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RAB SE SONA ISHQ:Twinj episode31

  1. Episode 31..


Started from continued..

While kissing Kunj on her neck immediately they both doze off due to alcohol sleep in that same position.Kunj sleeping top of twinkle and his face still under hook of twinkle neck their fingers interlock tightly. Both of the sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace.Sun light coming on them. Just than Kunj phone started ringing due to this their sleep get disturb both wake up and open their eyes twinkle see kunj on herself in what position they were.she look at Kunj he too realised and raise his face and look at twinkle see he is on her.Both look at each other’s get surprised to see each other’s like this see their hands position kunj leave twinkle hand both get up and sits there only both looking here and there twinkle tucked her hairs and see room condition all candles.

Kunj: woh.. sorry

Kunj see his phone ringing he takes the phone and went in balcony to ignore this awkwardness.

Twinkle see champagne bottle and read and understand why this all happened because it’s not none alcohol champagne but alcohol hit on her head..

Twinkle:shit babaji what I have done it.

She take out her and Kunj clothes and went in washroom while kunj come out and see one note is there he take and read.

📝 NOTE:sorry pati dev ji it’s not your mistake it’s mine we drink alcohol champagne not none alcohol😛sorry.. Kunj smile out on this. He sit in side and recalled what happened actually. How he kissed on twinkle shoulder on her neck. Not clear vision coming but one smile come on his lips at the same time guilty too.He should control on himself.Kunj leave note for twinkle stick on dressing table mirror with a rose.. oder coffee for them. Later twinkle come out of the washroom Kunj didn’t look at her even she too. Kunj take his clothes run in the washroom. While twinkle went near dressing table. Drying her hairs just than her eyes went on note she take and read..

NOTE: even I’m too so sorry for last night.

Twinkle see you are really a siyappa Queen make me drink alcohol champagne Once again sorry hope you forgives me.From now I’ll remember never try to do this thing back.Twinkle smiling to see this. She see red rose and kissed on note.get ready.Kunj too come out of the washroom he too get ready.twinkle filled the coffee in mug and forward to him.

Kunj:thank looking down.they both have their breakfast in hesitation.After sometimes later room service come and clean whole room they both sitting and busy in their phones.they look at each other immediately turn their gaze.after sometimes later they both went outside.

Twinkle playing with snows like a small baby kunj clicking her photos after the night awkwardness come between them they can’t look at each other perfectly. Twinkle bring Kunj and hit him with snow.


Twinkle:Kunj leave na let’s play now we’ll go back tomorrow Amritsar so please let’s enjoy today in snow.they make snowman.
Kunj sit in side adorning twinkle cuteness.

Kunj:Twinkle please now come back you’ll get ill you play lot in snow..

Twinkle: you sit na I’ll play..

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Mahi and Omkara meeting with each other’s in art gallery they sit together and talk to each other’s both really started getting know each other’s even like each other company too.Yuvi planned to go out so he take rudra with himself and his other friends.Rudra was hell nervous because his result will come tomorrow. Tej was just looking at rudra he too just waiting for his result more rudra is nervous because kunj is not around him if something is really happened he’ll safe rudra..

Lata:rudra Don’t be nervous..

Rudra:Arey dadi If I’ll just pass I’ll get hell happy if not than you know pa will send me Australia that I don’t wanted to go back..I’m not like this pinku she just crying on 90%. I’m rudra who can happy in 36%😛😜..

Priyanka:Bhaiya you did this much hard work and I did more so expect too..

Rudra:jada mat bol being in this chuiya company you started..

Om:oyye shut where you went and so soon come back..

Rudra:O result please save me..

Om:badi MAA should I book rudra Australia flight ticket 😛😛😛.Aaa.

all giggling while rudra giving death glares to Omkara.

Rudra:acha I’ll cut your zulfi😡😡😭😭Bhaiya come back na..

After playing lot in snow Kunj bring her out she become full Grey.

Kunj:siyappa Queen.

Twinkle:kunjjj you are so boring.. whole day they both spending here and there discovered manali.twinkle started sneezing. Aachuu..

Kunj: see I told you na..

