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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti Goes Missing

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kunti does not reach Banaras and her phone is not reachable. Kanhaiya tries her number and panics. Bahus also try her number and panic. Prarthana says Kunti’s friend Vidya aunty is waiting in bus stop since morning, Kunti did not reach at all. Kanhaiya says Pratap went to drop Kunti into bus. Bahus shout Nandoijii. Pratap comes disguised as dacoit and says he got Kunti on bus itself as flight does not go to Banaras from Meerut. He says Kunti is a big foodie, she must have got down to have lassi faluda on the way and bus would have left, imagining the incident. Pari says Kunti must have got down to hav panipuri and bus would have left, imagining the incident. Pratibha says kidnappers would have kidnapped maaji for ransom. Their theories continue.

Kanhaiya with Pari

rushes to police station and asks constable Shambhu to file missing complaint. Shambhu asks how does he now his name. Kanhaiya says it is on his nameplate. Shambhu asks other constable to write complaint. Kanhaiya says his mother got on Banaras bus and did not get down at all. Inspector enters and his jokergiri starts. He says without any ransom call or 24 hours of missing, he cannot file complaint. Kanhaiya with Pari waits in police station.

Pratibha asks Pari to send Kunti’s photo to Vidya aunty, calls Vidya aunty and asks her to search Kunti showing pic. Vidya aunty says she sent mahabharath’s kunti’s photo. Pratibha scolds Pari. Pratap starts his jokergiri in markt and showing Kunti’s photo says this is the woman who forces him to do household chores, if they find her, they can drop her to some unknown place. Kusum scolds him. Their jokergiri continues.

Landline rings. Pratibha, Panjeri, Prarthana and Pari panic thinking kindapper called. Pratibha picks call. A man aks to keep money ready, he is coming. She asks where is maaji. He says maaji is also coming with him. Kanhaiya is in police station determined to not leave police station without Kunti. Constable brings drunkard and makes him sit next to Kanhaiya. Another constable handcuffs Kanhaiya mistaking him as drunkard. Pratibha calls him. He asks drunkard to pick call. Drunkard picks call and starts his jokergiri. Inspector enters and handles situation. Pratibha tells Kanhaiya that kindapper had called and asked to keep ransom money ready, he will come with Kunti and collect money, he should not inform police as they cannot take chance. Inspector hhears everything. Kanhaiya reaches home and brings 1,50,000 rs from his account and says Kunti has rest of money. Pratap yells as usual. All bahus contribrute in their own style and wait for kindapper. Kunti is seen locked in a room and banging door seeking help.

Precap: A man enters and showing sword asks if they got his money. Kanhaiya shows money bag and asks to bring Maiya. He runs out to bring maiya.

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