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Dil Hi Toh Hai 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rithvik breaks his relation with Noons

Dil Hi Toh Hai 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sethu asking Palak if Rithvik came to know everything. Palak says he is hurt and tells that she has to leave this job. She walks inside. Bebe asks Vijay Padh why did he stop Shanaya and Shivam from going to school. Vijay says this punishment is given by Mamta. Rithvik comes and says when Shivam’s wife comes, he will treat her like a door mat. He says his love is conditional, his wife and daughters are his respect and someone else daughters are insulted, you made Palak stand outside till 1 am. Vijay Padh says you are saying your wife’s words and says it is your wife’s conspiracy to work on the same project. Rithvik says she has nothing to do with anything than me. He asks why don’t you trust me? Vijay says I hate her so much and she is wrong at my side, when you

got married to her, I burnt the newspaper without seeing the pic. Rithvik asks Shivam never to love anybody else she would be insulted too. Vijay says Rishabh must have done his work, Palak must have done. Rithvik says goons misbehaved with her. Rishabh comes as his wife calls him. Rithvik asks why everyone is believing you? Rishabh says that girl has made your life a mess. Vijay asks him to leave his house.

Rithvik says I am done, I am breaking my relation with this family and saying that I have no relation with this family. He says I will not come here again, I am done, be happy. He walks off with teary eyes. Rishabh pretends to console Vijay and tells that I am with you Dad. Mamta comes home and sees Rithvik. She gets happy. Rithvik says I have broken all relations with this family and tells everything. He says Dad doesn’t care about us. Aman asks what happened? You said that Rishabh has done something. Rithvik says Dad and Rishabh think her wrong. Mamta says she will sort out everything. Rithvik says he will return when he thinks her wrong and tells that Palak has bear so much. Mamta tells Aman that she will go with Rithvik and will come back in the evening.

Palak tells Setu that she tried to leave the house, but boss told her not to mix professional and personal matters and gave her promotion. Setu is happy. Vikrant meets someone and tells that you are helping Palak in every way and shall meet her. Palak calls Rithvik and tells about her promotion, she says she don’t know why they want to mess with Noons. Setu messages Ananya and asks her to come to café. Palak talks to her. Ananya brings Reva there. Setu asks them to sit. Reva says she will not sit and insults Palak. Setu says I thought we will sort out things. Palak says if you are happy with this then its ok. She comes home and sees Mamta. She says mom and touches her feet. Mamta says this is my son and daughter in law’s house. Palak gets happy. She asks her to tell what she wants to have? Rithvik says she makes such delicious food and teases her. He asks about her boss. Mamta apologizes to Palak on Rishabh and Vijay’s behalf.

Palak says she wants everything to be fine, Rithvik is away from his family because of her. Mamta asks her not to blame herself and asks her to sit. She makes her wear bangles and tells that it is of Bebe’s bangles which her mum in law gave. Palak gets touched and tells that she got best mum in law. She says Rithvik was teasing as she just know to make green tea and nothing else. Mamta laughs and asks her not to make chicken for him as he likes to have it when Vijay makes. Palak asks about Vijay and says Rithvik cares for him much. Mamta says you both love each other a lot. Now I feel someone loves Rithvik so much. Palak asks Mamta about Vijay’s health and tells her that she has calm down Rithvik last night. She asks about Rithvik’s mom and says he told in sleep not to leave him.

Mamta says Vijay never told me about details about Rithvik’s mum, but I know that they were deeply hurt because of her. She says Vijay is not bad and it is difficult for him to trust a woman, he feels you will break Rithvik his heart. She asks him never to break his trust. She says he will handle if you break his heart, but can’t handle if you break his trust. Vikrant tells his employee to remind him if someone comes. Employee says he has come, today is Thursday. Vikrant says he forgot and goes to see fencing match. He meets his father. His dad says your big daddy don’t lose. His dad says if we both attack then will your big daddy will win. Vikrant and his father fight with the person and fall down. Vikrant says I give up. He calls the masked person as big daddy. Masked person turns out to be woman, whom he calls big daddy.

Rithvik gets dream about his mum. Palak asks him not to stress himself. Vikrant asks his big daddy if she wants to have dinner with Palak. She says no bad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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