Twinkle:it’s normal.Let’s go back na I’m tired. They back to hotel.Twinkle didn’t do anything just lay down and resting covered herself in duvet fully while kunj doing his work he asked twinkle she is fine na she lied to him that she is fully fine just wanted to sleep.While in manali heavily snow fall started all ways block. At night kunj went near twinkle try to wake up her.

Kunj:Twinkle wake up have your dinner.

Twinkle: in sleeping tone kunjjj please na let sleep..

Kunj:Arey you can first have your dinner come he touch her hand get shocked than touch her forehead and neck she is burning in fever like hell. Twinkle you having fever.

Twinkle:hmm little bit..

Kunj: idiot it’s not little you were burning like anything. You should tell me twinkle.

Wait I’ll call doctor he call servant asked him about doctor he told him right now in this weather condition no will come neither can’t go to hospital due to heavy snowfall all way is blocked kunj shocked now what he’ll do. He open his bag finding any fever medicines but not. Twinkle shivering in fever her eyes become red even face too.What is this twinkle now what I’ll do here can’t you tell me before only you are just a siyappa queen.

Twinkle: now in this condition you were scolding me kunj huhu.

Kunj:I told please twinkle don’t play this much in snow but you never listen to me see now the compensation..

Twinkle: bas na baba I’m fine see she get up try to stand but can’t kunj went and make her sit..

Kunj:now sit here.He make her lay down in resting position bring hot soup for her make her drink with his hands twinkle admiring him.Kunj wiped soup leftover drop on twinkle lips. Now twinkle you should rest okay.

Twinkle:you didn’t have your food first have than I’ll.

Kunj:now what is this again childishness.

Twinkle:I’ll not listen anything.Go and bring.She gestured on food plate which keeping on side table. She making cute faces which make kunj smile.He bring plate and sit opposite to twinkle having his food. And feed her too some Morsel.Even she too feed him with her hands.after kunj closed all the windows and went to fireplace hearth and look at twinkle who literally shivering fully her lips shaking so horribly.Kunj sit on his knees and fire the woods.He went and sit beside twinkle looking at her while she closed her eyes.
Kunj too closed his eyes and resting while don’t know what happened to twinkle she shuddering can’t speak up and cuddles whole blanket still her body didn’t take the name to stop shudder.She look at twinkle.

Twinkle:ku….:nj.. in one voice kunj open his eyes and look at twinkle.

Kunj: what happened..

Twinkle:.:ku….:::n…:::j shivering. Kunj went near her hold her she literally shudders.

Kunj: Twinkle are you okay na..

Twinkle:kunjj bhut thand lag rahi hai please do something.

Kunj:Twinkle See I burn the wood for you na.


Kunj: you wait. Kunj bring warm clothes for her make her wear. Make her lay down he resting his head on his hand and patting on twinkle forehead Kunj see twinkle getting unconscious.Twinkle look at me dont closed your eyes.

Twinkle:ku…njjjjj… she slowly slowly closing her eyes kunj check her body temperature totally down. Now he was fully shocked don’t know what to do. If he didn’t do anything she’ll die that he can’t let happen it.he keeping patting on her cheeks. Kunjj do something na I can’t bear now.

Kunj:what I’ll do you are responsible for this. Samji. He having tears in his eyes to see her like this.Twinkle look at me na.. what I’ll do babaji. He cuddles her tightly.

Twinkle:kunjjjj. Help me na..Kunj think something.

Kunj:I have only one solution babaji but how can I did no no kunj..

Twinkle: do na fast what solution you have I’ll die.

Kunj:how Can i Twinkle I mean. Body heat.

Twinkle:you are my husband ku…njjj.. twinkle fully closed her eyes.Kunj didn’t think anything just removed his Tshirt..

And he cuddles twinkle tightly give her body heat.He rubbing her hands.Twinkle getting in sense slowly slowly she too cuddles kunj tightly. Whole night they sleep like this.Kunj didn’t sleep for one second just waked up for twinkle while she Sleeping after body heat she is okay stop shivering but fever still she had..

In morning.
Kunj open his eyes and look at twinkle.

Still burning in fever twinkle open her eyes and look kunj.

Kunj: are you okay na.. she nodded her head in yes. Kunj kissed on her forehead. Twinkle again hugged him resting her head on his chest. Twinkle let me go and I’ll call doctor.

