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Bepannah Aashqui FF epi 30

Greetings For The Day My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear arunima fenil jasmine sia Thanks alot silent readers
Sia dear thanks for such a lovely plot Will try writing a ff on this but will write only if I can be more regular I Dnt like making my readers wait
Recap-Mahi hacks yash’s fb account n makes out that pooja had sent him friend request by mistake co incidently they met at poetry night then became good friends
Arjun says pooja didn’t like poetry nights and literature
Mahi says pooja deliberately befriended yash
To find more they decide to meet yash’s best friend ashish

Arjun n Noor are in coffee shop
Mahi enters
Mahi (tensed)-ashish’s no is not reachable He has left his flat too
Noor -Am hundred percent sure ashish has something to do with this case
Arjun-How do we find him

Mahi suggests something
Arjun smiles
Arjun calls Harshvardan
He tells him something

Harshvardan goes to inspector
Harshvardan (pleads)-Sir I need ur help Yash’s friend Ashish maheshwari is missing He has some inputs on case
Inspector -we will locate him Hooda sir Pls Dnt wry

Harshvardan notices Wasim doing namaz
He too sits besides him
N folds his hand
Wasim finishes n looks at Harshvardan
He hugs him
Tears roll down Harshvardan’s eyes
Harshvardan -I feel so helpless Wasim
Wasim- Am also feeling bad but I am a little relaxed as I know ur adi will take care of my zoya Am sure nothing or nobody can harm her till adi is with her

Ashish opens door
He is shocked to see mahi
He is about to close
Arjun stops
Arjun-we have not got police as u r yash’s best friend so Pls co operate
He sweats
He asks them to come in
Arjun questions ashish
Ashish doesn’t answer
Arjun grabs his collar
Arjun- Its question of bhai n zoya’s life Pls Pls answer i will kill u Pls tell us whatever u know nothing will happen to u i assure

Noor tries to control Arjun
A scared ashish says he will tell everything

Ashish -It all started 2.5 years ago I received friend request from an unknown lady pooja Hooda
She in boxed she has sent me request by mistake she wanted to send some other ashish maheshwari
I replied That strangers too can become friends if she wishes
We used to chat alot
One day she told me
She likes my friend yash arora alot
All this while she told me she was unmarried
I knew yash was happily married to zoya
I told her she can get somebody better
But she said she needs my help

I refused
She threatened me that she would tell my wife is was having extra marital affair with her
I was scared I started helping her
I told her about yash’s liking to attend poetry nights
I made them met
Very tactfully she started proving yash that she is best for him

I know nothing more on this matter

Tears fall from mahi ‘s eyes

Mahi- Ashish bhai trusted u alot N u………. u should have atleast thought of zoya

Arjun (puzzled )-but y was pooja doing all this n y are u running away if u know nothing more

Ashish -I am a simple man I have family I have responsibilities This is a case of Bomb blast
U met me in railway station also Arjun n u questioned me about their affair I cannot lie i Dnt know to lie n truth was bitter plus I didn’t want to get into legal complexity

Noor-y did pooja do all this

Ashish-she wanted to take revenge from zoya Thats what she once confessed when she was drunk

All are shocked

Arjun -zoya??

Ashish -she told me Zoya n her husband had affair before their marriage n her husband still loved zoya She was wife for name sake
He considered zoya everything
So she too wanted love n also wanted to ruin zoya’s marital life

Arjun is dumbstruck
Tears well up in his eyes
Arjun -I never thought Bhabhi could stoop so low

Noor pacifies him

In prison

Zoya remembers how adi’s hand was bleeding
She looks at her duppatta which has his blood stains
She takes it close to her heart
Hugs duppatta n cries
Her pov-i hope adi u are fine

Adi is looking at his hand around which zoya’s duppatta is tied
He kisses it
Tears fall from his eyes
His pov-i hope I can remove u from this mess zoya I cannot see u in pain

Both are weeping
Tere dil ko mere dil ki zaarorat hain plays in Bg

Delhi police station

Policeman -Mr Hooda we have one good news for u
The man who had implanted bomb has been arrested from jammu kashmir now we need to make him speak up

Wasim n Harshvardan smile in hope

Arjun mahi n Noor are discussing
Noor-Mahi we can only prove that pooja did all this deliberately her affair with yash was planned but how can appi n adi be proved innocent
Mahi-We just have two days left n Rajveer has not even contacted me I feel he understood am lying

Just then her phone rings
She smiles seeing Rajveer’s name

Arjun gestures her good luck
She picks up call n puts phone on speaker

Rajveer -Hello mahi I need ur help

Mahi-I knew it

Rajveer -mahi can u convince madhu Aunty to give false confession regarding zoya’s character I want her to say zoya never loved yash We have to prove this in court

Arjun smiles

Mahi-Its difficult

Rajveer -y make tall claims then mahi
U said u can do anything so cannot u convince ur mom

Mahi-I just said its difficult not impossible I will do it I want zoya to die am I clear

Rajveer smiles n ends call

Mahi Arjun Noor are happy

Just then Arjun ‘s phone rings

Arjun mahi n Noor are seen entering Adiya’s college principals cabin

Principal -I got this group photo of Aditya zoya and pooja’s batch from this I can show u photo of student who recommended pooja in our college

Principal points at a picture n all are dumbstruck

Hearing in sc has started
Harshvardan -My lord we have the person who implanted bomb in train as captured by cctv

Man-i have done it as I was paid for it Pls Dnt punish me I was forced by circumstances I have small children I wanted money that lady paid me 5 crores

Harshvardan -which lady her name???

Man- i think some po oooooo hooda yaa pooja Hooda

All are confused

So what do u think readers whats going on
Y did pooja implant bomb n how come she too got killed

What in ur opinion is going on

Any guesses

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  1. Next part pls its really a interesting story i loved it keep writing dear

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