. don’t give this much big punishment for me. I cant live without u. I cant even imagine that. Coz of little anger don’t do like this. U also know that u love me. But u r hiding it from me. Pls ragini. Tell that u love me. Don’t stop ur feelings.
Rag: m nt like u sanskar. M telling truth. I don’t love u.
San: stands. If u don’t love me then y u get hurt when I lied. Y u got emotional.
Ragini turns back facing his back to him. She wants to cry. But she she stopped them from flowing.
Sanskar turned her to his side.
San: answer me ragini.
Rag: coz u were my frnd. I trusted u as my frnd and for my best frnd swara. Its human nature.
San: I know human nature. But this is love not only frndship.
Rag: how many times I shud tell u that I don’t love u. y r u forcing me.? Marry ur love swara.
San: ragini u r my love. I want to marry u not her.
Rag: little loudly. I told my answer, I don’t love u.
San: if u don’t love me, then tell that looking into my eyes.
She was not able to luk, but some how she tried toughly and luked in his eyes.
Rag: I don’t love u. I don’t love sanskar maheshwari. Happy? M telling this luking into ur eyes.
Sanskar stepped a back with teary eyed.
Rag: now go from here, I don’t want to c u.
She turned back.
San: ragini u r doing wrong. U playing with our both hearts ragini. Don’t do anything in anger. This is wrong ragini. I love only u. always u. see here ragini.
Tears started to flow from her eyes. Without turning back.
Rag: my decision will not change sanskar. Don’t waste ur time.
Sanskar goes from there.
Ragini turns back sees that he went. She cried badly. She was crying by remembering each and everyword spoke to him.

Hows this episode frnds? I know its emotional and both ragsan heart breaks. For making them unite, this was needed. But don’t wry ragsan r always ragsan. They wont b separated. I know its small update. But today only I wanted to post so in hurry I abled to write this much only. But definitely next episode will longer than this. And there will be twist also.
Drop ur views frnds. M waiting

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