Twinkle:please na don’t go stay like this na i feel good.

Kunj:Acha don’t take advantage of situation😜😜😛. He laugh out slightly while twinkle too hit on his chest playfully.

Twinkle:don’t worry I’m your wife only not your neighbour.Kunj caress her back. They stay like this.After kunj get up and went in washroom get freshen up.He called doctor. Soon doctor come and examined twinkle.

Doctor:fever is very high don’t eat anything cold okay.

Kunj: Doctor she is okay na I mean last night her whole body shuddering..

Doctor: hmm I’ll give her injection than she’ll okay. As soon as Twinkle listen injection name she shocked.

Twinkle:no doctor injection please. I’m fully fine.

Kunj: if you think she needs injection than please give her.



Kunj: shut up last night you did enough drama now Listen to me. Doctor take out injection twinkle see scared like anything. She about to run while kunj hold her hand tightly. You’ll not escape siyappa queen.

Twinkle: you are so bad. Kunj hold her tightly doctor give her injection while giving twinkle screamed so loudly which make kunj and doctor shocked she is dangerous than small kids. Doctor give her injection.

Doctor: okay give her this medicine.

Kunj:thanks doctor. He left kunj look at twinkle who crying like a small baby😂😂. Twinkle really you crying just because of injection I mean till now I thought only Rudra or Aayat did drama on injection even you are too in their list😛😛..

Twinkle:don’t talk to me.. Kunj cupped her face.

Kunj:shhhh don’t cry baby siyappa queen. He wiped her tears.After injection now you’ll get fine soon.Let’s have breakfast
Kunj bring breakfast and sit beside twinkle.Now don’t give me this look nothing will happen open your mouth and have this..

Twinkle:you are really a Sadu Sarna.
Kunj feed her breakfast she doing drama while but kunj too don’t leave her.

Kunj:have twinkle nahi toh I’ll call doctor again and tell him give you injection back.

Twinkle face expression changed making so funny kunj giggling to see her.

Twinkle: I’m having na.

Kunj:good girl.They both done with breakfast.After sometimes later.Rudra calls kunj. Haa bol rudra.

Rudra: Bhaiya come back. Na

Kunj: why did your result come..

Rudra: how you know??

Kunj:I know everything about you. Did your result come or not.

Rudra:not Bhaiya.

Kunj:okay see you soon. Bye. Twinkle get up and packing their all things. Twinkle you leave this.


Kunj:you go and get ready I’ll do this all.


Kunj:go now.She went in washroom while kunj packed everything twinkle come and get ready she looking so weak.. okay twinkle let’s go.

Twinkle:hmm.They went downstairs check out sit in car and left for airport.Soon they reached airport they come out of the car and went inside did their all security process.Take their seats this time kunj Itself check their seats don’t wanted like last someone sit beside his wife😝😛.

They both sit down.

Kunj:what happened?

Twinkle:nothing just thinking about result what’ll be come??

Kunj:don’t you have faith on yourself.

Twinkle:not like that Kunj. I’ll be happy whatever happened

Kunj:But I’ll not if you failed I’ll send you back college you have to give re-exams 😜😛.

Twinkle:acha ji. Let’s see.

Kunj:now stop.Twinkle hold kunj arms and rest her head on his shoulder while kunj on her little kissed on her head.In whole fight journey they both stay like this only.
After sometimes later they reached Amritsar airport.. they come out of the airport.

Twinkle:finally back to the bay.

Kunj:yup so heat😂😂😂.Gogogood for you.

Twinkle:shut up.. driver come for them to receive.They sit in car left for Sarna Mansion While they too excited finally their son and bahu coming back.

Aayat: Bhaiya  come soon.

Rudra: haa..

Tej:Don’t worry rudra your Bhaiya will take you Australia after result.What time will your result come.

Priyanka:still sometime is left.. Rudra Bhaiya lets go college..

Rudra: no first let Bhaiya come than I’ll go with him.

Usha: mera beta kab aayega..

Rahul:see this mother just for some days he went now come back too.

Lata:still seemed like so many days went.

I didn’t feel good till when I didn’t see my grand sons face. They are heart beat of my.

