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Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer bhadra attacks gyarahi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya walking in kashi with mushak subodh and gyarahi’s ghost. gyarahi walks faster and says what are you all doing? Why don’t you be quick and walk faster? I want salvation and it doesn’t seem as if you all are interested in it. kartikeya says why are you talking like this? Gyarahi says ganesh ji, you promised me but you don’t seem eager to let me have salvation. Ganesh says gyarahi we are walking, why are you so selfish? When you were alive you had so much time to do good karma but then you never did and now that you have to suffer for your sins, you complain. Ganesh says we are doing everything for you.
As they talk, suddenly the weather turns black and a huge storm comes. Ganesh says what happened to this weather suddenly? A tornado

appears and mahadev’s avatar of veer bhadra starts walking towards them in his huge size. Ganesh says it is father’s veer bhadra form. Veer bhadra comes angrily and says you ghost, how dare you enter kashi? I will kill you. veer bhadra puts his trishul inside gyarahi and lifts him, gyarahi screams in pain and says ganesh ji do something. Kartikeya says ganesh we have to stop veer bhadra ji. Ganesh and kartikeya then say veer bhadra ji, we do pranam, we are the sons of mahadev. Veer bhadra stops and says the sons of mahadev have come to kashi! Veer bhadra smiles. Ganesh says prabhu, we never knew this is your temple. Kartikeya says if we knew then we would have never entered here without permission, but this ghost of gyarahi is with us and we have come to kashi to help him get salvation. Veer bhadra leaves gyarahi and says welcome to you, mahadev’s sons! Veer bhadra says ganesh, I shall allow you all to pass from here with this ghost, because you have promised the ghost that he must get salvation, I shall help you upkeep your promise. Veer bhadra says from here you can pass to ganga river. Ganesh and others walk ahead.
As they reach the ganga river, ganesh says now we have come here and when gyarahi ji will touch the holy water as well, he may get salvation and freedom. Kartikeya and ganesh pray to mata ganga and do rituals, subodh prays to the ganga river and he starts performing the last rites of gyarahi. ganesh and kartikeya touch the water and subodh then takes some water and sprinkles it around. Ganesh says gyarahi now you have to touch the water, after that you will get salvation. Gyarahi comes near the river and as he is about to touch the water, gyarahi is thrown back as he screams in pain. Ganesh says what happened now? why didn’t mata ganga accept gyarahi? ganesh and kartikeya pray to mata ganga, mata ganga appears. Kartikeya and ganesh do pranam. ganesh says mata ganga, gyarahi had to get salvation by touching your holy water but you did not allow, why mata? Mata ganga says ganesh ji, gyarahi is a ghost and according to rules he cannot touch my holy water. Gyarahi says then how will I get freedom? Kartikeya says again you are angry? How man times do I tell you to stay calm! It is your sins that you have to suffer this. Mata ganga says gyarahi can get salvation but not through my water, there is a lake for all ghosts in kashi who need freedom, it is at the temple of mahadev’s shiv ling. Ganesh says what? Where is it? gyarahi is happy.
Mata ganga says many years ago, a disciple of mahadev made a shiv ling in kashi and he started praying to the shiv ling. After sometime, varun dev was impressed and he gave darshan to the disciple, to allow him to complete his Pooja and aarti to mahadev, varun dev created a lake so that he could get water for the shiv ling everyday. Until his death, he kept meditating and praying to the shiv ling, after his death a ghost stayed near that shivling on a tree and he troubled all disciples and rishi’s of mahadev who came there for prayer because he was not allowed to touch the water of the lake by varun dev as he was a ghost. One day he threw a rishi inside the water because of his frustration, the disciple prayed to mahadev to save his life. Mahadev saved the rishi and gave freedom to the ghost and since then he blessed the lake that if any ghost came there and touched its waters they would get salvation.

Precap: ganesh, kartikeya, mushak ji, subodh and gyarahi go to the lake. Gyarahi goes to touch the water to get freedom.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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