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Bigg Boss 12 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Nomination day

Bigg Boss 12 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 7
Jasleen says to Urvashi that now you feel good? Somi says well played, nobody is happy, she is safe from noimations. Saba says Urvashi changed the game. Somi says well played, Anup asks Urvashi to handle herself. Deepak tries to stop Urvashi but she says that you dont talk to me alone so sit here, she leaves. Somi says to Deepak that Urvashi shouldnt have gone to celebrities and said that she felt bad for them. Deepak says she didnt say that, Somi says you are wrong, Deepak says I am not saying she is right.
Shiv says to Sourabh that Urvashi played game, she knows that pairs might nominate her so she took singles votes. Sourabh says Urvashi is wrong, Shiv says I will play.

Saba says to Romil that she is trying to look good, she asks Somi to let

team handle them, we will get nominated.
Deepak says to Kriti that Somi was not listening to Urvashi so she shouted and celebrities came there. Kriti says she should have discussed with her team. Urvashi says I am attached to deepika but I didnt go to anyone else, I was crying. Kriti hugs her.
Saba says to Somi that I am irritated, you shouldnt have accepted that you cheated in task, dont only play for game only, Somi says fine. Saba says you better listen to me, just dont try to save team.

Saba comes to Somi, Somi says leave from here, dont talk to me, I was not disuccing it. Saba says I dont want to look bad. Somi says you go and butter them, Saba says I am not buttering, you accepted that you cheated. Somi says its a game, stop pointing out every single time.

Neha says to Deepika that they have made it look good vs evil, one group wants to win at any cost and one wants to win rightly, this game is about good vs. evil.

Deepak says to Anup that its pairs vs. singles, if we win in tasks then they will be nominated.
Deepika says to Neha that we have to make their numbers decrease. Sristy says if we win tasks then they will be evicted, if celebrities leave then we will be even more less which is not good.

Romil says to pairs that fight in tasks, its okay if we argue but please bear at time of task, dont let it affect task as if we lose then we will be nominated, if you fight then you are benefiting celebrities.

Somi says to Roshmi that you are walking alone, Kriti left you. Roshmi says its heart feeling. Roshmi goes towards pool and falls down, Kriti and Shiv rushes and asks if she is fine? she laughs. Kriti pushes Shiv in pool and his mic is drenched too, Shiv rushes to her, she says no, mic will be wet, dont do it, she whispers that she doesnt want to go in now with Roshmi, she will go in tomorrow with someone else.
Kriti comes to inmates and says Roshmi fell in pool, she laughs.
Somi says Roshmi fell while she was talking. Deepak says to Sourabh that people manage but they damage things, Sourabh laughs. Nirmal takes Roshmi’s wet mic. Saba says this is our captain.

Shiv cleans his mic, Karan says to Kriti that you did mistake, dont worry, just accept it, say sorry to Bigg boss, its fine, Kriti is tensed. Karan says its fine, its okay, Kriti cries. Karan hugs her and says relax. Shiv says no one was hurt, Kriti says I dont want to talk to you, I am done, its wrong publicity for me.

Kriti says to Shiv that I am sorry, he says its okay. Kriti says good people accept apology, I will apologize infront of everyone. Shiv says you created a scene, Kriti says think from a girl’s point of view, whatever happened here.. I was upset, if Roshmi was not in pool then I would have gone in pool. Shiv says its wrong. Kriti says I am sorry.

Day 8
Inmates wake up to song tip tip barsa pani.. inmates dance around. Jasleen dances with Anup.

Kriti asks Jasleen if she needs help? Deepika says we do and clean dishes but last night it was Sourabh’s duty, if he is taking kitchen only to work in day then its wrong. Jaslee says let me talk, if we have two people then one can gather dishes and other can wash. Neha says I can help anytime, if you need me then tell me beforehand, I get tired at night but you people are busy talking till late and then Sourabh asked me to help in washing dishes.

Sree is cutting Deepak’s hair. Karan laughs.
Jasleen is wearing pink, Anup says all are wearing pink today. Jasleen says I wore it by chance. Anup says people do what you do, you are just one of kind, if you can tomatto as onion then I will believe it. Jasleen blushes.

Jasleen says to Saba that Deepika orders around so much in kitchen that I feel like she is my mother in law, she is too bossy, it was a mistake to choose her as captain, we were saved from it.

Bigg boss says to inmates that lets see what you people are doing. Video shows Deepak and Romil are sleeping, alarm keeps ringing, all laugh at them. Kriti and Roshmi are laughing too. Later in video, Roshmi is shown talking in English and Bigg boss reminding her, all laugh looking at video. ,,

Bigg boss says its deliberately broken rules and its right to snatch your captaincy from you but this is a first week so we are not taking that decision but you failed as captains so we are taking immunity of getting saved from nominations so this week Kriti and Roshmi will not be safe from nominations. Kriti and Roshmi are sad. Kriti says I am sorry, Roshmi says you people should listen to his rules. Deepak says you should lead. Roshmi says I will be strict, Somi says you should follow rules. Kriti says we realized our mistakes, we cant be strict all the time, all people have different style, we cant talk strictly all the time. Somi says thats not what I am saying. Saba says Bigg boss made those rules. Kriti says you dont have level to be talked to. Somi says then dont talk, Saba says talk in English. Kriti and others laugh that sisters are fighting. Somi says siblings fight, Big boss brought sisters, not your issue, you dont have any level too. Kriti and Roshmi leaves. Jasleen says thats why we didnt want to make them captain, Kriti was throwing Shiv in pool and is not seriour at all.