Rahul:see dadu what dadi saying it.😝😛.

Twinkle and Kunj reached Sarna Mansion both get so happy to see their home.Both come out of the car and went inside. They entered in hall Aayat see them and screamed Bhaiya and bhabhi.. all turned and look at twinkle and Kunj coming. Aayat and rudra run towards kunj both didn’t see here and there just hugged kunj even he don’t know..

Kunj: what…..

Rudra: bhaiya😍😍😍.. you come back.

Aayat: side na let me hugged my Bhaiya. You big rat😜😜😂.. Kunj look at Aayat who hugging his waist.. Kunj lifts her she cuddles him and rudra too. Twinkle smiling too see this.

Rahul:guys it’s seemed like do bache apni
Bichhadee hui MAA se mile hai kitne saalo baad😂😂😂😂.. all started laughing.

They come to everyone. They all see twinkle and get surprised to see her face is so dull.

Lata:what happened to you Twinkle Puttar. She caress her face.

Avantika:haa look at yourself.

Twinkle:nothing dadi and mummy ji just fever little bit.. she started sneezing.

Tej:kunj what is this.. they all sit..

Anjali: what you done kunj can’t take care of my bhabhi see her become so weak..

Kunj:di you don’t know na. She is responsible for this.


Rahul: Aayat and rudra leave kunj he’ll not go anywhere.

Rudra:why you are jealous.

Aayat:right what about you when you hugging di😂😂..

Manohar: uff Aayat.

Kunj:she playing with snow this all happened because of her careless Kunj tell them each and everything what happened twinkle.

Tej: Twinkle beta it’s not good..

Aayat: bhabhi. Even I loved to play in snow here is no snow huhu😞😞..

Rudra: little rat if you wanted snow here go and sit in freezer 😂😛.

Aayat:why alone let’s do it together.

Manohar:happy kunj you got deal.

Rudra:Bhaiya lets go na college my result.

Kunj:hoo.Let’s go why you sitting here.

Rahul: kunj If he failed than directing from college drop him airport 😛😂😂..

Rudra:noo Bhaiya please don’t do this.

Kunj: rudra don’t act like cry baby.

Aayat:Bhaiya he is.. 😂😂😂.

Tej:by the way Rahul idea wasn’t bad.. he look at Kunj while he too.

Rahul: rudra you’ll enjoy there lot asked me and kunj😂😂. Just taking breath.

Om come back in middle..

Prithviraj:haa this tej behind to send my kunj there.

Rahul:so horrible experience of us.

Rudra: no no now toh I’ll not go.

Kunj:keep your mouth shut up rudra.He talking about other things.

Tej:don’t worry kunj if he failed no one will be stopped me even you too. In childhood I stop now no one can’t.

Kunj:looking down let’s see pa when time will come.Even I’ll not let anyone send him.

Let’s go rudra.

Avantika:Twinkle do you wanted to go.

Kunj and rudra or Omkara and Priyanka, twinkle Anjali , Rahul left for college..

In whole the ride rudra just babbling and crying but tears doesn’t coming out😛😂.
Kunj Itself so nervous he doesnot wanted rudra go anywhere he is full confident what he teach Rudra if he did like this than he’ll not fail but can’t say anything.They reached college and see everywhere crowd is there.

Chinki:Twinkle you come let’s go and check our result.They all went ahead all students checking Their names in list board.


Kunj:calm down. First.

Kabir:yes rudra.
Namash or chiraj or yuvi , rishi or twinkle checking there names.

Twinkle:where is my name..

Kunj:check nicely.. wait let me. Kunj check her name. Here. Twinkle see her name.

Twinkle:aww babaji thanks I’m pass.

Kunj:with good rank..

Asha:congratulation twinkle you did top I mean. How.??

Twinkle:how this time someone teach me 😛😜gestured at Kunj.. twinkle whole gang pass with good rank.

Rudra: see Yuvi bro bhi paas only I left.

Priyanka and Mahi hugging each other’s in happiness.

Priyanka:Bhaiya me and mahi come first they all get happy kunj is happy but still for rudra sad his happiness is in rudra result. Kunj and Omkara finding rudra names they didn’t getting. Rudra started crying.

