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Zaroori Tha | I’ll Snatch You From Sky Too | Shot 5

Hey everyone this is the fifth shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.

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@ RM

What happened to Anu/ Anika/di/bhabhi.” All asked dr worriedly

Mr Rajput your daughter and Mr Oberoi your wife is absolutely fine but…… Aarohi cuts but what dr

“Don’t she sleep and eat well?” Dr asked

All glance eachother.

“Her eyes !!” Are covered with dark circles and eyes have red membrane. She’s highly stress. I’ve given her injection but still make sure she sleep well.

Nine to twelve hours at night and two to three hours in noon and please make her eat, she’s too skinny. I’ve taken her blood sample to clear your doubts. “Dr reported “

But do take my instructions or advice serious. You know what i mean. And don’t worry she’s fine just due to weakness and meeting you all specially Mrs Rajput your daughter fainted.  Now i’ll take your leave. Tomrrow evening i’ll come along with her reports

“Bhavya took Dr along with her to drop her to door”

Aarohi was about to go , when someone grasp her hand. She looked on..

“Don’t you dare to get close to her again. Aarohi”  Dev spoke pulling Aarohi”

It’s just because of you only you again pride of Dev Singh Rajput again digging her grave.

Gauri ” Dad pl….. .( Dev cuts)

“Princess you stay quite. Not only you but i don’t want anyone to come in between me and Princess of Jhodpur” Dev spoke eyeing all with red eyes.

“Dev just let me meet her once” Aarohi pleads

No, you will again meet her and again seeing you infront of her. She’ll fall weak again.

“Princess  of Jhodpur!!” My daughter was never weak. She  made other weak an example standing infront of you  ” Shivaay Singh Oberoi” who was Stone but now look at him he became Soft and the one who was soft again……..

 ” Why?”  Because you , her heartbeat snatch that warmth, that humane from her.

She’s not afarid of anyone in this world not even from death but except you Aarohi.

The one who loved her like crazy but today your gaze made her shiver……. . Why?

Because you are not anymore ” Maa aur Aloo poori sirf Anu ki hai aur kisi ki nahe”

Aarohi nods negativity tears rolling down from her hazel orbs

You are ” Rajkumari ji !!” For her….     Dev shouted

They away an ordinary person thinks or hesitates to meet the royals.

 The same way your own blood will do that and “you know what ?”  It should be written on the walls of Princess Aarohi Palace




( An ordinary person can call Princess by her name but her own first child her own Anu can’t call her mother. She will call you , what you are in actual.

Princess !! )

“I’m sorry Dev”!! Aarohi cries

“What sorry hah, what sorry? ” kya tumhara sorry us thaapad ki gahooj ko shant kar sakta hai jo tumhein us ki rooh par maara tha.

( whether your sorry will calm that slap echoes that you slapped on her soul)

Aarohi kyun tumhein Anu ko khud ke itna kareeb kar liya tha? Ke us ko tumhein apni duniya dikhne lagi. 


( why Aarohi you brought Anu so close to you? That u became her entire world)

Din hua to Anu ki Maa aur Raat hui to Anu ki Maa. Kyun Maa Princess aur Doll ki Maa nahe. Kyun?

( Day and night Anu’s mum. Why not princess and doll mum. Why?)

Dev clutches her ” why only Anu?”

Kash tum ney woh thappad usey us din maar diya hota jis din us ney pheli baar  kaha tha ke “Maa aur Aloo poori sirf Anu ki hai aur kisi ki nahe”. Tab tumhein usey  thappad laga kar yeh kehti ke nahe Maa sirf Anu ki nahe balke Maa Aniriya ki Maa hai sirf Anu ki naheeeeeeeeeee. 

( wished u slapped her that day when Anu for the first time said Mother is only Anu’s mother. You should slapped her on the spot and told her that no i’m not only yours but i’m Anriya mother)

Dev pushes Aarohi away ” stop crying and i’m warning you stay away from her and me”

Shivaay place her in your lap but now you’ll see she won’t be your Anu anymore.

“Mark my words!!!”

 After an hour

Shivika room

Girl slowly opens her eyes she felt something wired , she close her eyes for second to recollect the back hours.


Who are you? And why blocked my way? Shanaya asked coming out from her car

Four figures came out from chopper and stood infront of Shanaya.

 Figure of six people came out from stood in a row at her back

She gazes her left, two figures were riding on bike

She gazes right and two figures were standing on bike

“Kon ho tum sab?” Shanaya asked while gazing them.

Non replied her back and kept on marching ahead towards her.

She took her hand back and

holds gun out from her back…..

“stop you their , you all ” If you inch came close to me than i’m gonna shoot you all. ” Shanaya threatens them pointing gun”

None took her threat serious and kept on marching ahead

Shanaya loads the gun she was about to press the tigger when Bhavaya kicks and made gun falls on the road.

Not so soon Miss Ruthless. You are under arrested. ” voice spoke “

“Who the hell you a…… before Shanaya could complete

Someone made Shanaya smell  chloroform and made her unconscious.

Flashback pause


Then what ? Shanaya tighten her eyes

Flashback continues 

Aur yeh itna andhra kyun hai.Arye kuch to bol , suniye nahe de raha, kya? kaan ke parde mochee se bunawane ke liya rakhe ke aye ho, aur bakar eid par apni zubhan ko qurban kar ke aye ho.

