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Porus 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Performs Ambhi Alka and Dasyu Raj’s Last Rights

Porus 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Alexander gets angry when Hephastian drags Alexander from battlefield to save his field. Back to their side of river, Alexander angrily raises sword to behead him, but stops. Hephastian says he is just worried for king’s life. Alexander says he does not want a coward who is worried for king’s life and wants a broad minded general who can capture the world in his first; from now on, Hephastian will not head any war and orders to send a message to Selukus and call him here. In Faras, Selukus is seen sharpening his sword while soldiers enjoy dance. One of them says Selukus is army general, anyone else will sharpen his sword. Selkus says one’s life is dependent on the sword and he cannot take a chance. Inebriated Farsi soldier loudly boasts that he heard a news what Alexander’s

wife went to Porus pleading for Alexander’s life, soon they will be freed from Alexander’s cruelty and Faras will be free again, then Selukus should leave Faras. Selukus comes in front, and soldier gets afraid. Selukus hands him over sword and provokes to complete his wish. Soldier attacks Selukus repeatedly, but Selukus escapes and slits soldier’s throat. He sees messenger holding a message and asks if it is for him, then give it. He reads it and smirks saying, Alexander..he is coming, now game is more exciting.

Puru with his family starts Alka and Dasyu raj’s last rights. Bamni addresses that Pourav rastra will not forget their sacrifice. Puru addresses that they sacrificed their lives for Bharath, united Bharath will not forget them and their name will be immortal. He address Dasyu raj that he bought him up and gave him best gift of his life, Laachi. Laachi emotionally addresses her father that he can go to mom, she is there to continue his clan. Rajguru asks Puru to set fire to Alka and Dasyu raj’s bodies. Puru says Dasyu Raj’s heir Laachi will perform his last rights.

Alexander vents out his anger on dummies and fumes that he could not defeat Porus. Ambhi walks in and says they both will finish Porus. Alexander says he could not defeat a pregnant woman and is useless, he wants him do whatever he wants but bring Porus to him.

Precap: Puru greets Mahamartya and asks where is Dhananand. Mahamartya says Magadh naresh will reach after enjoying hunting. Alexander greets Dhananand.

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