Kunj:please rudra. They all students pushing each other.

Anjali: ru don’t be sad see till now you don’t know anything before only you assume you failed haa.

Kunj:in heart I can’t let my brother failed babaji please give me less happiness but pass rudra. Kunj and om searching rudra name finally they get it. Their finger on name both look at each other fear clearly visible on their face and eyes.They both closed their eyes and take deep breath moved their eyes slightly they were shocked to see both turned and all looks at each other they all see kunj and Omkara face expression making them too scared.

Anjali:why you both giving this look. Rudra get sad understand he is gone now. He get up went from there while kunj and Omkara run behind him others too.

Kunj:dumble Sarna wait..

Omkara: yes protein powder. Rudra stop and turned and look at his both brothers having tears in his eyes.They run towards him immediately hugged rudra. They break the hug and both wiped rudra tears he is really our cry baby kunj.


Rudra:now I’m going Australia 😭😭.

Kunj: why you’ll go till when your Bhaiya is alive I’ll not let you go away from your brothers.

Om:yes rudra we are one soul split intro three bodies you were saying na. All look at them only. Kunj and Omkara boy said together loudly.. RUDRA YOU ARE PASS IN YOUR EXAMS.. all started smiling while rudra too.

Rudra:really I’m pass na don’t be kidding.

Kunj:no rudra why I’ll.Really you passed they both hugged rudra.

Rudra:now I’ll not go anywhere.

Om:yes you’ll not go anywhere. They all congratulations to rudra.

Kunj: let’s go everyone must be waiting for you result.

Chinki: let’s do party what’s say.

Anjali:yes celebration is needed😂😂.

Omkara:let’s go we all will celebrate together.They all went to Sarna Mansion. Tej just waiting for kunj while rest of is nervous and in tension as well…

Lata::why this kids taking so much time.

Manohar:MAA they’ll come you calm down.They all come tej look at Kunj he having smile on his face.While others stand in side tej just waiting for them only.
Priyanka come and went to tej.

Priyanka:pa😄. I come first.. tej give her smile and keep his hand on her cheek.

Tej:I’ll knew it my daughter will always make me proud god bless you.Let me see your brother and his two brothers.

Kunj standing in front of tej while om and rudra beside him.

Tej:so yes mr Kunj Sarna what happened why you looking so tensed. I told you na before only he’ll not pass.Hope now you are understand.And please kindly leave your brother responsibilities on my hand.

He’ll go now.

Kunj:first pa if you told me he’ll not pass and you’ll send him.Even i too told you na that I’ll not let send him anywhere and second he’ll pass I’ll make him.Take this.
Kunj forward some papers to tej he take and look at paper get surprised as well shocked too.I remember pa everything.

What promise I give you do with myself. Today I fulfilled rudra is pass in exams more over he is not just pass but with second rank.Others too don’t know about this they too shocked while tej didn’t believed on his eyes and ears he again check and see it’s right rudra come second.If he failed it till than also I’ll not back off from his responsibilities. If he is my brother not any thing so I can back off anytime.

Tej:great.Even I’m so happy what else I wanted.If your bother pass with good marks my son too.

Rudra:really Bhaiya second rank see clearly its may be last😂😂😂. All laugh out to see this.

Kunj: if last than you’ll sitting right now in flight 😛😛😝. Prithviraj and Lata hugged rudra.

Lata:mera pota dekh tej I told you na. They are my pote they always shine like a star.

Prithviraj:right tej.

Rudra: this all happened because of Bhaiya.. If he is not here than this can’t happened it. Thanks Bhaiya but no thanks😂😂.Both grand parents and grand sons share group hug.

Kunj and Omkara happiness has no boundaries today.

Priyanka: so mean Bhaiya you both just happy for your bother not for me..

Tej: your pa is happy for you.

Aayat: now ru bro party😜😜

Rudra: tujhe or party huhu.

Aayat: don’t fly so much today 😛😝😂..

Avantika: god bless you my son.She caress Kunj face.Really Rudra you are lucky you have world best brothers.Finally my kunj hard work worth it.Arey what about you all.

Rahul:they too pass badi MAA and your daughter in law too top in her class😛😛.
Tej and Avantika get so happy for twinkle.
Rudra really we are shocked.