( why it’s so dark? Say something, can’t you hear have you give your eardrum to cobbler for mending, and on eid al adha slaughter your tongue )

 Shanaya stuggles with handcuffs i said open my eyes and hands. Who are you all and why you kidnapped me. Look if you think that i’ll tell you were Rajveer is, then you are mistaken. Nor i know nor i’ll tell you anything.

Know before i chop you all. Just open me knowwwww. She started sweating because of darkness.

Someone revomes blindfold from Shanaya eyes.

Shanaya slowly opens her eyes, her eyes got popped to find herself in Aarohi’s lap. She topples on floor and gulped her saliva.

Aarohi kept on staring her that made, Shavaya more frighten of her glance. She quickly pick herself from floor and without making  eye contact with Aarohi steps backward.

Aarohi stood up and steps ahead

Shanaya from the corner of eye gazed back  Rajput’s and Oberoi’s  “ALL FOR ONE”

Four figure that stood infront of her their face got revealed they were Dev, Devi ji, Chanda and Sahil.

Figure of six that blocked her back were Shivaay, Dadi ji,Tej , Jhanvi, Pinky and Shakti

Rikara and Ruvya were bike riders.

Person who arrested her was Bhavya and who made her unconscious was Gauri

Shanaya rolled her eyes to front, her whole body trembled to find Aarohi ” ONE FOR ALL”

She trembles with Aarohi gaze and fell unconscious

Flashback ends

Nooooo !! She mumbled and short sits on bed. She gets shocked to find pair of blue orbs glaring her.

You!! Shanaya furiously came out of bed and stood infront of Shivaay.

“Yes, Me and myself Shivaay”

You Miss Ruthless!! Kesa lagye dhula ji, bharati aur ishqbaazo ka dhulaan ko ghar wapis lane ka style. Ek dam khirkitod na 👌

Shivaay pulled her close and twisted her wrist back

“What you mean?” Shanaya asked  struggling to get free from his hold.

That what, Miss Ruthless will answer us all. ” Shivaay twisted her another wrist and kept it back.”

Shanaya shouts ” i said leave me”, otherwise i’ll do case of harsment on you. “Did you get that?” She spoke struggling with his hold.

“Everyone is present here” Shivaay whispered dangerously.

From police officer to Advocate to countroom.

“But you know what?”  Shivaay kept his cheek on hers……  someone too lives here, who’s law or say above law. She don’t need any proof or evidence to punish the suspect…….. Miss Ruthless

Shivaay parted from her and glare her.

“Shut up !!” And let me go  Mr Ob…….( words dies in her mouth)

@ Aarohi place

“Maa please don’t cry. Whatever dad said, it was just his anger.” Gauri spoke consoling Aarohi.

“I’m crying just because your dad said those words to me” Aarohi spoke with heavy throat.

Then why my daughter crying? Devi ji spoke stepping in.

Devi ji sign Gauri to leave them alone.

Gauri glances Aarohi for last time and stepped out of room.

Devi ji hugs Aarohi and pacfies her” Stop crying Aarohi”

Aarohi hugs Devi ji tightly and burst out” Maa ji i myself don’t know when i just became Anu’s Maa only”

Dev said correct whatever he said ” Why i let Anu close to me why? “

She was kid and kid gets insecure when the get a sibling. They first one always think that parents only belongs to her/him. She /he always tries to be apple of their parent eye it’s natural for them.

Anu with time started getting possessive for me and i instead of stopping her possession for me i took settle myself in same boat.

But why me Maa ji? Why me too got possessive for her ” why i can’t be Princess and Doll mother?”

Dev questioned me ” Why i didn’t stopped Anu for getting close to me. Why? “

Maa ji i don’t have any answer to this. I don’t have any justification to defend myself.

Please tell me why? I did so?

Kyun humein sirf Anu ki Maa aur kisi ki nahe ?

@ Shivika room

Shivaay lock her lips with hers. Shanaya close her eyes tightly in response…..It’s Shivaay , it’s Shivaay…… Shivaay furiously bitting and sucking her lower lips.

Pulling her close to him. I hate this when you call me Mr Oberoi.  Call me Shivaay, Call me billu ji, bagad billa…… He kept on pondering his anger on  soft petals call me Shivaay your Shivaay ….. Anikaaaa

Shanaya gets back to her senses hearing Anika. She pushes him hard. ” Anika” Are you out of your mind? I’m Shanaya not  any Anika .

And how dare you, to kiss me? Shanaya clutches his collar

Shivaay eyes got deep blue in anger, he graps her clutching hand and twril her. Shanaya’s back got hitted with his soild chest……..

Miss Ruthless your game of Shanaya  ended. And i didn’t kissed that Shanaya…  i kissed my Anika, my love, my life and my wife  “Anika Singh Rajput” on whom i’ve very and every right to touch and kiss.  Shivaay spoke nuzzling her face and neck.

Open your eyes and look around your true identity without any mask.

Shivaay twril her again and made her face him. Look in my eyes Miss Ruthless , yes you are Rurthless but see who are you in real.

Shanaya eyes grew big to see Anika face in Shivaay eyes.


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