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Porus 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Creates More Problems for Puru

Porus 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Puru gets concerned seeing his soldiers dying. Chanakya says they should destroy groceries. Ambhi kumar says they should burn all the groceries and food available, he will send a message to his people and order them to send food. Hasti says he will send message to his dynasties for help. Dasyu raj says they will also help. Alexander tells Hepastian that he has broken Porus’ backbone, but he will not keep quiet easily. Bamni says how can anyone act so cruel and attack innocent people cowardly. Chanakya says Alexander has won almost half of the world and for his mission, he can go to any extent. Puru says his people are most important for him.

Cletius rides horse near Jhelum shore and stops seeing a woman bathing. Barsine smirks seeing him and walks towards him seductively. He says

she should not wander here alone. She goes closer to him and asks if he forgot he is also a human serving Alexander, is he married or not yet, he would not have serving Alexander, he is just a pawn for Alexander to fulfill his dreams and nothing else. He twists her hand angrily. She frees him and walks laughing that he will waste his life behind Alexander. She thinks a small doubt will destroy nations.

Chanakya watches soldiers’ bodies being burnt. People get out of control. Bhairav tells Chanakya that he burnt most bodies and lessened risk towards Pourav rastra. Chanakya says still a lot more disaster is awaiting, Alexander will create more problems. Puru collects fruits and vegetables from citizens. People plead to lave some food for children. Puru says he is doing this for their safety and sadly walks away with food cart.

Alexander gets into Barsine’s room. She smirks. He gets clothes and says he got clothes for her so that she can wear them while she goes to river shore for bathing. She tries to leave. He stops her and says he knows what is going on in her mind, she married him, but her loyalty is still towards Puru and wants him to lose; she should stop brainwashing his loyals. Barsine says Cletius has his own personal problems and she will not tell him what Cletius thinks, she knows her fate that she his married to Alexander till she is alive and has accepted it.

Laachi sees a boy crying for food and consoles him. Puru sees a girl pleading for food and consoles her and assures to get her food soon. Ambhi kumar and his mother get jealous seeing that. Puru says he will fight against this plaque and Alexander and will not accept defeat easily and says Hasti has gone to get grocery from other dynasty.

Precap: Alexander says he wants Porus to bend in front of him, that will happen only when he sees his citizen dying from hunger. Hasti brings groceries, Hephastian destroys groceries. Citizen ask Puru what they will eat now.

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