Priyanka:my credit goes to jiju.

Mahi:my too and om he look at mahi.They All sit after sometimes left. Kunj and twinkle went in their room.

Twinkle: now what happened mr husband ji sending me for re-exams.😛😛.

Kunj:haa now don’t act smart with me. Really good and happy for you. Congratulations. Wifey ji..

Twinkle: thanks kunj if you not help me I can’t.

Kunj:wow can you repeat again twinkle saying thanks to me😛😛.

Twinkle:haa sadu Sarna..
happy for rudra too kunj really you are the best brothers.

Kunj:you don’t know twinkle today I’ll sleep peacefully I have rudra tension only.

Can’t let him go away from me..he is my lil brother. I just love most my both brothers and Aayat.

Twinkle: what about two😛😛😂😜.

Kunj:they are daddy girls.Even Aayat too but I saw her everything her first step and rudra me and om used to do his all work.

My both babies brother and sister.😍😍.

Twinkle:I love your bonding Kunj.

Kunj:you leave this all you should rest okay.

they both get freshen up.While rudra is so happy he just dancing.Tej see him and give smile. After sometimes later they all sit for dinner avantika and Usha make Twinkle and Priyanka or Rudra favourite dishes..

Rudra:smell coming awesome.Today I’ll eat fully.


Usha:look my son become so thin.Rudra sitting beside tej. Tej feeding Aayat and rudra too. Kunj and om see give smile.

Avantika:Twinkle beta now you feel good na.

Twinkle:yes mummy ji I’m fine now.

Lata:have your food nicely okay.

Rahul:really kunj you should take care of twinkle what type of husband you are😛😝. Seems like twinkle all energy finish 😜😂. So mean kunj all understood in what way he telling.All giggles slightly Kunj see this feel awkward and give death glares.

After dinner and they all sit together.

Usha:what you people did it.

Twinkle:we enjoy lot chote MAA.Twinkle tell them each and everything what they did it In manali..

Tej:you enjoy na beta that’s awesome.

Rudra: pa my car,,

Tej:your brother is here. Good night. Let’s go Aayat. All elders went in their rooms while all youngsters sit together..

Kunj:you speak very much in front of everyone wait.Kunj throw cushions at him.

Rahul: ouch what did I said wrong I just wait while gong here and there twinkle energy wasted you take in wrong Itself 😛😂. Very bad kunj chiii. All laughing out.

Kunj:Acha don’t smart.. jija ji.. let her come I’ll tell her about you..

Anjali: right bade Papa telling she is coming back.

Kunj:yup message me..

Rudra:Bhaiya you just forget this listen to me where is my car..

Rahul: in my room😂😂😂..

Rudra:G please na..See Bhaiya now I pass with good marks so I wanted my car you promised me.

Anjali:kunj your all money went in his car.

Rahul:yes usually he used his all money 😂😛.Now rudra you are not alone twinkle is too😛😛spend her husband money..

Rudra:I don’t know anything. Just wanted my car.

Kunj:rudra Okay fine.

Rudra: chale to see my car.

Kunj: at this time rudra are you gone mad na.

Rudra: finally my car he imagined and see all girls running behind his car. All girls behind my car wow..

Om:he taking car just to impress girls.

Rudra:hehe.. yup.

Rahul: rudra what about your London wali girlfriends 😛😛😂. Still in touch.

Rudra: yes their calls coming daily.

Anjali: what they were saying.

Rudra: see rudra baby when you’ll come in missing you so much without you no fun in parties. Kunj slap on his cheek playfully.

Kunj:they just miss your money.

Om:yes who paid their bills too.

Kunj:true rudra they all just behind your money.

Rahul: you know rudra me and kunj never spend our pocket money.

Priyanka: what you both did..

Rahul: usually one Sufficient amount we get it.So we didn’t do any party and all’s both save our money. But like rudra we have malika.


(Sorry guys malika parents name is jaanvi and Rishab not sapna and vishal due to mistake I write sorry for them..)

Kunj: because she too like do this and that even jaanvi aunty didn’t give her money too much. So she spend ours too.

Twinkle: I don’t know about this bhabhi.

