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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun goes to kill raktbeej.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha saying to kanha that I had decided that from now on I wont talk about any asur to you. Kanha says ok, radha says but when you said about rakhtbeej I thought of talking to you as I had heard that if even a single drop of his blood falls on the ground then another rakhtbeej takes birth. Kanha says that rakhtbeej might be powerful but not more powerful than you. Radha says that what has happened to you kanha this Navratri as you are just praising me a lot. She says but what are you doing under this tree. Come on lets go home as everyone is waiting for us. He stands up and says that I was making this pushpa mala as every Navratri it is given to maa durga on this occasion as she loves it. Radha says lets go and give it to maa durga. Kanha says no radha there is

no need to go to maa durga as you are my maa durga. She says how can I be devi Shakti/durga, he says that every woman in this world has a goddess/devi Shakti in her. Radha says that I don’t know whether I am devi Shakti or not but even I love pushpa mala a lot so make me wear it. He makes her wear it. He says that this mala is looking very pretty on you, it seems as if goddess durga is wearing it. Narad Muni says that radha and kanha are talking about pushpa which you like and what is there in this pushpa. Lakshmi says that your prabhu likes the fragrance of these pushpa a lot therefore I love them. Narad Muni says that I even understood why kanha has made radha wear this garland as he wants to make rakhtbeej die through radha. She tells narad muni the story of devi Shakti that one fine day she was meditating and she got to know about asur’s thinking. Rakhtibeej asks her to wake up from her meditation as he and his asur’s are impressed by her meditation. Devi brahmacharini/Shakti wakes up and asks him to leave from here as she is mediatating and she is in her nonviolent character so she doesn’t want to fight. Rakhtbeej speaks ill to instigate her and says that he will kill her. Devi Shakti closes her eyes and disappears and reaches to a pushpa tree garden. Rakhtbeej says this devi won’t have gone much far let’s find her. Devi Shakti says to the pushpa tree that please save me from this rakhtbeej as I want to mediate and can’t leave this non-violentic character. The tree’s pushpa raja comes out and says that I am blessed to save you mata. And now i will make you a tree you’ll get invisible to them as devi Shakti but visible to them as a pushpa tree. Rakhtbeej and his asur gang comes there and he asks them to search devi Shakti and I want to kill her now and I won’t leave her now.
Asur gang comes and tells him that we could not find her anywhere. One of the asur says that it seems she has lost in the garden somewhere. Rakhtbeej says that you have proved by your cowardice behavior that you don’t have the guts to face the asur. He then says that now from next time don’t dare to come infront of us, saying so they leave. Lakshmi says to narad muni that this way those pushpa saved devi Shakti. Narad muni says Narayan Narayan and says I understood mata. Devi Shakti again turns into her own form and says that from now on my favourite pushpa will be jusrt udhr pushpaand whoever gives me these pushpa I will complete all their wishes. Kanha says now you understood radha as this is the reason why maa durga loves them so much. Radha says yes I know and these pushpa are so frangrant and pretty. A kaka comes running searching radha and kanha. They say what happened kaka. He says that rakhtbeej has attacked Varanasi. Radha shouts what! Rakhtbeej. They both run there to save everyone. There rakhtbeej comes to attack Varanasi. Balram says that you won’t be able to do anything to anyone until I am here. he goes running towards rakhtbeej and pushes him with force. Rakhtbeej falls down and says only vishnu’s avatar is powerful then who is this balak.
He gets up and balram says that I won’t leave you rakhtbeej and they start fighting. Balram hits him and then rakhtbeej thinks that he doesn’t even know that if even one drop of my blood falls down then one more rakhtbeej will give birth and I’ll keep on multiplying. They both fight and rakhtbeej defeats balram and he falls down. Krishna comes there and makes him get up and says that are you fine? Balram says that you don’t worry kanha I will kill this rakhtbeej. Kanha runs to the people and says that stop all of you and on’t attack rakhtbeej as he is not any ordinary asur and has many dangerous powers. They say no kanha we all will kill him. gurudev says that kanha is saying the truth and don’t kill him. mata durga will take care of him but we need to keep the diya lightened so that mata doesn’t get unsatisfies or angry. Kanha says I will take care of that and runs to balram and says that don’t fight with him and save this jyot/diya from rakhtbeej as mata will automatically take care of him. balram agrees and runs with the jyot to save it. Balram ends up waitng at the cliff and rakhtbeej comes there and says that now you won’t get saved from me. Arjun and yudishtir come there and say we will kill this rakhtbeej don’t worry balram. Balram was about to stop Arjun from aiming his arrow at rakhtbeej but it leaves his bow and hits rakhtbeej. His blood drops fall on the floorand many rakhtbeej multiply. They all start laughing evily. The episode ends on balram’s worried face.

Precap: Everyone in barsana is praying and there radha as maa durga comes to the aide of varans people to save them from rakhtbeej.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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