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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir and Ishika get engaged

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop asking Ishika not to marry Ranvir. Ranvir knocks on the door asking her to open the door. Roop tells her that Ranvir is not a right guy and shows their jungle pic, says that he didn’t take that selfie. He shows the original pic. Ranvir asks shall I break the door. Ishika says she is opening the door and asks Roop to open the door. Roop opens the door. Ranvir comes inside and asks Ishika who is he? Ishika says he is mehendi guy. Ranvir says ok. Ishika asks him to write her would be husband’s name. Roop says he has written his name initial. Ranvir sees R on her hand and gets happy. Roop says name shall be written on heart. Ranvir asks Ishika if his name is written on her heart. Ishika asks him to give some time. Ranvir says your name is written on my heart.

He talks about their life after marriage etc. Kanchan calls Ishika and takes her. Hardik tells Rupesh that they will leave now. Rupesh calls Kanchal and Ishika. He gives money to Roop and says you did a good work. Kamla gets sad. Hardik asks Roop to come.

Ishika tells Vandana that Roop applied mehendi on her hand. Vandana says that’s crazy. Ishika tells her that Roop said that Ranvir is bad and he is good. Vandana says I used to trust him, but I think he will create problems in your marriage. Ishika says I won’t be scared with him and will see how he stops the marriage.

Roop is at the mechanic shop. Palak asks what is the plan? Roop says I have no plan as Ranvir leaves no proofs. Palak says we have to do something. Hardik says tomorrow is the engagement, we don’t have much time. Bua tells Ranvir that engagement will happen tomorrow. Ranvir gets happy. Shamsher asks her to make a list and buy the things for engagement. Bua says she is very happy. Ranvir says he don’t want anything else other than Ishika. Kamla hears him. She comes to her daughters and tells about Roop applying mehendi to Ishika. She says she felt pain seeing his love. She asks her children to help her for engagement arrangements and says Kaushalya Bua will scold them if the arrangements is not good.

Shamsher comes to Mota Kaka’s house. Mota Kaka tells Rupesh that the arrangements is good. Vinay asks Purvi to bring cold drink for him and threatens to leave the house. Palak tries to divert Roop’s mind. Ranvir brings Ishika and holds her hand. He takes her to the stage. Bua asks Pandit ji to tell the marriage date to everyone. Pandit ji says mahurat date is after 7 days. Ishika is surprised, but smiles. Roop gets upset. Rupesh says how can marriage happen in 7 days. Mota Kaka/Haren patel tells that they all will work and do the arrangements. Pandit ji asks Ranvir and Ishika to exchange rings. Ranvir comes to Roop and asks him to sing and says Ishika and I will dance here. Roop sings Ae dil hai mushkil song. Ranvir dances with Ishika. Palak and Hardik feel Roop’s pain. Ishika falls on Roop while dancing. Ranvir takes her back. Roop comes to Ishika while singing and gives her ring. Ranvir smiles. Ishika makes Ranvir wear the ring and smiles. Roop gets shattered and walks out from there. Kamla holds his hand and takes him to in house temple. She asks where were you going? Roop says I can’t hide my pain anymore. Kamla says I always taught you to support truth, I know you are truthful and asks him to expose Ranvir. She says we can save Ishika from Ranvir. Roop says I don’t have time. Kamla says there is still 7 days and asks him to try to expose Ranvir, and says if she still wants to marry Ranvir then I will accept her as Ranvir’s wife.

After the engagement, Photographer asks everyone to stand close. Roop comes and says what is the hurry. He comes to Ranvir and Ishika and asks him to move his hand off from her shoulder. He says how can the pic complete without younger brother. He poses with them. Ishika is surprised. Roop congrats them. Ranvir congrats him back. Hardik asks Roop what is he doing? Roop says I know. He tells Kamla that he will expose Ranvir and will start from tomorrow. He smiles.

Roop reminds Kamla of the karwachauth incident in his childhood. Ranvir hears them and calls Ishika. He asks Ishika to make sargi and have it. Ishika says I didn’t keep any fast. Ranvir says we are going to marry soon. Ishika says we are not yet married.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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