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Why is nandini alone being blamed?

Silsila has become trending nowadays with everyone bashing nandini. from sl*t to b*t*h, it has now become psycho. i don’t understand why everyone is targeting her. Why isn’t anyone telling anything about Kunal? So Nandini knows Mauli from childhood, But Kunal knows Mauli in and out right?
Nandini is being selfish, I agree.
But she doesn’t deserve your condemnation. The people who are calling Nandini a sl*t… What rights do you have to do that? Just because you support Mauli? Even Mauli had the decency not to do that. Why can’t you use proper language?
This hatred towards Nandini but nothing towards Kunal shows how we are. We may call ourselves feminists or being in the modern era.. The truth is, you believe kunal was a jerk. All men are jerks. so why point fingers at them? Instead, let’s point our finger towards nandini who’s mauli’s best friend.
By calling nandini names, I feel like I’m supporting Mauli. I’m such a good person. How moronic is that? If you want to support Mauli, you can do so in other ways. But no, you choose this crude way. It shows more about the fans rather than the characters.
As someone who’s watched this show since the beginning, I love all three of the characters. I cried when Nandini lost her baby, I cried when Mauli found out the truth. I watched when Kunal was struggling and hoped that he wouldn’t do the wrong thing. It takes incredible skill to execute this type of emotional drama and instead of praising the actors, we are degrading their work.
Someone actually wished Nandini dies yesterday. Is this the world we live in? Praying for one’s death? How can anyone even think like that? Don’t you feel sorry?
I understand that you guys hate nandini but do you think it’s right? What rajdeep and mauli’s mom are doing? leave aside rajdeep. but mauli’s mom? do you really support her wrong deed just because you support mauli? how can you judge nandini for her deeds then? What makes you better than her?
I’m sorry if I hurt anyone. But in my opinion, None of us have the right to tell off nandini or kunal. You like someone, hope for the best! Don’t bring the other character down. We are human beings, not animals. Empathise with Mauli. Don’t try and show your support by bringing others down cos it shows your character more than your support.
I know this is not going to make any difference, but still thought i should write this. I’m not a nandini or kunal fan. Nor do I support their love. But it’s not my place to tell them anything. I just watch the show and think about what will happen next.
I really appreciate the words Thursday wrote in the last written update and Anjali’s reasoning in 19th september written update. it makes sense and frankly, shows more intelligence than anyone else’s comment. I also like Shraddha’s confusion in deciding who’s right or wrong.
There’s a saying : one wrong or right does not make a person. Understand this.

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