Rahul: you don’t know nothing about your bhabhi jo she look na that she is not. Me and kunj knows her only.Totally crazy girl. Because of her many times we too scold by teachers. One time we run kunj gestured him he stop.

Anjali: why you stop. What fishy??

Kunj:nothing di you leave about us and tell me who booked honeymoon suits.. ha Anjali looking at om. So Omkara you.

Om: Arey what I’ll do badi MAA and dadi..

Twinkle: that photographer only you people held dadi we know.

Anjali:yes it’s so interesting na.

Twinkle: not annoying he is irritated.

Kunj:she toh enjoying asked me. Do this pose.

Twinkle:that titanic pose kunj😝😂😂.. Kunj see the time get up and bring twinkle medicine with hot milk.

Kunj:take your medicines.

Twinkle: kunjj please now I’m fine.

Anjali:aw so romantic husband ji bring wifey medicines 😂😜😜..

Twinkle: I don’t want now.

Kunj: I didn’t asked you twinkle take it kunj smirked and sit okay you don’t want.

You know guys doctor give twinkle injection and she screaming and crying like a baby😂😂😂. He wink at rahul.

Rahul: acha rudra ki behan.. cry baby. Twinkle looking at Kunj with anger eyes 😛.

Kunj:yes she crying like this he did her mimic😂😂😂..

Om:we miss it.. poor.

Kunj:don’t worry om twinkle will give Once again.

Twinkle: why Sadu Sarna.. it’s so bitter medicines

Kunj: because you are not taking your medicine fine you’ll not get fine again doctor will give you injection and you scream like mummy 😭😭😭. Than I’ll make your funny video and show everyone😂😂.

Twinkle: you’ll not.

Kunj: you’ll stop me how.??

Twinkle: because I’ll take the medicines and you wont be able to make my video as i am taking medicine. She take the medicine with out water and all shocked.

Kunj:you didnt drink water after taking it?

Rudra: yes..

Twinkle: if I can bear your saduness and I can take this better medicines without water too. Other laughing at Kunj.

Rahul: kunjj I mean what a wife😂😂😂.

Kunj: you are mad siyappa queen now drink this milk too.

Twinkle: that I’ll not..

Kunj:see twinkle I don’t want to fight with you so please drink you’ll feel good.

Anjali:yes twinkle drink. Rudra and om make her drink the milk.

Priyanka: let’s go rudra Bhaiya om Bhaiya.

Rudra: pinku don’t started studying from now only.

Priyanka: nope😂.

Kunj: idea was not bad..

Rudra: now bhabhi is free..

Rahul: now real life now started husband and family.

Rudra:G after marriage life started husband work do this and that and his family responsibilities what is in last.

Rahul: closed his one eyes end on baby rudra 😂😂start with two than don’t know Kitno phar end 😂😂.

Kunj: what about yours till now your should starts. Baby😛😂.

Rahul:don’t worry soon I’ll make you mammu😂😂😂..

Anjali: shame Rahul.

Rahul: what Rahul.

Rudra: di and G even you’ll have baby girl and her name too Anjali na.

Rahul: means how you so sure..

Rudra: because in movie kuch kuch hota hai. Anjali and Rahul have daughter Anjali.

All look at rudra and hold their heads nothing can’t happened..

Om: dumble it’s a movie na..

Rudra: ha but.. they both Rahul and Anjali na.

Kunj: aeshe toh dadu and dadi calling each other bye raj and Simran 😂😛.

Rahul: than where is Simran father jaa Simran jaaa jee le apni Zindagi 😂😂.

Kunj: used your mind now I’m doubting how you got second rank😂😂😂😂..

Anjali: okay bye good night.

Twinkle: good night. They all went in their rooms.

Twinj [email protected]

Kunj and twinkle lay down on the bed.

Twinkle:I’ll see you later in front of everyone you making fun of me na sadu she take the pillow and hitting him. While Kunj laughing out.

Kunj:Twinkle please stop.Kunj hold her hand twinkle half on kunj. Both look at each other. Sajana ve play in bg. Kunj leave twinkle hand while twinkle without saying anything lay down and turn her back facing to kunj. Both closed their eyes and sleep while smiling thinking about that night 😛😛.

Episode freezes on Their face..


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