Sristy says to Deepak that they got punished. Somi says they shouldnt bring level and all.
Sree says to Kriti that I did a mistake by using that word and you did mistake by calling out on level.
Saba says to Anup that Kriti showed her level.

Kriti asks Karan that tell me if I was wrong? Karan says you were right.
Roshmi says to Jasleen that you people can help captain too, Jasleen says you need to command people.
Karan says to Kriti that Saba and Somi have problem with you, Kriti says they taunted that I have an air about captaincy. Kriti says you have to save me from nominations, I am relying on you. Karan says I am not saying that I wont try to save you but analyze yourself, dont worry, I will try my 100%.

Bigg boss calls inmates to garden, he says its time for nominations, pairs will nominate two singles and singles will nominate two pairs, Kriti-Roshmi got punished so they can be nominated by pairs and singles both. He says that whom you want to nominate, take their skeleton and burn it, Karan, Romil and Nirmal are already nominated so nobody can nominate them. He says Kriti-Roshmi still have a power that they can either save a single or pair from nominations today. Roshmi and Kriti talks, Kriti says Deepak is my brother. Roshmi says I want to Shiv-Sourabh, I feel Deepak and Urvashi will get support compared to Shiv-Sourabh. Kriti whispers to Roshmi that we have to save Deepak, he is our strong candidate, we cant let him nominated, if we save them then we might get saved too, if we save Shiv-Sourabh then our chances of coming in nominations increases. Roshmi says you are right. Kriti says we have decided to save Deepak-Urvashi. Kriti says Deepak is my brother, Roshmi says they didnt fight as a pair.
Jasleen and Anup: Jasleen nominates Deepika as she blamed her for not working in kitchen, she nominates Sristy and says I dont have connection with her. Anup says Sristy doesnt bond with others.
Sristy: She says I dont have connection with Jasleen, she nominates their pair. She nominates Sourabh-Shiv and says they called me weak but I didnt find is valid, I dont have problem with Shiv but I have to nominate pair.
Shiv-Sourabh: Sourabh nominates Sristy, he says she never asked for help. He nominates Neha and says she is following Deepika and has less involvement.
Deepika: She nominates Kriti-Roshmi, she says what happened yesterday was not good, they are captains and shouldnt do it. Deepika nominates Jasleen and Anup as she doesnt have bond with her.
Deepak-Urvashi: Deepak nominates Deepika for losing task, he nominates Neha for less involvement.
Neha: Neha nominates Sourabh-Shiv, she says I have most interaction with Sourabh in kitchen. She nominates Kriti-Roshmi for not handling captaincy, they gave up easily.
Saba-Somi: Somi says Deepika is strong, she nominates her. Saba nominates Sree saying that he takes things to heart when he is angry.
Sree: He nominates Saba-Somi, he says I feel that they argue too much like they did with captains today. He nominates Kriti-Roshmi saying that what happened was childish.
Nirmal-Romil: He nominates Neha saying that she is playing safe. Romil nominates Deepika as she is bossy and she seems very sorted which is dangerous.
Karanvir: He nominates Saba-Somi for repeating things again and again. He nominates Kriti-Roshmi, Karan says we are not allowed to talk about nominations. Roshmi says she talked about nominations to you? Kriti says I just touched the subject, I am shocked. Roshmi says I am disappointed. Kriti says KV I thought you wouldnt do it.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominated inmates are KV, Nirmal, Romil, Kriiti-Roshmi, ,,

Roshmi says to Kriti that you know I am joined with you, why did you talk about nominations to Karan? Kriti says it just went out in talks. Roshmi says how can you? Kriti says I dont want to fight you. Saba and Somi comes there, Saba says we are saved but you people are bearing what you did, you promised to save us. Somi says to Kriti that you promised to save us when you would get power. Jasleen says to Kriti that you shouldnt have promised like that. Somi says Kriti you cant promise like that. Kriti asks her to talk calmly. Shiv says Somi is right. Kriti says only I know how I made you both work, they react badly. Saba says we worked, Kriti says talk to my hand. Saba says you are taunting our family. Urvashi says to Deepak that they like to fight without any reason.

Kriti says to Roshmi that I am sorry, I am asking you to calm down. Roshmi says I was just putting my point, Kriti says you pointed out to me infront of all, Kriti says I said those words in stupidity.
Neha says to Sristy that Roshmi is correct, Kriti didnt want us to take her name. Deepika says she is playing game but gets emotional when others do, Roshmi said that some pairs are splitting that one goes to take side of pairs and one goes to take side of singles.
Roshmi says to Kriti that Deepak might nominate us but Shiv will always take our side and we didnt save him.
Neha says I had good relation with Deepak but he took my name, there is no relation here.

PRECAP- Single are sitting on chairs and pairs are throwing powder, spices and all other stuff on them. Sristy cries that her eyes are burning. Karan says to Somi that you cant push. Pairs keep throwing things at them to make them get down from chairs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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